Semi Heroes, Overview, Guide, And Tips – Awesome Game

Semi Heroes, Overview, Guide, And Tips - Awesome GameDescription – DIVMOB has just released a new Idle RPG for Android on google play store. Here’s what you need to know about Semi Heroes Idle RPG – Overview, guide, tips, how to play

Semi Heroes Idle RPG by DIVMOB is currently in alpha stage/beta. But it is working fine – no lag, no crash, no such issues. DIVMOB’s previous games were also one of the best games – Zombie Age Series, Ninja Revenge, Myth of Pirates, and many more.

This time they published a new one – Semi Heroes – Idle RPG. In this game, your goal is to save trees. You complete this goal with the help of your heroes. Evil monsters have taken the holy trees to cook them for oil.

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What you have to do?

Semi Heroes, Overview, Guide, And Tips - Awesome GameYou assemble your team of heroes and lead them on an adventure across worlds to rescue the trees. At the beginning of Semi Heroes game, only one hero is free. Rest of them can be unlocked by saving some trees.

Gameplay of Semi Heroes

Your heroes will move automatically, attack on evil monsters automatically. Now you may have a question, what’s your role? You have to take care of these two things –

  • Use of hero’s skill
  • Upgrade hero

Semi Heroes, Overview, Guide, And Tips - Awesome GameYour hero has limited health. If an enemy slays down you then your hero will take some time to come back again in the battle. In the meantime, enemies will try to cook trees for oil. This will negatively impact your journey.

You will be pushed back if one of your saved trees cooked by evil monsters. That’s the thing you have to do.

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Heroes In Semi Heroes – Idle RPG

As I mentioned above, there is one hero at the beginning, you will get more by saving trees. Each hero in this game has some special skill which you use to slay down evil monsters.

You have to use the skill of heroes at the right moment when enemies are near.

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Skills of heroes

You can fight up to 5 heroes at a time against evil monsters. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the heroes details – level, upgrade amount.

You can unlock more skills of your heroes by climbing to high rank in this game. Some Info –

Han – Han has the skill to summon a cute rabbit to distract the enemies.

Hawkie – Hawkie is the lead attacker, can fire multiple arrows at once.

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A Bus Lumber Door/Wizard – This hero helps you to slay down the boss of monsters at the end of the lane.

Piggy Wiggly – This hero can restore the health of another hero.

Hochofen – Helps in increasing damage by weapons[For everyone].

Tim – For healing HP.

Many more heroes are also present. Try to increase the rank of your hero, you will get a new skill.


Coins are also important in Semi Heroes – Idle RPG. Coins can be utilized in the upgrading of your heroes’ level.

Tips For Semi Heroes – Idle RPG

Semi Heroes, Overview, Guide, And Tips - Awesome Game⇒ Don’t wait, utilize your coins and upgrade your heroes.

⇒ Upgrade your attacking heroes first instead of those who are just for healing

⇒ Keep track of hen. When you see a hen, tap on it. You will get an egg having some rewards.

⇒[To slay down boss] Upgrade your Wizard because he has the skill to convert enemies into the pig for some time. At the time of fighting with the boss, this hero helps you a lot. Just use his magic power to convert boss into a pig. The boss will remain as a pig for few seconds. Use this time period to slay him.

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Final Words On Semi Heroe – Idle RPG By DIVMOB

Semi Heroes – Idle RPG is a great offline game for android, it is very challenging, addictive, and you should play this fun game. Download – here[Google Play Store].

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