Sheltered, A New Survival Game For Android – Overview

Sheltered, A New Survival Game Finally Comes For Android On Google Play Store In Which You Survive By Using Limited Resources, Keep Your Family Healthy, Crafting Itemssheltered

Game Info – In Sheltered, Your Goal Is To Survive For As Long As Possible. Developed By Team 17 Digital Limited.

When You Start The Game, You Will See Three Slots. Tap On Anyone And Customize/Create Characters Of Your Family. You Can Create A Separate Family In Other Slots.

There Are Two Parent And Two Children In Your Family And You Need To Take Care Of Them, Fulfil Their Needs. A Pet Dog Is Also There May Be A Snake Or Dog.

Each Member Of The Family Has Separate Needs. For Example – Children’s Energy Power/Work Power Is Low As Compare To Parents.sheltered

At The Begining, You Are In A Shelter And Start The Game With A Quick Tutorial Which Includes Tasks Like “Add Fuel To Generator, Fix Generator” Etc. Tap On An Object To See More Option Like Upgrade, Fix Etc.

Selecting A Character Will Show You His/Her Health Status, Food Status, Tiredness, Thirsty Etc. When They Get Hungry, Give Them Food. When They Feel Thirsty, Give Them Water.

You Have To Build Essential Things Which Is Necessary For Survival. Like, Build Bed To Sleep, Shower, And Toilet. Your Character Will Tell You What They Need.

Keep Your Shelter Clean To Avoid Diseases. If Your Characters Are Not In Good Position, Then Give Them Medical Treatment. When You Go To The Shelter, Make Sure To Wear Suit To Avoid Radiations.

When It Rains, You Should Satisfy Those Needs That Are Dependent On Water i.e. Thirst, Toilet, And Dirtiness. Protect Your Characters From Food Poisoning, Radiation Poisoning.

Start With Upgrading The Workbench To Level 2. Build Bed So That Family Member Can Sleep. Build Toilet, Shower And More Things To Make It Easy To Survive. There Are Dozens Of Items Available To Craft.

Playing This Game First Time Is Little Bit Difficult, The More You Play The More You Learn About The Game.

Game Controls –

Drag with one finger to pan the camera around the shelter
Pinch with two fingers to zoom the camera in and out
Press and hold with one finger to interact with objects
Tap once on a character to select them
Double tap to move a selected character to hat position
Drag the stats panel with your finger to view vital information
Tp the lock icon in the top left corner to toggle locking and unlocking of the stats panel
Tap once on a character portrait to automate them. When automated a character will take care of their basic

About The Game –

Mode – Offline, Category – Strategy, Game Size – 70 MB, Price – Varies( Approx. $4-5). Downloads – Not Available, Game Play – Excellent. Ratings  – 5.0(Till Now). You Can Get This Game Or Download Sheltered From Here.

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