Slope Down : First Trip, Overview, Tips, And Guide

Description: – Slop Down: First Trip, A New Fantastic Arcade Game By FeeInside Games. Slope Down Is Better Than A Racing Game? Here’s The Overview, Tips, And Guide

I damn sure you will be in love with this low-poly game if you play slope down for just 10 minutes. It’s absolutely gorgeous, challenging, and one of the best time killer game of this month.

In this game, you play as a unique creature[a ball] and your goal is to complete the race and tasks. You follow the journey, pass through beautiful green plains and cliffs with high speed defeating your enemy, avoiding obstacles, performing stunts to fly in the air.

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Racing game?

Slope Down is not less than a car racing game, all features of this game make it better than a racing game. You can experience full high-speed[with stunts] gameplay by playing this game.


In Slope Down, you play as a unique character and start your beautiful journey through the beautiful landscape. There are some tasks you have to complete in order to unlock next levels like defeat one enemy, collect gold coins or medals, upgrade character’s skills etc.

Your character will move automatically, you just navigate it and avoid obstacles. Collect coins to maintain speed or collect boosters to break the speed record and don’t forget to perform the stunt.

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Two types of controls are featured in this game – tilt, and touchscreen. Touchscreen control is better than tilt control because you can easily control your character.

There are lots of obstacles featured in this game that you have to avoid. When your speed is too high then it would be difficult to control the character, this is the best part of gameplay.


To unlock next levels, you need to complete tasks like complete special mission, defeat enemy, upgrade skills etc. You will get the reward when you complete a level or unlock a new character.

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Characters Skills

In Slope Down First Trip, to get a new skill you have to unlock color of your character like unlock orange color to get “jump” skill, unlock red color to get “slow motion” skill. Before you start the game, you can choose one of these skills.


⇒Collect all coins to maintain speed, use the magnet skill where there are lots of gold coins.

⇒Upgrade your character’s performance like to defeat an enemy in slope down game, you should increase starting speed which is very low.

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⇒Increase attraction distance from upgrade section to attract all coins and boosters from a long distance.

⇒Complete goals to get coins, complete tasks to unlock next levels.

⇒While playing the game, you will see many types of boosters. Some are in the air while some on the landscape. Use jump skill to collect boosters present in the air.

Final Words

Slope Down First Trip is one of the best addictive, entertaining, time killer game on google play store and you should play it if you really want to experience a high-speed dangerous gameplay.[Get it from here].

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