Star Shooters Galaxy Dash Overview, Tips, And Cheats

star shooters galaxy dashAladin Fun, the creators of Piggy Boom game has released a new galaxy shooting game for Android called “Star Shooters Galaxy Dash”. Here’s all you need to know about this star shooting game; overview, tips, and cheats for Star Shooters Galaxy Dash

Star Shooters Galaxy Dash is a new shooting game for Android in which the player shoots down the waves of enemies and defeat the boss at the end of the round. Star Shooters Galaxy Dash game offers a great action-packed shooting gameplay and you will love it. Let’s take a look at this new shooting game.

Get Started – Star Shooters Galaxy Dash

star shooters galaxy dashGenre; Online/Action

It is an online game, featuring lots of challenging levels, heroes, crews, enemies, boss, and much more. In the game, you play as a captain and the goal is to defeat all the boss, conquer the whole treasure. It would not be easy because of powerful enemies, bosses, obstacles. So you need to increase the power of your spaceship to slay down these obstacles. Also, see – Top new best Action games for Android

The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn how to play it, upgrade spaceships, hire the crew, upgrade captain, and more. At the beginning of the game, you play alone and later you can add new crews to your team. Recruiting more members in your team leads you to the victory. Also, see – Best offline games for Android

  • Captain

In Star Shooters Galaxy Dash, four types of heroes/captain are available. In the beginning, you play as Tracer whose skill is “rapidly fires both pistols”. Each hero has own unique skill that can be used in the battle at the time of the boss fight. Nemesis – Sustained Shelling Of Enemy, Hunter – Blocks Enemies Attacks, and Lord Stark – Super-Powered Laser. You can unlock these captains by opening captain chest or get them as a reward by upgrading your spaceship. Also, see – Top best arcade games for Android

  • Crew

The crew in Star Shooters Galaxy Dash is your partner who helps you in the battle. Star Shooters Galaxy Dash features over 30 crews having different skills and attributes. To get more crews, open chests or play raider rush. Also, see – best Pokemon games for Android

  • Spaceships

Star Shooters Galaxy Dash game features a total of five spaceships, each with different attributes.

  • Gameplay

It is a very challenging game, featuring five awesome worlds where you fight against the wave of enemies. You just have to navigate your captain, avoid enemy attacks, use skills, and complete the round by defeating the boss. Fuel is the main thing, it is limited. As you start, fuel starts getting reducing. Once it finished, you can not move on. This is the challenge, you have to defeat all the bosses, complete the challenge before you lose the fuel. However, you will get a fuel pack after defeating the wave of enemies. Also, see – MapleStory Blitz Guide

Quick Tips For Star Shooters Galaxy Dash Game: –star shooters galaxy dash

  • Upgrade your spaceship parts. This will increase the fuel capacity and you will be able to spend more time in the battle. Upgrading a partĀ of spaceship to its max level rewards you chest; new captain, crew
  • Upgrade and promote your captain to increase the attack damage, fuel points. It will help you to defeat the enemies fast. To upgrade captain, you need EXP flask, you can get it by playing ambush(Explore -> tap on your spaceship -> it will cost you one energy point -> you might get coins, raider rush, ambush, and more).
  • Do tasks: – Tasks like “like their FB page”, “connect to FB”, “Watch ad” rewards you coins, energy, and gems.
  • Claim your daily reward
  • Upgrade your crew to increase its skill, attack points, and level. Promoting also increases the attributes of the crew.
  • Use skill at the time of boss fight
  • Dodge enemy attacks and save your fuel. If you get hurt by an attack, then your fuel points will reduce
  • Complete all the challenges and get more reward

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Closing words on Star Shooters Galaxy Dash Game

Star Shooters Galaxy Dash is a superb shooting game for Android with lots of fun, cool characters, enemies, challenging boss fights, and amazing spaceship. If you love playing shooting games, then you should give it a try. Download – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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