Summoner’s Greed, Another Superb Game In Casual Category

Summoner’s Greed Is Another Great Game For Android In Which You Protect Stolen Treasury Box From Soldiers

Brief Story – Once A King Found The Treasure And Kept That Treasure Box In A Secret Place Inside The Palace. Months Went By, And Season Unchanged, The Box Was Untouched, Unseen, And Unscathed.

But Then One Day, A Summoner Came. He Saw The Treasury Box And Took It Away. The King Got Upset And Crazy Later. He Sent All His Soldiers To Chase Down Summoner.

In This Game, You Play As Summoner And The Goals Are To Keep The Treasury Box With You And Kill Soldiers.

To Kill Soldiers You Place Your Monsters At Empty Place. When Soldiers Pass-Through Them, Your Monster Will Start Attack.

Over 20 Unique Cute Monsters With Special Skills Are Featured, There Are Over 30 Enemies You Have To Face. Some Enemies Try To Break Those Stones Which Helps Soldiers To Move Fast.

You Have To Kill Those Monsters Too. You Can Upgrade Your Monsters With Coins. Upgrading Will Increase The Power Of Your Monsters And They Will Be Able To Kill Soldiers Fast As Possible.

You Have To Place Monster At Right Place Because Placing Them On Wrong Place Will Lose Your Treasury. Meanwhile, A Monitor Named Character Will Come And Ask You To Boost Coins Collection Or Not.

You Can Play Video Ad To Double The Coins. You Can Also Use Fire Ball To Protect Treasury Box From Soldiers. Fire Ball Once Used, Then You Need To Wait For Few Seconds To Use It Again.

When You Complete A Wave, A Green Stone Will Be Add. Once You Complete 10 Green Stone, Then You Can Use It To Unlock A New Monster.

If You Lose Your Treasury Within The Middle, Then You Can Start Further By Watching Video Ad Or Redeeming 5 Purple Stone.

It’s A Cool, Cute, And Great Game. You Can Download It For Free From Google Play Store.

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