Super Samurai Rampage, Retro Fighting Game Overview

Super Samurai Rampage, A Great Retro Fighting Game For Android By Brackish Games. Here’s All You Need To Know About This Arcade Gamesuper samurai rampage

Game Info – Super Samurai Rampage Is A New Paid Arcade Game By Brackish Games.

In This Game, You Play As A Warrior And His Weapon Is A Great Sword. Your Goal Is In This Game Is To Defend Yourself From Other Ninjas/Warriors And Kill Them With Your Sword.

Controls/How To Play – Your Character Will Automatically Attack On Other Warriors When You Swipe Left And Swipe Right Using Sword. You Can Jump By Swiping Up And Kill Your Enemy By Performing A Special Move i.e. Swipe Up And Instantly Swipe Down To Kill Them. Tap And Hold – This Will Helps You To Focus And Then Attack.

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There Are Different Types Of Enemies To Fight And Have Some Special Abilities. You Have To Defend Yourself, Otherwise Game Will Be Over.

Graphics – This Game Comes With ARetro-Themed Environments Which Is Awesome. Music – Matched With The Game Title. Other – You Can Check Your Achievements By Taping On Star Type Icon. Leaderboard – Check The Ranking. Leaderboard – For Checking Rankings And Score. You Can Unlock Additional Rampages Also.

Pros – It Is A Great Retro Fighting Game, Simple Controls, Traditional/Classic Design And Little Bit Hard. You Will Enjoy This Game. Any Mistake Will Result In Death. Fast-Action.

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Cons – Sometimes, It Takes Too Much Time To Load. Controls Are Not So Much Impressive.

About The Game –

Price – Almost $2, No Additional Payments, No Ads. Size – 59.86 MB, You Can Download/Buy This Game From Here(Google Play Store).

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