Thrones: Kingdom Of Elves – Medieval Game Overview

Thrones: Kingdom Of Elves - Medieval Game OverviewDescription – Tapps Games has just released a new card-based strategy game called “Thrones: Kingdom Of Elves – Medieval Game for Android, similar to reigns game.

As all of you know about Reigns – Her Majesty game, recently launched on google play store. But it is not free. If you don’t want to spend some bucks then you can go for “Thrones: Kingdom Of Elves – Medieval Game”.

Tapps games, after Bid Wars – Pawn Empire, published this card game and it is so cool as Reigns game.

How To Play Thrones: Kingdom Of Elves – Medieval Game

Thrones: Kingdom Of Elves - Medieval Game OverviewIn these types of games, you have to make wise decisions. Many people come to you to take your advice, permissions. What you have to do is understand their problems, opinions and then take a wise decision such as

If Tholamin Mole Eye, the Excavator tells you – How about the dark elves helps us inside the mines, They have good ability to see in the darkness.

You have to option to choose from – swiping that card means – They don’t want to do this. Swiping right card means – Maybe some of them can help you. Your Answer should be – Maybe some of them can help you.

Scene 2: – Expert Allutrana Cogviper – Sorry to say, but your elves are too primitive. You should use more machines. Swipe left – We don’t want machines. Swipe right – Send some machines to us.

You have to make wise decisions to long last your reign – 20 years, 30 years…

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⇔Make tough decisions as the ruler of high-fantasy elven kingdom by swiping left or right

⇔Manage the interest and needs of a diverse society composed of elves, humans, and dwarves

⇔Deal with priest, mages, thieves, merchants, nobles, bards, barbarians and more over the course of your rule.

⇔Think long and hard about your royal duties and make the right choice to avoid conflict as much as possible

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⇔Rule with wisdom and pay attention to the advice of your council to ensure a prosper and long-lived dynasty.

Final words on Thrones: Kingdom Of Elves – Medieval Game

Overall this is a nice card-based strategy game and similar to reigns game. Become a powerful elven king and make hard decision to stay in power. Download – here[Google Play Store].

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