Top New Best Time Killer Games For Android Thread

Description – You can’t stick with a game for a long time, right? Here’s the list of top new best time killer android games that you should have to play to waste time

One of the best method to kill time/waste time/pass time is play time killer android games. There are many time killer games available in google play store but here we have posted only new time killer Android games which have been just released.

1.) Slope Down – First Trip

top new best time killer android gamesThis game is far better than a car or moto racing game because you can experience a full speed dangerous uncontrollable gameplay in which you pass through different-different types of landscapes and complete tasks which takes you to next level. I have been playing this game for past 1 week and still don’t get bored.

One of the main reason to stick with the game is high-speed action, stunts, and challenges. It is one of the best time killer android game on this list. The best part of this game is when you pass through roads, fly higher in the air to collect boosters, perform stunts to increase speed.

I would recommend you to must play this time killer game on your android. Read more/download.

2.) Pukk

top new best time killer android gamesPukk is another best relaxing time killer android game which you can play with one hand and enjoy while you are traveling or getting bored. In this game, you play as a Pukk, a treasure hunter. A polar bear is chasing him because he has fallen in love with Pukk.

Your goal in this game is to continue sliding on the ice without being stuck anywhere and complete tasks to level up. Tasks are simple – You smash ice crates, wooden boxes, and collect coins.

Pukk slides automatically but you can control the speed of sliding manually as per the situation. The difficulty level in this game will increase as you level up.

If you’re looking for time killer android games which can be played with one hand then Pukk would be the best option. Read more/download.

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3.) Thermal Rider

top new best time killer android gamesSkydiving is not an easy task in real life as well as in this game. Thermal rider is a new game listed here in this time killer games list because of a unique concept and awesome gameplay to get rid of boredness.

You pass through mountain hills and your goal is to keep flying in the air otherwise game would be over. You have to collect thermals to keep yourself flying in the air.

Collecting thermals continuously will keep you in the air and helps you to clear levels. The player can unlock more outfits for his character. It’s offline, challenging, and a great time killer game for android. Read more/download.

4.) Happy Racing

top new best time killer android gamesRacing games category is one of the popular one and tons of high-quality games available on google play store. Some are car racing, motor racing, bicycle racing etc. But this game is quite different from other racing games.

There is no such rule in this game that you have to follow. The main reason to play happy racing game is its a great time killer with amazing tracks[not like other racing games], and amazing characters.

Each character in this game has own vehicle like Bike, Scooter, Car, Monster Truck, Cycle, and many more. So, you get variety in characters as well as in vehicles. Read more/download.

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5.) Quadris duels

Puzzle games are also best time killer android games and you can easily spend your time with these games. Quadris duels is also a new time killer puzzle game and it is very challenging and you will be forced to play until you win.

top new best time killer android games

You have limited points and time to place blocks on the board.

If you score or complete a row or column, opponent’s points will be reduced and same will happen with you when your opponent completes a row or column. Read more/download.

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