Top New Best Time Killer Games For Android Thread

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6.) Adventure Communist

top new best time killer android gamesIdle clicker games are the best time killer android games because these types of games take too much of your time. Adventure Communist is a new idle clicker game in which you have to grow your business by producing items in large quantity.

In Adventure Communist, You first dig potatoes and unlock farmers. These farmers help you to dig more potatoes – So, the more you have farmers the more will be the production.

As it is an idle clicker game, your very first goal should be on upgrading resources to level up fast. Read more/download.

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7.) Drag’n’Boom

top new best time killer android gamesAnkama games are very popular android game developers and published many good time killer games on google play store. All of those games are cool but Drag’n’Boom is a next level time killer addictive game ever.

Drag’n’Boom is one of the best highest rated android game[with 4.9 ratings – 1 million downloads] on google play store and it is super addictive.

In this game, you play as a teenage dragon and slay down all knights’ men to steal their gold. You shoot enemies with fireballs, the slow-motion effect in this game is too great. Read more/download.

8.) The Pig Prince

top new best time killer android gamesEndless games are also best time killer android games because of neverending gameplay. The Pig Prince is a new endless jumping game and it is very challenging.

In this game, you play as a pig and jump on bubbles. Looks easy but not so because there are two types of bubbles on which you jump and there is a separate button for the specific bubble to jump.

If by mistake you use the wrong button to jump on a bubble then the game would be over and you have to play again from starting. Read more/download.

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9.) Rainbow Rocket

top new best time killer android gamesThis is another best arcade time killer android game in which your goal is to destroy asteroids and meteors before they crumble your rainbow. There’s a catch – you can not release any rocket to blast asteroids and meteors. To blast, you have to release rocket that matches the color of asteroids and meteors. Read more/download.

10.) Minion shooter

top new best time killer android gamesA shooting should be on this list and we’ve added the minion shooter, a new fruit gun shooting game in which your goal is to protect the last coffee plant from bad eaters. You shoot apples and other fruits to keep your coffee plant safe and secure. It’s a nice time killer android game and you should try this.

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11.) Tap&Up – Ball Jumping Game

It is a new great addictive time killer game for Android in which your goal is to pass the ball across the obstacles that are moving in random directions. The game will be over if the ball touches the obstacle or you drop the ball. You have to constantly tap on the screen to keep the ball jumping. Download – here[Google play store].

Top New Android Games Today 

We’ll update this post again with new time killer android games next month. Give your suggestions here.

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