Ulala class build: all classes build and best skills info 2021

Make your character class stronger with a perfect build and equip the best skills. Check out Ulala class build: all classes’ build and skills info 2021

Ulala: Idle Adventure Class Build

You should allocate the energy points based on the character’s strengths & weaknesses. These energy points boost the character attributes – making him/her more powerful. In this Ulala: Idle Adventure Class Build post, you will find the best build for each character. Also, do let us know how are you spending the energy points on your character in the comment section below. And, don’t forget to check our previous class guide(best class to choose; DPS, Healer, Tank). So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

Ulala Classes Builds & Attribute Points 2021⇓

This article covers all Ulala  classes’ builds info + a walkthrough to all the attributes – 

Ulala Idle Adventure Class Attributes⇓

Before you check out the character classes build below, you should know about their attributes. After reading this, you will be able to spend the energy points wisely. Also, make sure to check this Ulala: Idle Adventure class guide if you have just started playing the game. All the characters possess these attributes: –

  • HP
  • Attack/ATK
  • Armor
  • Hit
  • Evasion
  • Crit
  • Tenacity
  • Block
  • Impale

HP –

This attribute affects the character’s health or the capacity to take hits from the enemies. When the character loses its all HP or gets down to 0 HP, he/she will die(not all the team members). If you increase the HP stats, the character will be able to survive for a long time.


This attribute affects the character’s attack or damage power. Increasing this attribute power will make the character stronger in dealing damage aspect. You can improve this attack attribute by equipping the best gears, increasing the Int attribute.

Armor –

Armor attribute affects the enemy’s damage. Depending on the armor power, the damage taken from the enemies will reduce. If you want to increase the survivability of the character class, focusing on armor attribute would be better. Although, it varies from class to class.

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The attack speed attribute affects the speed of the attacks – that means how long does it take for the character to deal next attack. If you increase the attack speed attribute of the character class, you will be able to crush the enemies quickly. Speed is an important factor because sometimes we lose the battle due to attack speed. If the attack speed is good, you are likely to deal more damage.

Hit –

This attribute affects the Hit rate. When you face the enemy who is also at the same level as your character class, he might be able to evade it. The more the hit rate it, the less will be chances of evading an attack.

Evasion –

Evasion attribute affects the character’s evasion rate. When an enemy hit you, your character might evade it. The evasion rate determines the chances of evading the enemy’s attack.

Crit –

Sometimes, if you notice, your character deals critical damage to the enemies. Increasing this attribute results in more critical hits.

Tenacity –

As you know, your character can perform critical hits to enemies. In the same way, enemies can also perform critical hits. To reduce the chances of getting a critical hit, build the tenacity stats. This attribute affects the critical hit reduction rate.

Block –

The block rate affects the character’s chances to block the enemy’s damage. When your character in Ulala: Idle Adventure blocks an attack, damage received gets reduced.

Impale –

As you know, your character class can block the enemy’s damage and take less damage from it. Similarly, your attacks can also be blocked by the enemy. If you don’t want enemy blocks your hit, you have to build the Impale attribute.

After reading the details of each attribute, we are sure that you can manually build the character’s attribute set. If you are still in confusion, check this Ulala: Idle Adventure class build guides.

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Ulala Idle Adventure Assassin Build⇓

Assassin attacks the enemy from a close range and likely to get more hits from the enemies as compared to those who attack from a range. And, because he excels in the attack, you can also deal more damage to the enemies. But if the enemy is more powerful, assassin might die quickly – because of poor survival rate and he might not be able to unleash his pure damage power. So we would recommend you to focus on these attributes for assassin build –

  • Int – To increase the attack and hit rate
  • Tech – To increase armor – high armor stats will reduce the damage taken from the enemies

Also, share a small portion of energy on Stamina stats – to increase HP.

Ulala Idle Adventure Hunter Class Build⇓

You should focus on Hunter’s strength. He attacks from a range using the bow and deals amazing damage to the foes. Since Hunter attacks from a range, he will not get too much damage(as long as the melee or tank class characters are covering him). In that case, increasing his attack power to get the most damage would be the wise option.

  • Int – Increases the attack power of Hunter and Hit rate
  • Tech – To increase critical hit rate

What’s your thought on this strategy build? Comment below!

Ulala Idle Adventure Gladiator Build⇓

Since he is a tank class character in Ulala: Idle Adventure – and the tank’s role is to protect the allies in the backline, we would recommend you to focus on his HP, Armor, Block stats. With these powerful attributes, you will be able to increase his survival rate. And, as the survival rate increases, he is likely to stand for a long time as a front line unit. And, this benefits the attackers or DPS or healers units.

  • Stamina – Increase HP, Block, Evasion
  • Tech – Increase armor

What’s your thought on this Gladiator build? Comment below!

Ulala Idle Adventure Warrior Build⇓

As a warrior, you want to be the best tank. He belongs to the tank class – so don’t expect too much damage. We would recommend you to focus on his strength rather than focusing on the attack. As a tank, you need more HP, block rate, evasion rate, armor – all these powerful attributes will increase survivability and you will act as a giant shield for the backline allies. In our opinion, the best way to spend energy points on Warrior would be –

  • Stamina – Increase HP, Increase Block rate & evasion rate
  • Tech – Improve armor to reduce the damage taken

What’s your thought on this Warrior build? Comment below!

Ulala Idle Adventure Warlock Build⇓

Warlock is a ranged DPS. To get the most of her attack or damage skills/power, we would recommend to focus on his strength and share a small portion of energy in increasing the survivability rate. She would not be the first to die in the battle as long as melee and tank units are in the fight. But as soon as they die, Warlock will take the damage – and, if the stats like HP, armor are low – she will die fast. So there are two ways to spend – you can either focus on her INT stats and get the most out of her attack power or equip the best gears to increase her survival rate. Another option would be focusing more on INT stats and sharing a small portion on TECH field.

  • Int – Improve Warlock’s Attack, Hit Rate
  • Tech – Improve Warlock’s Armor, Crit Rate

What’s your thought on this Warlock build? Comment below!

Ulala Idle Adventure Shaman Build⇓

Shaman is one of the healers in Ulala: Idle Adventure game. She attacks or heals from a range and will continue performing his/her role as long as the melee and tank class characters are on the field. And, as a healer, you will have to heal as much as you can. So the best Shaman build in our opinion would be: –

  • INT – improves attack/heal
  • Stamina – improves survival rate; HP, block, evasion

What’s your thought on this Shaman build? Comment below!

Ulala Idle Adventure Druid Build⇓

Druid belongs to the healer class and healer’s role in the combat is to heal as much as possible. But because of the poor survival rate, Druid might fail to give his/her healing contribution at best. So we would recommend you to focus on these attributes: –

  • INT – Improves attack/healing
  • Stamina – Improves survival rate; HP, Block Rate, Evasion Rate

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Ulala Idle Adventure Mage Build⇓

The mage might not be popular when it comes to the first-class choice, but she can deal massive damage to the enemies. With long-range attack abilities, she is a good option for those who love to play as a ranged class character. What would be the best build for her? We would recommend focusing on her attack and share a small portion of energy points in Stamina field.

  • INT – Increase Mage’s attack power
  • Sta – Increase Mage’s survival rate

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So that would be all in this Ulala: Idle Adventure Class Build guide for the beginners. Share your builds in the comment below. Also, keep in mind that the power of a team matters a lot – build a balanced team to get the most benefit. For example – If you are playing as a healer, find a team with two DPS and one tank. If you are playing as a tank, find a team with high-level healers and DPS. And, when playing as a DPS, find the team with high-level tank and healer.

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  1. What’s the best class combination in a team so far? Is WARRIOR better as a tank than the GLADIATOR as a tank? Which is the best SUPPORT? Is ASSASSIN a better DPS for a team than HUNTER? What secondary dps would you recommend?

  2. Spending points in STA for Shaman it’s not worth, it’s better to use it on TECH, cause with TECH the Shaman has more Crit, this CRIT together with INT will heal more and deal more damage at the same time. 😉

  3. I do not recommend wasting points on STA for any DPS.. just go on pure atk and toss the extras into Crit as u might RNG your way past a wall.. ezpz


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