WCC Rivals Game Overview – Everything You Need To Know

WCC Rivals GameWCC Rivals is a brand new online multiplayer cricket game for Android by Nextwave Multimedia. Here’s everything you need to know about WCC Rivals game

WCC Rivals is now officially out for Android on Google Play Store. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store. Its download size is around 100MB and you need an active internet connection to play this game. Nextwave announced this game in late last year. At the time of the announcement, they did not feature the gameplay of the game and all other stuff. But now everything is crystal career; how things will work in this online multiplayer cricket game, player matching, in-game items, and all the stuff. In today’s post, we have shared a short WCC Rivals game overview.

Getting Started

WCC Rivals GameIn WCC Rivals, you will play against a random player in real-time. The cricket arena features six leagues; rookie camp, club sports, pro match, den of masters, and superstars challenge. You will start from the rookie camp. The entry fee and the prize money depends on the league that you are playing. For example; the entry fee and the reward amount in high-league matches is so damn high. In the game, these leagues are called rooms.

The challenge is to climb up in the leaderboard. You will compete against other players in the leaderboard rankings. If you win the match, you will earn skill rating points. On the other hand, defeat will reduce the skill ratings. WCC Rivals Game

As you gain more trophies/skill ratings, you will earn SR badges. For example; when you start the game, you have a Novice badge. You can check all the badges and trophies requirement in the leaderboard menu. At the top-right corner of the screen, tap the leaderboard button -> here you can check the rankings. Head to the SR Badges mode to check all the SR badges featured in WCC Rivals game.

The Gameplay In WCC Rivals

WCC Rivals GameWCC Rivals provide a next level cricket experience to the player on mobile. You will start with the toss and then pick the bowler or batsman for both the ends. The controls are pretty good; you just time your hit by swiping on the screen. There are a variety of shots that you can play to put the pressure on another player; reverse sweep, chip shots, drives, sweep, uppercut, and more. And, if you are bowling, you can confuse the batsman or trick him/her with a special delivery. It’s fun!

As a bowler, you can change the field positions, confuse the batsman by changing the line or length. As a batsman, you will have to find the gaps or choose the right technique; power drive or loft. As you win the matches, new rooms will get unlocked where you can go for a big prize pool.

The 1v1 real-time cricket matches on mobile is the great way to pass time. In most of the A.I. cricket modes, you can easily win the matches as one can easily spot the A.I. gameplay techniques. But in these real-time 1v1 matches, you will be competing against a real player. That’s challenging, engaging, and fun. The players can express the messages with emojis by tapping the message icon at the left side of the screen.

Customizations, Modes, Others

WCC Rivals also offer lots of customizations options to the player; you can change the outfits, pick the desired color, change the name of players in “MY SQUAD” menu. The stats(number of matches, innings, runs, wickets, average) of each player is carried over to the future matches, displays at the start of the match. So make sure to play like a pro with your favorite cricket player.

There is also a practice mode where you can learn basic things or enhance the bowling and batting. There is no commentary available though. The game is still in beta and you can expect more things in future updates; maybe friendly matches(with friends).

The Final Verdict

The graphics, animations, stadium, crowd sound – everything is decent in WCC Rivals. Functions such as DRS review, special deliveries, shots are also present. And, all the content can be unlocked by playing the game. There are two in-game currencies; coins, and tokens. You can earn both by winning the matches. You need coins to pay the entry fee. And, tokens can be exchanged in the store for coins.

The game is monetized with IAPs and ads. The player can spend real money in the game for coins or watch the video ads for rewards. And, it’s optional. The game does not force you to do. In the end, we would say it’s the best online cricket multiplayer game for mobile. We would rate it 5/5. The developers of the game have done a good job.

Download WCC Rivals APK/Game – Here(The link will send you to the Google Play Store). What do you think about the game? Comment below!

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