Z Champions, A New DBZ Game With All Of Your Favorite Characters

Description – Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z? Are you looking for a new Dragon Ball Z Game for Android? Try “Z Champions”, a new DBZ game for Android. Here’s what you need to know about this DBZ game

Currently, only one official Dragon Ball Z game is available on Android by Bandai Namco Entertainment. And it is available for a long time. Many of you may be getting bored by playing one DBZ game again and again.

Many new Dragon Ball Z games have been released in the last couple of months such as The final power level warrior ⇒

Z Champions is another new Dragon Ball Z game featuring over 20 Dragon Ball Z Characters[Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, and many more]⇒ z champions dbz game

Game Modes

Z Championship comes with three different game modes – Single player, Survival, and Mini-games.

Single Player

In the Single Player mode, you choose your character and your opponent. After selected, simply tap on the go button, and start fighting.z champions dbz game

⇒ At the bottom of the screen, you have some control option to control your character movement and attacks. At the top left, right you can see health status and power status[just below of health status].

⇒ You can use the special attack like fireball attack when your power level status is up. To increase this status, you have to hit some kicks, punches on your opponent.

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⇒ Win some matches to earn balls/coins and utilize these balls/coins by unlocking locked characters of Dragon Ball Z.

Survival Mode

Under survival mode of this game, you have only one chance/life to win seven rounds against 7 different characters. But it is not too easy. Can you survive?

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It’s just an add-on in this game to maximize the game experience of the player.


15 stages are featured in this game similar to DBZ fighting battle landscapes.

Final Words On Z Champions

There are many DBZ games available in Google Play Store, but if you are looking for a light size, featuring all of your favorite characters of DBZ series then you should play this game. You can get it here.

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