Blue Archive Aru Wiki Guide

Aru is one of the 3-star grade characters in the Blue Archive game. Read on for Blue Archive Aru Wiki guide; skills and strengths! 

Blue Archive Aru

Blue Archive Aru Wiki Guide⇓

  • Name: Aru
  • Grade/Rarity; 3-Star
  • Type; Striker
  • Role; Attacker
  • Position; Rear Line
  • Weapon; SR
  • Damage: Explosion
  • Armor; Light Armor

Blue Archive Aru Strengths⇓

Aru is known for inflicting DMG to single enemies and multiple enemies with normal and EX skills. Her CRIT strikes can also be useful. Passive and Sub-Skill can raise Aru’s CRIT Damage and Crit Rate respectively. 

Aru can perform well against light armor enemies – thanks to her Explosion type DMG. 

Blue Archive Aru Skills⇓

Aru has four skills; EX Skill, Normal Skill, Sub-Skill, and the Passive Skill. Below, we have shared details of all the skills possessed by Aru in Blue Archive. 

EX Skill⇓

Aru, with the help of EX Skill, inflicts X 274%* DMG to a specified target and 292%* DMG to surrounding enemies. Thanks to the EX skill, you will be able to inflict massive DMG on the enemies. Aru can help you clear the waves of enemies quickly. 

Normal Skill⇓

Every 25 seconds, Aru inflicts deals 152%* DMG to a single enemy, and 50%* of bullets explode, causing additional 251% damage to surrounding enemies.


When using Aru’s EX skill, the critical rate is increased by 20.1%.

Passive Skill⇓

Passive raises her critical DMG by 14%.

Blue Archive Aru Equipment⇓

  • Hat
  • Harpin
  • Watch

Blue Archive Aru Favorite Items⇓

  • Treasure Map

Aru’s Location-Wise Ratings⇓

  • City; S
  • Outdoor; B
  • Indoor; D

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