Blue Archive Hibiki Wiki Guide

Hibiki is one of the 3-star grade characters in the Blue Archive game. Read on for Blue Archive Hibiki Wiki guide; skills and strengths! 

Blue Archive Hibiki

Blue Archive Hibiki Wiki Guide⇓

  • Name: Hibiki
  • Grade/Rarity; 3-Star
  • Type; Specialist
  • Role; Attacker
  • Position; Back Line
  • Weapon; MT
  • Damage: Explosion
  • Armor; Heavy Armor

Blue Archive Hibiki Strengths⇓

Hibiki is an attacker role character in the Blue Archive game with skill kit, which helps you to inflict DMG on the multiple enemies in a circular area shape. Hibiki, using sub-skill, can raise the DMG rate of allies. Thanks to this great skill kit, Hibiki can inflict a high volume of DMG on the enemies. 

Blue Archive Hibiki Skills⇓

Hibiki has four skills; EX Skill, Normal Skill, Sub-Skill, and the Passive Skill. Below, we have shared details of all the skills possessed by Hibiki in Blue Archive. 

EX Skill⇓

Hibiki’s EX skill causes DMG equal to 311% of her attack power against non-friendly units within 5 circular areas.

Normal Skill⇓

With the help of normal skill, Hibiki can inflict DMG on multiple enemies; every X20 seconds, Hibiki inflicts damage equal to 144% of her attack power to non-friendly units in a circular area centered on the enemy with the lowest HP.


Hibiki raises her allies’ damage rate by 9.1%.

Passive Skill⇓

Hibiki raises her critical rate by 14%.

Blue Archive Hibiki Equipment⇓

  • Hat
  • Harpin
  • Watch

Blue Archive Hibiki Favorite Items⇓

  • Airpod Pro
  • Gameboy Console

Hibiki’s Location-Wise Ratings⇓

  • City; S
  • Outdoor; B
  • Indoor; B

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