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Arcana Tactics is a new mobile game by GAMEVIL. Read on for the latest working Arcana Tactics Promo Code 2022 aka Coupon Codes!Arcana Tactics Promo Code

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We provide the fastest/full coverage and regular updates on the latest working Arcana Tactics promo code aka coupon code. The following Arcana Tactics code wiki will show you the latest list of working code: –

arcanadiscord : Promo Coupon Code added on March 15, 2021. Use this promo code and get X300 Crystals. Copy this promo code: – 


gold500000 : Coupon code added on March 11, 2021. Use this promo code to get 500K Gold. If this code is not working, comment below. Copy this promo code: –


GSIKARCANA : Coupon Code added on March 9, 2021. Copy this coupon code: –

  • if you are on iOS, use this link to redeem GSIKARCANA code: Use this code link and get the reward. Make sure that game is installed. Developers of the game announced this new code on March 9, 2021. You will get X600 Crystals with this promo code. 

So far these are the only ones that we have discovered so far. If you have got a new working coupon code, share it in the comments. 

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Expired Codes(Out of Date)⇓

How To Redeem Codes?

To redeem the Arcana Tactics coupon code aka promo code, you need to follow these simple steps: –

Step 1.) Tap the gear/setting icon in the top-right

Step 2.) Tap on the info option on the setting menu screen

Step 3.) On the info page, tap NEW -> promo code(there is also a redeem code button there, but it’s not working for us, so we advise you to use the promo code/coupon code link or tap on NEW option -> promo code)

Step 4.) Enter the promo code and redeem rewards

Step 5.) If you have got the code link, use it to redeem the promo code

If you have got the Arcana Tactics promo code link, then use that link after installing the game and completing the tutorial. If you have got a unqiue code, you can redeem it in the game by following these steps; tap the menu button in the upper-right corner -> new -> new event page will open -> tap on promo code banner -> a new page will open up as you can see in the picture above; enter the promo code there and get the reward. The code reward is sent to the in-game mailbox. In the upper-right corner, tap the tiny mailbox icon to check the code reward message. Tap it and claim the reward. 

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So this would be all in this post on Arcana Tactics Code aka Promo Coupon Code. Got a new code? Comment below. 

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Arcana Tactics Game Description: –

[Arcana Tactics]
The more you play, the better it gets! A brand new advanced auto battler strategy game that will challenge a true gamer like yourself!
Give it all you’ve got!
Formulate the ultimate game plan using your heroes, Arcana, and currencies!

■ Unique Battles and Hero Combinations
Every battle offers infinite possibilities!
Combine and deploy the best heroes within the given time and play the game how YOU want to play.

■ Arcana: The Ultimate Strategy
Pick from over 70 Arcana cards and build your own deck
Your Arcana cards will determine your battles. Choose your own destiny!

■ A Wide Variety of Heroes
Archer, Paladin, Marionette, Vampire, and more!
Featuring over 139 heroes, each with their own lovely illustrations and adorable models.

■ So Many Modes, So Little Time
The battlefield isn’t the only place where you’ll need Arcana spreads and hero combinations.
Story Mode, Quests, Arena, and Multiplayer await you as well!

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  1. 10REALGOLD000 is expired, the rest of the codes are still working(supposed to expire on March 31, 2021. But devs extended the limit of these codes until further notice)

  2. some code now expired, like reward0309at, gskiarcana, love10arcana, 03rewardmajor10, and also gold500000 (so, the only one can be use for now just arcanadiscord 😀 )