AXE.IO Tips, Tricks, Guide, Cheats & Strategy To Slay Down More Players

AXE.IOAXE.IO is a fun multiplayer game for Android and iOS by Crescent Moon Games in which your objective is to kill as many hunters as you can by throwing AXE. Check out our AXE.IO guide, tips, cheats & strategy to get more kills & diamonds

Crescent Moon Games, the creators of the Morphite game has recently released a brand new online multiplayer game “AXE.IO”. AXE.IO Brutal Battle Arena comes with lots of game modes such as single player, multiplayer, deathmatch, battle royal, and much more. And it also features dozens of characters such as Hunter, Dark Knight, Thief, and many more. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; AXE.IO cheats, tips & strategy guide to get more kills & diamonds.

Get Started – The Basic – AXE.IO Game

Before we head to guide, tips, cheats & strategy part, let’s learn the basic of the game; In AXE.IO Game, your objective is to get more kills and in survival mode; your objective is to the be the last one on the battleground. All you need to do is pick an AXE, aim & throw accurately and slay down the enemy. It is a fast-paced game, you should be quick in all kind of activities; gather gold, fill-up AXE slots, level-up, and top the leaderboard. Let’s start the AXE.IO guide and after it, check out our AXE.IO tips, cheats & strategy to top the leaderboard.

AXE.IO Game Guide

  • Throwing, Picking & Rolling

Each time you start the game from level 1 and at that time, you have only 1 AXE. And you can not pick more than one AXE on level 1. To pick more AXE, you need to level-up(read the level-up guide below). To slay down an enemy; tap on the AXE icon at the bottom-right of the screen(aim accurately, because you have only one AXE at that moment and if you miss it, the enemy can take an advantage of this opportunity and will kill you). To roll on the ground(say it dodge), just tap on the roll button. After one time usage, roll button will go into cooldown state(you can use it again after few seconds).

  • Leveling Up Guide – AXE.IO Game

In AXE.IO game, leveling-up is one of the important tasks. As you level up, you can pick more items; sword, shield, and access to the campfire(transform normal AXE to flame AXE – deals more damage even enemy is using the shield).

  1. Level 1 -> Only AXE
  2. Level 2 -> Shield[Front end]
  3. At Level 3 -> You can equip multiple AXE
  4. Level 4 -> You can pick the sword
  5. Level 5 -> Shield[Back-end]
  6. Level 6 -> Campfire

As you level up, you can hold more AXE with you and it would be easy to throw multiple AXE at a time. How to level up in AXE.IO game?

It’s very easy, all you need to do is “collect coins”. You can check your level at the top of the screen. To level up fast, collect coins as fast as you can; strike down the enemies and grab the coins loot.

  • Character Guide

As stated above, AXE.IO game features lots of characters such as Dark Knight, Thief, Hunter, and many more. On the main screen, tap on the store button and from there you can change your current character. To unlock a character, you need diamonds or for some characters, you have to complete challenges such as kill 35 enemies in a battle, 200 enemies, and more. Diamonds; obtain this in-game currency by killing more enemies in the battles. Or watch the video ad to double the reward.

  • Skills Guide – AXE.IO

These passive skills improve your character’s performance in the battle; increase the speed, attack range, gold rate, and much more. Tap on the skills button to check your skills. To unlock skills, unlock new characters.

So, this is the basic guide for AXE.IO game players. Now, let’s start the AXE.IO tips, cheats, and the strategy guide to get more kills: –

AXE.IO tips, cheats, and the strategy guide

AXE.IO1.) Get yourself our from the crowd and focus on improvement

As you know, at the beginning of the game, you have only one AXE and you land on the battleground at random location; it may full of other players or you may land at a silent place. In case, the location is crowded; don’t mess with other players; even a level 1 player can throw you out of the game. Use the roll button and get yourself out from the crowd.

Your primary objective in AXE.IO game should be; gather coins. Gather enough coins and level up your character and get a shield.

2.) Reach Level 5 ASAP

Keep away from other players and reach the level 5 to equip -> front end shield, back-end shield, and a sword. Additionally; at level 5, you can hold multiple AXE.

Don’t chase enemies; first of all, equip a shield[Level 2] and give your character an extra life. Then kill some enemies, collect enough coins and reach the level 4; at level 4, you can equip the sword and attack enemies even if you have no AXE. Once you got the sword, start chasing enemies; use the roll button to move towards them instantly and kill with the sword; killing with the sword is quite easy; no aim & target problem; just go close and boom!

Collect more coins and reach level 5; find back-end shield and cover up your character from all sides. And so on.

3.) Don’t Mess With Swordians At The Beginning[on Respawn]

If you have no shield, then it would be better to keep away from these enemies; usually, they come towards you and will try to K.O. you with the sword; to avoid this trap, use the roll button and move around a tree or campfire or rocks.

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4.) “Stay” and “K.O.”

Once you got the sword, both shields(front-end, back-end), then find a perfect place(that opens only in one direction) and stay there. As you are protected by shields and you have also multiple AXE, you will keep your character in the safe state; when you see an enemy is approaching you; just throw AXE. Don’t chase once you are fully equipped(in battle royal mode), they will find you automatically; be ready and throw Axe before they hit you.

5.) “Destroy Me” – I am A Box

AXE.IOThrow your AXE and destroy these boxes and gather a huge amount of coins; level up and get access to new items to kill rivals easily and fast.

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So, these are some AXE.IO cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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