Boston Donut Truck Cheats: Tips And Strategy Guide To Get Three Stars At Every Stage

Boston Donut Truck Game Cheats TipsBoston Donut Truck is a new cooking game for Android by Tapps games in which your task is to serve delicious donuts to all customers in time and without breaking their heart. Check out the Boston Donut Truck cheats, tips, and the strategy guide to get three stars at every stage

Tapps games studio has just released a brand new cooking game for Android called Boston Donut Truck, featuring hundreds of challenging levels in which you have to show your cooking skills, multitasking skills, and time-management skills. Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

In Boston Donut Truck game, you play as a chef, owning a food truck and the task is to serve food to customers in time and get three stars at every stage. The game challenges you to achieve three stars! Can you do it? Serving the food to multiple customers is not an easy task, but you have got some special skills and you can make this difficult task an easy one. Let’s start the Boston Donut Truck cheats, tips, and the strategy guide to serve food in time without breaking the heart of any customer.

1.) The Basic Of The Game

First of all, let’s cover up the basic of the game. The game features hundreds of levels to complete, the cost of each level is ten energy points. You have a maximum of fifty energy points at the beginning of the game. You can upgrade your donut truck or its items using diamonds and gold coins. Diamonds and gold coins can be obtained by completing stages or using the spin wheel or by watching the video ad. You can refill your energy points in the Boston Donut Truck game by watching a video ad or if you have no internet connection, then wait for some time, it will restore automatically. You don’t need to purchase anything because every type of item can be obtained for free. To level-up your profile, you need XPs, XPs can be obtained by completing stages. Leveling up unlocks new upgrades and you can earn more gold coins and diamonds by upgrading the donut truck machines, items.

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2.) Prepare Yourself – Mindset

In almost all types of cooking games, time management is one of the important tasks. In Boston Donut Truck game too, you have to efficiently use your time and serve the food to all customers. To accomplish this task easily, prepare your mind for the upcoming challenge you have to face; it means, when you go for a level, take a look at the number of customers you have to serve in a particular level. For example; In a level, you have to serve 15 customers, then prepare yourself for it; you should be fast, smart, and clever.

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3.) Serve Like A Pro!

You can not get three stars if you waste time on unnecessary things; after it starts, don’t wait for the customer order, prepare the basic things; cook donut, keep your serving items ready. After receiving an order from the customer, give a final touch to the already prepared order[basic] and again prepare the basic things instead of preparing after you receive the order from a customer. If the food has been burned, drag and drop it to the dustbin.

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4.) Don’t Use Boosters At The Beginning Of The Game

Boston Donut Truck game features challenging levels and initial levels are very easy in comparison to last ones. You will get boosters as a reward by leveling up your profile. These boosters are very helpful and best items to get three stars because using these boosters you can keep your customers’ will alive. But they are in limited numbers and you should not use them at the beginning of the game as levels are easy. Use them at challenging levels to score three stars.

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5.) Upgrade Worthy Appliances

Upgrading is another one of the important tasks in the Boston Donut Truck game. You will be able to prepare donuts quicker by upgrading the worthy appliances and also serve even more customers. So save your coins and diamonds and spend only on worthy appliances.

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6.) Use Spinning Wheel For Free IN-Game Currency

This is a great feature and using it you can earn a decent amount of gold coins and diamonds and then spend them in the upgrading process. Tickets are required to spin the wheel, tickets can be collected for free after every few hours or you can also watch the video ad to use this spinning wheel feature.

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Boston Donut Truck is really a great cooking game for Android, show your multitasking skills, time-management, and be the smart chef. Download Boston Donut Truck game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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