Brew Town Cheats: Tips, Strategy And Guide To Build A Profitable Brewing Company

Brew TownBrew Town is a fantastic business tycoon game for Android and iOS in which you run your own beer business; brew and sell beers, ship beer bottles to bars, complete orders and earn money. Check out our Brew Town cheats and Brew Town guide, tips to make more profit, get free caps, cash, and play like a pro!

Brew Town is a brand new beer simulator game for mobile devices by AppBox Media. In this game, your objective is to turn brew town into an empire and earn lots of profit by selling beer bottles. But building a business tycoon is not an easy task as it takes time. We are here to help you with our Brew Town cheats, tips, and strategy guide. 

In Brew Town game, you need to take care of plenty of things such as upgrades, orders, bars, research, and many more. You can even design your own beer bottles, fire sale at a discount rate. Let’s start the Brew Town cheats, tips, and strategy guide without wasting time.

Get Started – The Basic – Brew Town Game

As usual, it starts with a quick tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Brew Town, about the brewing process, researching, selling, HQ, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually handle all kinds of things.

Here’s the process you have to follow in Brew Town Game: –

  • Collect the hops
  • Start brewing
  • Research and craft new recipes
  • Start bottling
  • Complete the orders
  • Manage the bar stock
  • Upgrade the buildings
  • Build more brewhouse
  • Repeat

Let me explain all in a detail; Brew Town Guide

1.) The very first step you have to do in this game is collecting hops. Hop is the item used in the brewing process.

2.) After collecting the hops, go to the brewhouse and start brewing. This process will take some time.

3.) Once finished, tap on the start bottling button and this action will take you to the bottling plant. At bottling plant, you have to tap on the bottle button to give the process a final touch. Is Tapping annoying? You can use the auto-battle feature, it costs you caps or you can watch a video ad.

4.) After bottling, go to the headquarter/HQ. Check out the order made by the customer(quantity of bottles) and complete the order/start delivery. You can check the number of bottles you have at the warehouse. Once you complete the order, go to HQ and start delivery and get the cash.

So, this is the basic Brew Town guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn about the buildings and how to unlock new things.

Buildings in Brew Town;

  • Brew Lab

Brew Lab, the building where you can improve or research new recipes or customize the look of bottles. There are lots of bottles featured in the Brew Town game;

  1. Lager
  2. Pilsner
  3. Pale Ale
  4. IPA
  5. Red Ale
  6. Hells
  7. Porter
  8. Stout

The price of each bottle is different. Your objective is to improve the bottles and increase the profit per bottle.

Brew Town Cheats and Tips -> To increase the profit per bottle, start the research on recipes at brew lab. Discover the new recipes and design the bottle. Go to the brewing lab -> tap on the improve button -> choose an ingredient(honey, mint, thyme, woo, or more) -> stop the pointer at the green point -> wait for the result.

You just swipe to see the next bottle info. How to unlock new bottles? Switch to the bottle you want to unlock and check the requirements and complete the requirement. It would be like research a beer with $20 profit. Start researching and unlock new bottles.

  • Brewhouse

The brewhouse is the main building in Brew Town game where you start the brewing process. You can brew a particular bottle at a time.

Brew Town Cheats and Tips -> Upgrade the brewhouse to brew more quantity of beer at a time. Build more brewhouse to make more beer bottles. The more you make, the more you will earn.

How to build more brewhouse? 

On the main screen, tap on the wooden boards and build a new brewhouse.

  • Bottling Plant

At bottling plant, you pack/put the beer in bottles. From brewhouse -> start brewing, once finished -> start bottling -> start tapping the bottle button.

Brew Town cheats and tips -> Since tapping is annoying, upgrade the bottling plant to pack multiple beers in bottles in fewer taps. To upgrade -> go to the bottling plant -> upgrade -> confirm.

  • Bars

Bar/Pub, the source of passive income. You sell the beer at the bar. It is an automatic process; you don’t need to sell the beer bottles manually. If the stock is available, then the bottle will be sold to customers automatically and you will earn passive income without doing any task.

Tips -> Upgrade the bar to sell more bottles per minute. You can increase the profit per bottle by improving the beer quality or researching at brew lab.

  • Headquarter

Take your orders from the headquarter and start doing work according to the order. To unlock the upgrade, sell the bottles; complete the orders. It is one of the best ways to earn a huge amount of cash.

Tips -> To complete the order fast, improve the brewhouse, build more brewhouse. You can check the list of order by tapping on the note icon at the top-left corner.

  • Warehouse – Brew Town 

Warehouse, where you store the beer bottles. Its capacity is limited, you need to upgrade it to store more beer bottles. You can also sell the beer at the discounted price to earn instant cash by setting the sale. Go to the warehouse -> select the beer bottle -> hit the sale button -> choose the quantity -> burn baby burn!

So, these are some Brew Town tips for the beginners. Now, let’s learn how to progress fast in the game by reading our Brew Town cheats, tips, and tricks: –

  • Get 100 Caps for free in Brew Town game

Go to the settings -> scroll down -> subscribe and get 25 caps. Tap on the social media icons and get 75 caps for free.

  • Upgrades

At the bottom of the screen, there are some icons. Tap on the upgrade icon; there are two types of upgrades; standard and premium. You can buy standard upgrades in exchange for cash and for premium upgrades, you need caps. Buy these upgrades to progress fast; reduce brewing time, boost recipe research, increase per-bottle profit, and there are lots of upgrades available.

  • Get Free Hops

Tap on the heart icon at the bottom of the screen. Now, review the beer bottles designed by other players; swipe left for bad, swipe right for good. Review bottles and earn free hops.

  • Get free cash in Brew Town

Look for the drone. Whenever you see the drone on the main screen, tap on it. This drone will give you a huge amount of cash for free. You can increase the probability of drone by upgrading the flying hazard upgrade in upgrades section.

Tap on the vehicles; these vehicles offer the free cash or caps; watch the video ad and claim the offer. Usually, these vehicles spread bubbles.

Hops Guide

There are nine types of hops in this game;

  1. Unobtanium Hops
  2. Plutonium Hops
  3. Higgs Hops
  4. Flaming Hops
  5. Gold Plated Hops
  6. Crypto Hops
  7. Insta Hops
  8. Fancy Hops
  9. Value Hops

Once you complete a set of objective, you can upgrade the hop. If you upgrade the hop: –

  • You will lose the buildings
  • Standard Upgrades

Pros: –

  • After upgrading, you will get 2X profit and beers will be brew faster

If you really want to increase the profit or transform the brewing town into an empire, then upgrade the hops. But at the right time! Upgrade it and enjoy the double profit next time. To upgrade, tap on the hop icon at the bottom screen and swipe to switch to next hop. Tap on the upgrade and confirm.

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So, these are some basic Brew Town cheats, tips for the beginners. Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best time management games for Android

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