BTS Craft Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Get Victories

BTS CraftBTS Craft – Boxer, Tower, and Spell is a brand new casual game for Android and iOS by 111%. Check out our BTS Craft guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

111%, the creators of BBTAN game series recently released a brand new mobile game BTS Craft – Boxer, Tower, Spell. BTS Craft game features over 100 challenging stages, lots of attacking units, amazing graphics, and simple gameplay. If you are having trouble getting victories or you are not getting 3-stars, then we are here to guide you. In this post, we have shared BTS Craft guide and BTS Craft tips, cheats & strategy.

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1.) BTS Craft – The Basics Guide

In BTS Craft game, your main objective is to destroy the enemy base and protect your own base. Initial stages are very easy to complete. But as you progress in this game, the difficulty level will increase and it will be hard to get three stars at every stage.

If you get three stars in a stage, you will earn rune(in-game item) and a huge amount of coins. In the battle, you just have to drag & drop the units; boxer, spell, and tower.

Read the cheats, tips part below and learn how to win battles. You can use coins in upgrading the units and base. On the main screen -> tap the upgrade option -> level-up the units & base.BTS Craft

Leveling up increases the power and performance and you will be able to win battles easily. Repeat old stages to earn more coins. Let’s start the BTS Craft tips, cheats & strategy guide.

BTS Craft tips and cheats: –

#1.) Know the units

In these type of games, you should have basic knowledge about the units. Because all the units have different stats, skills, and attack style. And without having proper info, you will not be able to utilize the units in the battle. Let’s learn about the units.

  • Boxers

BTS Craft game features four boxers. You can opt up to three boxers in the battle.

  1. Red Boxer – Skill – Bomb Punch, Type – Melee, Speed – Average
  2. Yellow Boxer – Skill – Attack from a range, Type – Range, Speed – Average
  3. Blue Boxer – Skill – Clone Units/Crowd, Type – Melee, Speed – Fast
  4. Green Boxer – Skill – Self Destruct, Type – Melee, Speed – Fast

Among all these boxers, the green boxer is locked in the beginning. You can unlock it by watching five video ads. Go to the shop tab -> scroll down and there you will see “free green boxer” option.

These boxers are attacking unit and you deploy them on the battlefield to destroy the enemy base. The player can select up to 3 boxers for the battle. Go to the upgrade tab and check the box(top-right corner – boxer’s icon). Then replace it with one of the team members.

  • Tower

The tower is another main unit featured in BTS Craft game. The game features four towers: –

  1. Cannon – Deploy it in the battlefield to attack nearby enemies
  2. Area Expanding/Yellow Tower – To expand the area; deploy the units in a wide area
  3. Land Mine/Blue Tower – This tower deals massive damage to the enemies by an electric shock
  4. Cat-Cus/Green Tower – Deals damage to the enemies(spiky skin) – Watch five video ads to unlock it – go to the shop tab – scroll down -> free green tower
  • Spells

You can use spells anywhere on the battlefield. But, boxer & tower units can only be deployed within the unlocked area(area can be expanded by deploying yellow tower on the battlefield). The game features four spells: –

  1. Meteor/Red Spell
  2. Power Buff/Yellow Spell – It increases the power of boxers
  3. Lightning/Blue Spell – Deals Damage
  4. Poison/Green Spell – Deals Damage

You just drag & drop the spell where you want to use. For instance; use power buff on the boxers, poison or lightning or meteor spell on the enemies.

#2.) Boxer and Spell Strategy

Blue boxers are very fast, but their HP is not quite good and due to this, they get die early. And yellow boxers and red boxers deals good damage to the enemies, but their speed is slow.

And to get three stars at every stage, you will have to destroy the enemy’s base fast. Since blue boxers are very fast, they will help you. Here’s what you have to do: –

  • After the battle starts, analyze the battlefield; the number of enemy towers
  • You get a new unit after every few seconds
  • Wait until you get one red or yellow unit. Don’t put blue boxer instantly
  • Deploy the red or yellow unit first
  • If you see enemies are coming(to strike down yellow or red boxers), use the spell and clear the way
  • When the whole way is clear, deploy the blue boxer

Since blue boxers have low HP stats, they will not be able to move on because of enemy towers. First, strike down the towers and then send them.

#3.) Use spells wisely

Make sure to use spell wisely. For instance, use the power buff on a group of boxers. Use the meteor spell on the enemy’s base. Poison and Lightning spell on the enemies.

#4.) Reduce the spawn time

As you know, you get units after every few seconds. You can reduce the spawn time and get the unit fast by leveling up the clock. Go to the upgrade tab and level up the timer/spawn time[See the picture above].

#5.) Upgrade the tower, boxers, and spells

As stated above, as you progress in the game, you will not be able to get three stars easily. Make sure to upgrade or level up the tower, boxers, and spell. It costs you coins. Repeat the old stages to earn coins and spend coins in leveling up these units.[See the picture above]

#6.) Upgrade The Base

In BTS Craft game, your main objective is to destroy the enemy base. But if you lose own base, your game will be over. So, upgrade the base and increase its HP.[See the picture above].

#7.) Place the towers around the base

To protect the base from enemies’ attacks, put the towers such as Cat-Cus, Cannon, and Land Mine around the tower.

#8.) Watch the video ad to double the reward

After getting the victory in the battle, you will get coins. Double the reward by watching a video ad. Spend the coins in upgrades.

#9.) Wait for the next unit

You should wait for the next unit. For instance, after the battle starts, you get a red boxer. Don’t deploy it instantly. Wait for the next unit. Because when you get the same type of unit again, that unit will level up. For instance – 1 Red Boxer + 1 Red Boxer = Stronger Red Boxer. Similarly, wait for the spell & tower units.

So these are some BTS Craft tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Download BTS Craft game – Here(Google Play Store).

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