Castle Kingdom (Kingdomwar) Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Slay Down Enemies

Castle KingdomCastle Kingdom: Crush In Free or Kingdomwar Batte Royal is a brand new strategy game for Android by OneSoft Studio. Check out our Castle Kingdom guide, tips, cheats & strategy to slay down powerful enemies

OneSoft Studio, the creators of metal soldier game series has just released a brand new strategy game for mobile devices “Castle Kingdom: Crush In Free”. And it is one of the best strategy games for Android in which you build the team of heroes or characters and battle against enemies in an epic action-packed strategic battle. The game features campaign mode and arena mode. You can even play it offline. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Castle Kingdom guide and Castle Kingdom cheats, tips & strategy guide to get 3-stars at every stage!

Get Started – The Basic – Castle Kingdom

Before we dive into the guide, tips, cheats & strategy part, let’s learn the basic of the game. In Castle Kingdom game, your objective is to build a strong team to strike down the opponent team. You can power-up characters/heroes, summon powerful heroes, equip them with weapons or skills, and manage your own base; main skill, base, mana pool, and much more. Initial levels in this game are quite easy, but later as you progress, it becomes more difficult and it would be hard to get 3-stars at every stage. Let’s start the Castle Kingdom guide and after it, check out the Castle Kingdom cheats, tips & strategy to obtain 3-stars at every stage.

Castle Kingdom Guide

In this part, we will learn about heroes/characters, summoning, base, team, battle, skills, upgrading, and much more.

  • Battle Guide

Castle KingdomIt’s quite simple. All you need to do is deploy your characters on the battlefield. Deploying a character costs you mana and you can check the cost of mana at their icons. Mana re-generates automatically and you can increase the speed of mana(reg.) by leveling up mana pool. At the bottom-right side of the screen, you can see the mana pool. Leveling up mana pool costs you mana. As you level up, the production speed of mana will increase and there will not be the shortage of mana and you will be able to deploy characters easily. Check out the Castle Kingdom tips, cheats & strategy guide below to know how to win the battles.

  • Summoning

At the beginning of the game, you have 5 characters. You can choose up to 6 characters for the battle. To unlock new characters in Castle Kingdom game, you can use summoning feature. Types of summoning: –

  1. Silver[Common Characters]
  2. Gold[Rare Characters]

Silver summoning costs you silver keys. Gold summoning costs you gold keys. The silver key can be obtained by completing the quests, daily tasks, and every day as a reward. But for the gold ticket, you have to wait for hours or you can also spend diamonds.

It is not necessary that you will get a full character by using summon feature. You may get shards of a particular character. Once you have enough, go to the barracks -> heroes -> here you can check all the characters. Tap on the get unit option to unlock the character(it appears if you have enough shards).

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  • Characters/Heroes Guide

Castle KingdomCastle Kingdom game features amazing heroes. The stats of each hero is different; HP, damage, cooldown time, and more. Go to the barracks -> heroes -> select a hero and you can check all the information about it under the status tab.

To increase the stats of heroes, power-up it. It costs you coins.

Another way to increase the power of heroes in Castle Kingdom game is to equip them with weapons/skills. You can obtain these weapons or skills from the campaign mode levels.

Just go to the skill tab under heroes section -> if you see + icon there, then tap on it and equip the weapon. Find and equip all the weapons to activate a special skill/passive bonus.

  • Team Guide

Go to the barracks -> my team -> and there you can edit your team; you can select up to 6 characters. Select the best characters; read the cheats, tips, strategy guide below to know how to balance the team.

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  • Base

Go to the barracks -> base -> and there you can upgrade the base; mana regeneration, mana pool, the base’s HP, main skills: healing, attacking, and more. For instance, if you upgrade the mana pool, then it will produce the mana fast.

So, this is the basic Castle Kingdom Guide. Let’s start the Castle Kingdom cheats, tips & strategy guide to master the game!

Castle Kingdom cheats, tips & strategy guide:

1.) Summon & Build The Team Fast

At the beginning of the game, you have thousands of diamonds. Spend them and go for gold summon. Get your characters and focus on the best characters. Since the gold is limited, you should not spend on useless characters. That’s why it would be better to summon early and build the perfect team of 6 characters. On the other hand, if you wait for the gold key, then it will take a long time in building the best team. And keep in mind that you don’t have to upgrade each character. Spend only on best characters.

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2.) Building the great team

After you use the diamonds, it’s time to select the best 6 characters. Go to the barracks -> heroes -> check the stats of characters you have unlocked.

Compare/choose and then go to my team section to edit the team for the battle. Make sure to include: –

  • The characters who can attack from a range[compare the stats]
  • With high HP to protect damage type characters(damage type? -> check the arrow icon)
  • The characters who can target ground as well as air enemies; i.e. bat
  • The characters who can deal more damage to the enemies

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3.) Upgrade the characters

Make sure to power-up the characters. Leveling up or powering up a character increases its stats.

Equip skills or weapons -> You get these weapons by playing the game; campaign mode.

To equip, go to the barracks -> heroes -> head to the “skill” tab(near status), then tap on the + icon and equip. If + icon is not there, then it means you have no weapon or skill for that particular character.

4.) Upgrade Base – Castle Kingdom Tips, Cheats

It is one of the main tasks in Castle Kingdom game. To defeat the enemies, upgrade the base.

  • Upgrade mana pool to increase its max. level
  • Upgrade the mana reg. speed
  • Increase the effect of main skill by upgrading it
  • Increase Base’s HP to increase defense

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5.) Battle Tips

Castle KingdomAs stated above, it becomes more difficult after a certain level. But these tips will help you to clear the stage without any casualty.

  1. Level-up mana pool(before you deploy the hero, spend mana in upgrading the mana pool -> it will increase the speed of mana production and you will be able to deploy the characters fast) Read the mana guide above
  2. Repeat levels, earn gold and use gold in upgrading the characters, base
  3. Make sure to include air type character in the team; i.e. bat
  4. Use the character’s skill at the right time; tap on the character to unleash its skill
  5. Before you start the battle, you can choose one skill out of three; choose wisely and use it at the right time. Using the healing skill, you can recover the HP.
  6. Check the market and grab the deal
  7. Complete daily quests
  8. Upgrade the base & characters

So, these are some Castle Kingdom tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best simulation games for Android

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