Color Land – Build by Number Guide, Tips & Cheats!

Color Land – Build by Number is a brand new city-decorating game for Android and iOS by Jelly Button Games. Check out our Color Land – Build by Number guide, tips & cheats

The publisher of Pirate Kings game has just released a cute relaxing game called Color Land – Build by Number on App Store and Google Play Store. In the game, the player decorates an empty land with lots of decorative tiles, trees, animals, people, and other environmental objects such as boat, house, benches, etc. If you have just started playing Color Land – Build by Number game, then you should read this post. In this Color Land – Build by Number guide and Color Land – Build by Number tips, cheats post, we have explained everything that you need to know as a beginner.

Color Land – Build by Number – In-Game Currency, VIP, Events, How To Earn Packs, Gold, Etc.

1.) Share To Earn The Gold Coins

Color Land - Build by Number
Image Source – In-Game Screenshot

Gold Coin is the basic in-game currency that you can use to buy decorations for a specific land. Without decorations or completing all the things, you can not get the three stars. These stars are required to unlock new colorful lands. At the bottom of the game screen, go to the third tab and there you can see all the available locations. There are some locations, which unlock when you buy VIP. Read the VIP guide below for more details.

Coming to the point – when you complete a land, the game lets you share it – you can share it with your friends via other apps. Sharing rewards (50) gold coins. So make sure to share each land with your friend – or just tap the share button to claim the rewards. The game does not track whether you have shared or not. Just tap the share button. If you missed, you can always go back to those lands from the map menu.

2.) Get Free Packs From The Events

Color Land - Build by NumberYou need blue boxes or packs to build more lands. You get free packs every few hours – it’s a long time. Of course, you can not wait! If you need free packs or blue boxes, make sure to participate in the events. The game launches new events now and then and allows the player to earn valuable in-game currency for free.

Color Land - Build by NumberFor example – at the time of writing this post, an event called Lotus Moments is going on. To check the event, go to the maps tab(the third tab at the bottom menu) -> on the maps screen, at the top-right, tap the event button. A new screen will open with lots of stages – complete the decorations or lands to win awesome prizes – stars, tokens, packs, and gold.

3.) Watch The Video Ads When You Out Of Packs, Coins

Color Land - Build by NumberColor Land – Build by Number game – sometimes let you buy decoration for free by watching the video ad. This offer appears often when you start building or decorating. If you are out of coins, then you should accept this offer.

And, the pack or boxes – you can get free packs by watching the video ad. Go to the maps screen -> open any map -> at the bottom-left corner, tap the free pack button to claim one pack for free. Or when low on packs(0), try building -> the game will show you a message; out of packs – refill using the real money or by watching the video ad -> choose the video ad option.

4.) What Is VIP In Color Land – Build by Number Game?

Well, it is the premium membership function, which unlocks new lands – these VIP exclusive lands are not available to other players – only players with VIP members can access it. In addition to these exclusive lands, the VIP membership offers more benefits to the player –

  • 50% More Packs/Day
  • 25% More Coins/Hour

If you get this membership, you will be charged monthly. In Google Play Store, go to menu -> subscriptions -> there you will see the details -> tap it -> if you want to cancel it, tap it.

Do you need to get it? It completely depends on personal choice – if you want those VIP additional maps, that’s the only way. If not, enjoy the free maps and the events.

So that would be all in this Color Land – Build by Number game guide, tips post. If you have more tips, cheats, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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