Commander Battle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Win Battles

Commander BattleCommander Battle is a brand new strategy game for mobile devices by mobirix. Check out our Commander Battle guide, tips, cheats & strategy to win battles like a pro!

Mobirix, the creators of World Zombie Contest, Hero Defense King games recently released a brand new strategy game Commander Battle for mobile devices. The game features lots of game modes such as campaign, challenge, PvP, and Rank mode. Additionally, lots of aircraft, army units, tanks, jeeps like combat units are featured. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Commander Battle guide and Commander Battle tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Commander Battle – The Basic – Most Important – Get Started

Before we move to the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basic of the game. In Commander Battle, your objective is to protect your own base and destroy the enemy base. Just deploy the combat units by tapping on the cards, at the bottom of the screen. There are lots of combat units featured in Commander Battle game and you should deploy these units in the battle in a strategic way. Read the cheats, tips & strategy guide below to master the battle. In PvP mode, you battle against other players from all over the world and earn medals. Obtain medals, rank-up, and earn more rewards. After a certain level, challenge mode & rank-mode gets unlocked. Play these modes and earn better rewards.

As you progress, the difficulty level will increase and it would be hard to get victories in the battles. To get victories in these hard stages, you have to upgrade the combat units. So, this is the basic guide. Now, let’s begin Commander Battle guide and after it, check out Commander Battle cheats, tips & strategy.

Commander Battle guide

Commander BattleIn this part, we will learn about the combat units, upgrading, star-upgrade, leveling-up, promoting, how to unlock or get new combat units, modes, and much more.

  • Combat Units Guide

In Commander Battle game, there are four types of combat units: – 

  • Infantry
  • Jeep
  • Tank
  • Helicopter

These combat units are classified into grades: – 

  • D-Grade(Poor)
  • C-Grade(Medium)
  • B-Grade(Good)
  • A-Grade(Excellent)

You can check all the units you have – Go to the main screen -> inventory. Tap the unit to check the grade.

Units on the basis of stars: – 

  • 4-stars
  • 3-stars
  • 2-stars
  • 1-star

You can choose up to 6 units for the battle. To remove or add a unit to your team -> go to the home screen -> tap the army option -> deploy unit -> tap a unit to remove or add.

Read the cheats, tips & strategy guide below to learn how to choose units wisely.

  • Leveling-Up Guide

To increase the attributes(damage power, HP, defense, speed) of a combat unit, level-up it. Leveling up costs you coins and COM. COM and coins can be obtained by getting victories in the campaign mode stages. To level-up a unit, go to the inventory -> tap the unit -> at the bottom-right corner, tap the level up option.

  • Star-Upgrade – Commander Battle Guide

You can raise the star level of a unit once you reach its maximum level. For example; you have a combat unit(2-star) and its maximum level is 40. Reach the maximum level and then you can upgrade it. Upgrading will raise its star level(from a 2-star unit to 3-star unit) and the stats. It costs you coins and stars. Stars can be obtained by getting victories in the PvP battles.

  • Promoting Guide – Commander Battle Guide

As you know, B-grade and A-Grade units are more powerful than C-Grade and D-Grade units. Getting a B-grade and A-grade unit is not an easy task. But you can promote a unit and raise its grade.

For instance, you have a C-grade unit. To transform it into a B-grade unit, you can promote it. Promoting costs you coins, honor card, and duplicate units. Honor card can be obtained by getting victories in the PvP battles and by retrieving a unit.

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  • How to unlock new units in Commander Battle Game

As you know, to promote a specific unit, you need duplicate units. For example, Anti-Tank is a combat unit and to promote it, I need two duplicate Anti-Tank units.

Go to the home screen – supply shop -> at supply shop, you can summon a unit. There are two types of summons: –

  • Supply Shop
  • Premium Supply Shop

You can open the supply shop using silver keys(as a reward) and after every 24-hours[free] or using diamonds. But to open premium supply shop, diamonds are required.

  • Skill Guide

You can equip up to 3 skills. As of now, Commander Battle game features these skills: –

  1. Machine Gun
  2. Bombardment
  3. Precision Targeting
  4. EMP
  5. Shield
  6. Instigate Ambush

Go to the home screen -> army -> deploy units -> go to the last tab(skill) -> choose skills.

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  • Battle Guide

Commander BattleIn the battle, your objective is to destroy the enemy base as fast as possible. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the combat cards to deploy a specific unit.

It costs you energy. Energy re-generates automatically. You can check the energy cost at the top-left corner of a unit’s icon. To produce energy fast, you can upgrade the energy generator. It costs you energy. To upgrade, tap the energy generator when it turns green(take a look at above picture). Upgrading it increases the speed of energy production and you will be able to deploy high-cost units fast.

So, this is the Commander Battle guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Commander Battle tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Commander Battle Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: –

1.) Build A Party Of 6 Best Combat Units

The very first tip; don’t develop all the units. You may have dozens of units in the inventory. But you can not upgrade all the units as it costs you coins and COM(limited). That’s why you should focus on the best units. If you spend coins and COM on useless combat units, it would be waste.

Now, the question is which are your best units.

Go to the inventory -> check each units’ attribute; HP, damage power, attack speed. Compare the units with each other and select the best ones.

Here’s an example: –

  • Two Tank Units
  • One Anti-Tank Unit
  • One Special Infantry Unit
  • A unit that deals damage to air-type units(i.e. helicopter) – M48 Chaparral
  • One more unit; tank or jeep

Read the second tip to get detailed information; how to select the best units.

2.) Select Units – Correlation Effect

Commander Battle
This unit is better against helicopter units because of having high correlation effect

It is one of the important tasks in Commander Battle game. You should add units to the team on the basis of co-relation effect.

What is it?

To deal more damage to a specific unit. For example; You can easily destroy tank type units in the battle by deploying anti-tank units.

Here’s how to select the best units: – 

In the battle, we can deploy four types of units(same with the enemy): –

  • Infantry
  • Jeep
  • Helicopter
  • Tank

In Commander Battle game, each unit has special correlation effect(or each unit is better against a particular type unit). Go to the inventory -> tap a unit -> go to the basic info tab -> check its correlation effect(better against Jeep or Infantry or Tank or Helicopter).

You have to select units on the basis of this correlation effect, for example;

Anti-Tank is a unit that can easily destroy a tank type unit; it’s because of correlation effect. In short, select a specific unit to target a particular unit(i.e. Anti-Tank unit to destroy tanks). 

  • Select a unit which is best against infantry
  • A unit which is best against the tank
  • The unit which is best against helicopter
  • A unit which is best against Jeep

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3.) Battle Tips & Cheats

  • Don’t deploy a unit first; upgrade the energy bar
  • Wait until enemy deploys a unit
  • Check its unit; Infantry or Tank or Jeep or Helicopter
  • After checking its unit, deploy that unit which is better against that type; correlation effect(read the guide above)
  • Keep upgrading the energy bar to increase the production
  • Use skills at the right time
  • Upgrade your units
  • Reach the maximum level and raise its star level
  • Promote it to improve its grade

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4.) Quick Tips For Commander Battle Game: –

  • In the beginning, focus on campaign mode
  • Repeat the campaign mode stages to earn XP
  • Complete daily missions for rewards
  • Upgrade best units only
  • Don’t develop all the units you have
  • Understand the correlation effect
  • In PvP, wait until enemy deploys a unit
  • Check the unit type and deploy a better unit against that type; i.e. Anti-tank for tank
  • To earn honor cards, you can retrieve/sell a duplicate unit(sell useless units only)
  • Increase the power of units by leveling up, upgrading, and promoting
  • Check the shop and look for the best deal; in exchange for in-game items

So, these are some Commander Battle cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best War games for Android

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