Cube Monster 3D Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Cube Monster 3D is a brand new MMORPG for Android by Gamobi in which you collect, upgrade, and evolve the monsters. Check out our Cube Monster 3D Guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Cube Monster 3D, not A Pokemon game, but very similar, and better than all other Pokemon games available on Google Play Store. Cube Monster 3D is a brand new adventure MMORPG for Android in which you play as a monster trainee and explore the monster world. You explore a vast monster world, collect the monsters, defeat other players in the battle, manage your own homeland, evolve the monsters, and there are so many things to do in Cube Monster 3D Game. And unlike other MMORPGs, this one is really engaging. Today, In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a beginner; Cube Monster 3D guide and Cube Monster 3D tips, cheats & strategy to master the game.

The Basics – Get Started – Cube Monster 3D

Before we dive into the cheats, tips & strategy guide route, let’s take a look at the basics of the game. In Cube Monster 3D game, your main objective is to be stronger and build a powerful team of monsters(evolved monsters). You start your journey¬†from Furui Town. Then you explore the Kokougan City, Homeland, Sky City, Hana Town, and so on. Here’s the complete walkthrough guide and how to play guide for the beginners: –

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a monster as a partner. The game will show you three types of monsters; Fire, Water, and Grass. And the names of these monsters are; Bomboozle, Sparrower, and Puppero. We would recommend you to choose Bombozzle(49%) or Puppero(51%). And it is very important as you will use this(first) monster to catch other monsters in the Cube Monster 3D game.

Now, after choosing the first monster, you will start your journey and move to the Kokugan City. In all the cities, there are some spots(specific centers such as battle center, cube monster center, and more). First of all, let’s learn how to play Cube Monster 3D game.

We would recommend you to progress through the quests and earn EXP. As you gain more EXP, you will level up and new features such as transport, mount, PvP will get unlocked. Here’s the main screen guide: –Cube Monster 3D

At the top-left corner, tap the quest to read the task you have to do. In most of the quests, we have to interact with other characters. But in the beginning, it’s difficult to remember each character’s name. You can either take the help from mini-map(tap the mini-map icon at the top-right corner). Or the simplest ways is by following the yellow arrow icon under the characters’ feet.

Main Screen Guide: –

To interact with the game characters, you just have to go close to them and tap the investigate/dialogue icon. And to interact with other players, tap on them and the game will show you their monster team. You can challenge a character by tapping the compare button.

All the items you receive from the quests, the battle will go into the backpack. Tap the bag icon on the main screen to check all the items you have. Here’s the list of items: –

  • Usable; Includes MED(Healing material), fruits/seed(go to the homeland, there you can plant seeds)
  • Move – Includes physical, special, status, and shards(genetic moves)
  • Catch – Cubes to catch the monsters
  • Training – Training and evolving material for monsters
  • Equipment
  • Shards
  • Mount(Parts)
  • Homeland items; i.e. fertilizer

You can grab all these items by completing the quests, daily missions, and by exploring.


By default, you have three free slots. So you can switch between up to three monsters in the battle. As you level up, new slots will get unlocked. Tap the monsters icon on the main screen. On the next screen, you will see the list of monsters you have. Tap on the character to check all its stats; type, moves list, power, level, and EXP. Tap the upgrade icon next to EXP to use material(EXP Material is used to level up a monster fast). Tap the + Icon to quip equipment, fruits. You can obtain equipment items through the quests.

Menu Button

On the main screen, on the right side, tap the menu button to access features such as gallery, fishing, PDA, Mount, PC, Watch, public transport, and more. As you progress or level up, you will be able to access more features through the main button. Tap the public transport icon and choose a vehicle type; shuffle car, airboat. You can visit long distance areas through airboat and close distance areas through shuffle car. But it’s not free. You will have to pay gold coins. Or go manually from route-to-route.

Map Guide

At the top-right corner, tap the mini-map. After it, choose the world option to check out all the cities and routes. Choose the area to get a mini-view of the current location. To check out the routes, you have to go through the portals. These portals are marked as blue color icons. Here’s an example: –Cube Monster 3D

To move to long distance areas such as sky city, homeland, you will have to visit airboat. Go to the Kokugon city. Through this city, you can move to the lake-side(right side, portal) or go to the airboat(top-left side-Kokugon map). You can catch fish type monsters at sailwa lake(go through Kokugon city). Go close to the lake and tap the rod icon.

At airboat, interact with the airboat manager and she will take you to the areas you have unlocked. Level up to discover new locations in the Cube Monster 3D game. Now, let’s learn how to catch monsters in Cube Monster 3D game.

Catching The Monsters

Usually, you find the monsters in the grass. If you have reached the level 14, then the game will show you the catchnet icon on the main screen(see the first picture of the post). It appears only on those areas where you can catch the monsters. Tap on it to check the list of monsters you can catch from that area.

After it, walk on the grass(tap the AR button) and if encountered, go for the battle. Keep in mind that, to catch the monsters in Cube Monster 3D, you don’t have to defeat them. Basically, you have to reduce the HP of that monster and send the cube to catch. Here’s how: –Cube Monster 3D

In the battle, after reducing the HP of monster, tap the bag option. And tap the cube icon. After it, your character will throw the cube over the monster. If it goes successful, you will get that monster. If the enemy’s power is low and your monster’s power is very high, then chances are your monster will kill it in one attack and you will not be able to catch the monster. So, make sure to send a low-level monster against a weak creature.

How To Switch The Monsters?

In the battle, tap the monsters option(bottom-right). Choose a monster you want to replace with the current monster. And that’s it.

Notes: – You can obtain cubes(to catch the monsters) by completing the quests, missions, and from the grassy areas.

How To Add The Monsters To Your Team?

After catching the monsters, go to the monster lab(FURUI Town) or battle center. There you will find a PC. Interact with the PC. Drag and drop the monsters to one of the empty team slots. If there is no slot available, then either replace it with the current teammate or level up to unlock new slots. You can keep up to six monsters.

How To Increase The Power Of Monsters In Cube Monster 3D?

You can increase the power of monsters by equipping equipment items or fruits, leveling up, and evolution.

  • Leveling Up

You can use EXP material to level up the monster quickly or defeat the monsters in the battle. When you get the victory, the monster will gain EXP. After consuming a certain amount of EXP, that monster’s level will go up.

  • Evolution

You can evolve the monsters and increase their power. But you need some items; for example; if you want to evolve a flying monster, then you need flying stone. If it’s a water type, then you need water stone. And another item that is used in evolving is dark stone. Play the game you will get these items gradually. Or complete the quests, missions, and take part in events.

Another source: – In the battle centers, you will often find TM stores or Organization shop, VM Shops(interact with the characters or objects to get these options). You could get these items from these shops. Complete the guild quests to earn OD points and use these points in Organization shop. Go to the battle center, interact with the game characters(guild poster girl, organization store – Heer and more), you will get quests from these characters.

Homeland Guide

At Homeland, you can build mines, fruit grounds/gardens, fitness center, hatcher(to hatch the eggs), and much more. In the first phase, you have to build the fruit gardens and sow the seeds. All you need to go to the homeland(through Kokogun or tap the menu -> transport -> airboat -> homeland). At homeland, tap the construction platform(there would be a hammer icon on it) -> choose the buildings to build. After it, head to the fruit gardens(go close and interact -> choose a seed). After a certain amount of time, harvest to collect the rewards; such as fruits, candy, and more. You get seeds by completing the quests. Interact with homeland manager to get more info.

So this is a basic Cube Monster 3D guide for the beginners. Here are some Cube Monster 3D tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners.

Cube Monster 3D Cheats, Tips, And Strategy Guide

1.) Don’t Upgrade Low-Rank Monsters

Low-Rank Monsters are not too great. We would recommend you to develop only rare (S)or super rare(SR) monsters. Tap the monster menu -> select a monster, in the base info section, you can check the rank of that monster next to rare label – S Rank, SR Rank, N Rank, and more.

2.) Complete The Event To Get Rare Character

At the top menu, on the main screen of the game, near the daily option, tap the departure road option -> become a trainer. After it, check out the missions you have to complete. You can earn diamonds, evolution stones, cubes, and much more. If it’s not there, then restart the game as the game shows event details at the start of the game.

3.) Do Investment Research For Rewards

At the top-left corner, tap the + icon next to the coins(near character’s icon) -> simply select any research option to get free rewards. You can research for free every day a certain number of times. However, after each attempt, you have to wait for a few minutes.

4.) Check Out The Diamond Store

In the diamond store, you can buy character shards(shards are required to unlock the character. After collecting enough, you will be able to unlock that monster) in exchange for gold coins. The deal lasts long for a day. Don’t forget to miss this offer, grab the character shards in exchange for gold coins.

5.) Accept The Guild Quests

In the battle center(find in the city), interact with the guild poster girl and accept the quest. All you need to do is catch the monster(specified in the task) and submit. In return, you get OD Coins. Spend these coins in the organization shop(battle center, interact with the character) to get desired items.

6.) Recover Monsters In Cube Monster Center

If your monsters are low on health or injured, then head to the cube monster center(in the city) -> interact with the nurse -> choose recover option.

7.) Explore, Hunt, Complete The Quests

If you are still figuring out how things work in Cube Monster 3D game, then we would recommend you to explore the map, interact with the characters, menu buttons, and other players. You will learn as you play more. Or to progress fast, focus on completing the quests. Visit the homeland often to sow seed. Before you challenge an opponent, check his/her team -> if he/she has better monsters, then don’t send the challenge(to challenge, tap on the character -> compare).

So these are our top Cube Monster 3D tips, cheats & a complete Cube Monster 3D guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android

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