Cube Survival Guide, Tips & Cheats For Beginners

Cube SurvivalCube Survival LDoE is a brand new survival game for Android and iOS by Mishka Production. Check out our Cube Survival guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

Cube Survival is a new survival-adventure game for mobile devices from the creators of Jurassic Survival game and it is developed under the license of popular survival game; Last Day on Earth. Well, the gameplay is similar to other survival games such as Live or Die, Prey Day Survival, and Last Day on Earth. But it comes with Minecraft like characters(Pixel/Blocky]. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Cube Survival guide and Cube Survival tips, cheats & strategy to survive for a long time.

Get Started – Cube Survival – The Basics

Before we head to the tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In the game, your objective is to stay alive for a long time and create or craft a reliable shelter and build necessary items to make the life easier. However, it would not be easy as this blocky world is filled with dangerous zombies who will try to eat you.

At the beginning of the game, you have nothing in your hand. Here comes nature’s role, you can use natural resources such as wood, plant fiber, stone to create weapons, workbench, storage facilities, house, and many more items.

Another one of the main things you have to take care of in this game is maintaining the character’s status; HP, food, and water. Reaching the minimum point will force you to restart the game.

Cube Survival game features amazing locations; you can visit there and loot precious resources. To unlock the new locations, you will have to visit the watchtower. And to reach the long-distance point, you can create a moto-bike at level 6.

If you get died, then you will lose all the inventory item and you will have to collect again. So, this is the Cube Survival LDoE basics. Now, let’s start the Cube Survival guide and after it, check out Cube Survival tips, cheats to stay alive for a long time.

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1.) Cube Survival Guide

Cube SurvivalIn this part, we will learn about learning points, items, crafting, leveling up, body status, inventory, shelter, and much more.

  • Walkthrough Guide

You will find yourself alone in a mysterious land when you start the game. There would be an old truck near you. Go close to it and tap the hand icon to look inside it. You will find some useful items there. In short, you can use this truck to store some items.

At the beginning of the game, you have nothing. But you can craft a simple house easily; all you need to do is collect the wood. Look around you for wood pieces. And then collect some stones. After it, you will be able to craft hatchet weapon and using it, you can cut trees. Crafting guide is below.

The durability of each weapon is limited to a certain point. After it, you will have to craft it again. Once you have enough quantity of wood, build a house. Tap the building icon just below the map(at the top-right corner) and build floor first, then the wall, and at last a door.

That’s your shelter. You can keep storage boxes, workbench, and many more items inside it. Keep in mind that enemies can destroy your house and steal the items; you can upgrade the house(read the building guide below).

To hunt down the deer, switch to the prone position by tapping the prone icon at the bottom-right corner. Then go close to it and hit using a weapon like Axe, spear or more.

After cleaning the home base(trees, zombies, deer, plant fiber, and more), go to the global map and from there you can move to a new location for more resources. So, this is the Cube Survival Walkthrough guide for beginners. Now, let’s learn everything in detail.

  • Learning Points Guide

You can not craft an item before learning. And learning points are required. You earn learning points upon leveling up. Tap the blueprints icon(near the bag icon, at the bottom-center of the screen). At the top, you can check the number of learning points you have. Tap an item you want to learn and hit the learn button.

  • Leveling Up

Leveling up unlocks new items to craft and you earn learning points. As you level up, you will be able to craft new items such as guns, cloths, laboratory, and more. How to level up? Just play the game; pick items from the ground, cut trees, break rocks, kill zombies. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the level bar and when it reaches the maximum level, you move to the next level. And leveling up also restores the body status; HP, food, and water. Also, see – Pokemon games for Android

  • Crafting Guide

Go to the blueprints menu and tap on an item you want to craft. After it, you will see the list of items required to craft that item(At the right side). If you have enough, just tap the craft button. Once crafted, go to the inventory(tap the bag icon) and from there you can access it. For instance; If it’s weapon, then equip it. Hold down on an item to learn more about it.

  • Building Guide

Cube SurvivalAt the bottom-right corner, tap the hammer icon and from there you can access to furniture and structures. Build floors, walls, and the door to create a house. Head to the furniture tab and from there you can access to furniture items available in inventory like the storage box. Tap the wall or floor and then tap the upgrade icon to upgrade it.

  • Recipes

Cube SurvivalSome items can not be obtained from the land, you will have to craft them using a raw material. For instance, using the campfire, you can cook food. Put the food in the campfire and get cooked food. For instance; berries into berry tea, wood to charcoal, and more. Just go close to the item and tap the action button(it may be hand icon or gear/settings type), then tap the recipes option to check recipes. Also, see – adventure games for Android

  • Food and Water Guide

Tap the bag icon and on the right side, you can check the food & water status. In order to stay alive for a long time, you have to balance the food & water status. Eat berries or grow vegetables in the garden(craft the garden first) and for water, follow these steps: –

  1. Tap the shop icon(near crafting icon)
  2. At the bottom-left corner, go to the inbox
  3. You will get 3 free water bottles
  4. Take the bottles
  5. Go to the inventory
  6. Tap the water bottle
  7. Drink
  8. Don’t remove empty water bottles
  9. Build Rain Catcher
  10. Put empty bottles inside it and this device will fill up the water

So, this is the Cube Survival guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn some Cube Survival tips, cheats & a strategy guide.

Cube Survival Tips & Cheats: –

1.) Improve the storage facility

At the beginning of the game, you have limited inventory slots and you can not store an unlimited number of items. It would be better if you build a storage box and store items there. And craft a backpack to store more items when you go to a new location.

2.) Keep the inventory slots empty when you go for loot

You should leave unnecessary items at home base in storage boxes or truck before you visit a new location for the loot. The reason is if you visit there and your inventory is already filled with items, then you would not be able to collect the loot. So, make sure to leave unnecessary items in storage boxes or truck.

3.) Check the danger level

Cube SurvivalWhen you tap a location on the map, you can check the danger level(see the number of skull 3= high). Make sure to equip a powerful weapon before visiting these locations.

4.) Take necessary items

Before moving to a long-distance location, make sure you have enough resources; water bottles, wood/stone(because durability is limited), food. Also, see – War games for Android

5.) Grab the loot

When you open the global map, the game will notify you about the events such as the plane crash, traders, and more. Visit these event locations and grab the loot as much as you can. Keep in mind that these events do not last long for a long period.

6.) Build and Upgrade a small house at home base

At the home base, build a small house and upgrade it. Inside it, you can place storage boxes and many more structures. Don’t forget to upgrade the house(walls, floors or more) because zombies & raiders can destroy your base.

So, these are some simple Cube Survival tips and cheats for the beginners. Also, see – Survival games for Android like this

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