Dank Tanks Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide To Progress Fast

Dank TanksDank Tanks is a brand new 3v3 MOBA game for mobile devices by Lilithgames. Check out our Dank Tanks cheats, tips & strategy guide to master the game

Dank Tanks is probably the best MOBA game for mobile devices. Unlike other MOBA games, this one comes with amazing fun battle modes. And the best thing is Dank Tanks game is not ruined with many types of upgrades. And you can easily unlock all the tanks by playing the game. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Dank Tanks guide and Dank Tanks tips, cheats & strategy to get victories.

The Basic – Dank Tanks – Get Started

Dank TanksBefore we move to the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basic of the game. It’s 3v3 battle game in which you play as a team member and the objective is to defeat the opponent team by earning more points. However, it would not be easy; as you progress, you will be promoted to the higher leagues. Higher League = Better Reward & Experienced Enemies. Dank Tanks game features a wide range of game modes. In each mode, your objective is different. You have to use a different strategy for a specific mode.

Dank TanksAfter the battle, the player with best performances gets MVP award. If your team get the victory, you will earn rank points. And if you get defeated, you will lose rank points. Earn rank points and jump to the next league. The player also gets T-Coins as a reward, the amount of reward varies or depends on the performance in the battle.

You can use T-Coins to obtain a chest. These chests include tank parts. For example; there is an SS rank tank and to unlock it, you need 100 tank parts/pieces. You can obtain these parts by exchanging T-Coins. Unlock & Upgrade tanks and battle as a team to get the victory in Dank Tanks game. So, this is the basic of Dank Tanks game. Now, let’s start Dank Tanks guide and after it, check out Dank Tanks cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Dank Tanks Guide

In this part, we will learn about the tanks, how to unlock tanks, league, T-Coins, coins, and much more. You can skip this part and move to the cheats, tips & strategy part below if you already know about these things.

  • Tank Guide

Dank Tanks game features lots of tanks. At the beginning of the game, you have three tanks. These tanks are classified into grade: –

  1. B-Grade
  2. A-Grade
  3. S-Grade
  4. SS-Grade

SS and S-grade tanks are very rare and getting these tanks’ pieces/parts/blueprints is not an easy task. All tanks have different stats and rating. Go to the tank tab of the game -> tap the tank -> check its rating, stats, and skills.

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Stats of the tanks: –

  • HP – hit points
  • Mobility – It determines the speed of a tank
  • Fire Rate
  • Damage – Deals Damage
  • Range

You can check these stats under tank info section of the game.

Each tank in Dank Tanks game has its own unique skills;

  • Basic Skill
  • Special Skill
  • Booster Skill

Go to the tank-info tab -> hold down on a skill to check its info.

How to unlock Tanks in Dank Tanks game?

It’s quite easy. All you need to do is obtain tank parts. How?

  • Play the game, get the victory, earn T-Coins and exchange T-Coins for quest chests. These chests include tank parts
  • Jump to the next league
  • Go to the store -> there you can spend gems for tank blueprints/parts/pieces

Gems -> You earn gems by leveling-up. To level-up, get victories in the battles.

  • Upgrade Guide

Upgrading is one of the important tasks in Dank Tanks game as it increases the stats of your tank. It costs you coins and coins can be obtained by getting the victories in the battles(open chest in exchange for T-Coins).

To upgrade a tank, you need duplicate blueprints. For instance, to level up a warrior tank, warrior tank blueprints are required.

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  • Battle Guide

Dank TanksIn Dank Tanks game, your objective depends on the battle mode you are playing. Read about the battle modes & strategies in the cheats part below. In the battle, you should battle as a team, not as an individual. Help other team members, contribute to the battle, and try to perform well. You can hide under the grass, use the booster skill to heal yourself or get a shield; depends on the tank you are using. You have two skills to attack enemies in the battle; basic skill and special skill. After one time usage, these skills will go into the cooldown state. Attack enemies to charge special skill.

So, this is the basic Dank Tanks guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Dank Tanks cheats, tips & strategy guide to master the game.

Dank Tanks cheats, tips & strategy guide

1.) Understand the game modes

Dank TanksBefore you choose the tank for the battle, you can check the battle mode. As stated above, in each mode, your objective is different. So, it would be better to understand all the game modes’ objective.

Crystal Protector -> This is the basic battle mode. In this mode, you have to protect your own base and destroy the opponent’s base.

T-Ball Contest -> It’s a football match. Your objective is to grab the ball and pass through the opponent’s goalpost. You can not attack when holding the ball.

Gem Battle -> In this battle mode, the team with the most gems points wins. Your objective is to pick as many gems as you can. You will lose all the gems if you get destroyed by the enemy.

Honor Stars -> In this battle mode, your objective is to destroy the enemy tank. You will earn honor stars per kill. And you will lose all the stars if you get destroyed by the enemy.

Turf War -> In this battle mode, you don’t need to destroy enemies. Just dye the ground with your side’s color; use the basic attack and color the tiles. The team with the most points wins the match.

2.) Battle as a team

Since it’s a MOBA(3v3), you should battle as a team member, not as an individual. After the battle starts, follow the other team members and start attacking. On the other hand, if you go alone, chances are enemy team will target you and it would be a loss to you and your team. If two tanks are targeting one of your team members, go there and help your team member.

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3.) Plan the strategy – as per battle mode

  • In Gem Battle mode, target that enemy who is holding most of the gems. If you are holding the most of the gems, then go back to your base’s area and hide under the grass; because you will lose all the gems if you get destroyed
  • In T-Ball mode, target the enemy with the ball. If one of your team members is holding the ball, then protect him because the player with the ball can not attack.
  • Turf-War – Don’t waste your time in attacking enemies. Focus on coloring the tiles
  • Honor Stars -> Target an enemy with low HP and earn honor stars
  • Crystal Protector -> Choose the tank with high HP and battle as a team

4.) The Tank System

In Dank Tanks game, you should not upgrade all the tanks you have because the amount of coins is limited and if you spend all the coins in upgrading all the tanks, then later, you will be out of coins. So, it would be better to upgrade the best tank only even if you have tank parts ready for another tank upgrade.

How to check which tank is best in Dank Tanks game or which is not? It’s easy! Play the practice mode and test the tanks; upgrade that tank which performs better.

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5.) Complete the quests

You will be rewarded with more T-coins if you complete these tasks: –

  • Destroy 5 Tanks in the battle
  • Battle as a team; invite other players
  • Get MVP achievement; perform better than others; i.e. In gem battle mode, collect more gems.
  • Get the victory
  • Complete the rank-battle

Exchange T-Coins and get the reward. After every 24-hours, you can claim free gold -> go to the shop – gold – free gold.

So, these are some simple Dank Tanks cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

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