DC Unchained Cheats; Gears, Tactics, Cover Art, Family Effect

DC Unchained TricksDC Unchained Cheats; here’s all you need to know about the cover art system, team & family effects, tactics system, and gear upgrades. Check out these DC Unchained cheats, unlock special effects and progress fast

Defeating the boss or powerful enemies is not an easy task. You have to increase the power of your team, characters, and the whole family to get victories in the battles. There are many ways to increase the strength of heroes in DC Unchained game. Let’s take a look at[DC Unchained Cheats] these effects and systems to increase the strength of characters;

  • Cover Art System
  • Tactics
  • Gear Upgrades
  • Special Effects
  • Team Effect
  • Family Effect

DC Unchained Cheats – Cover Art System

Cover art is one of the main items in the DC Unchained game. You use these cover arts to increase the several attributes of an individual hero; HP, agility, strength, and more. You will get your first cover art as a reward.

⇒ How to get new cover arts?

There are three ways to get cover art pieces in DC Unchained game. After collecting all the pieces of a particular cover art, you can unlock it using gold. Three ways;

  • Clear unchained stages to get cover art pieces
  • Through Cover Lab – Unlock base first
  • Dispatch Center – Send your heroes to dispatch missions and obtain cover pieces as the reward

After collecting all the pieces, go to the menu -> cover art -> select the cover art -> combine -> spend gold. That’s it.

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DC Unchained Cheats – Tactics

As you know, DC Unchained game also features auto-battle mode. In the auto-battle mode, your character automatically use skills, attack enemies, you just watch the gameplay. If you use the auto-battle mode, then you should know about the tactics system.

⇒ What is it?

You can acquire tactic through events, from the shop, as a reward. These tactics allow the character to execute certain actions during the battle. For instance, When HP is low, use HP Potion.

DC Unchained Cheats -> List of all tactics

  • Crisis Control
  • Normal Tactic
  • Elite Tactic
  • Boss Tactic

⇒ Crisis Control

  1. When HP is low, tag to a member on standby
  2. ‘HP Is low, use HP potion
  3. Upon Discovering HP Potion, tag to the member with low HP
  4. Use EX skill when there are 5 or more enemies nearby
  5. Call out supporter when there are 5 or more enemies nearby

⇒Normal Tactics

  1. Use skill 1,2 together
  2. Use skill 2, 3 together
  3. Always use fully charged skill
  4. Acquire item

⇒ Elite Tactics

  1. Use fully charged skill when the elite monster makes an entrance
  2. Use EX skill only when there’s elite monster
  3. Calls out supporter when the elite monster makes an entrance
  4. Tag to a member when elite monster makes an entrance
  5. Use skill when an elite monster appears
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DC Unchained Cheats -> Boss Tactics

  1. When boss makes an entrance, use fully charged skill
  2. Use Ex skill only when there’s boss
  3. Calls out supporter when the boss makes an entrance
  4. Tag to the member, when the boss makes an entrance
  5. Use skill whenever a boss appears

DC Unchained Cheats – Gears

You can unlock gear feature after clearing the Nanda Parbat 10 stage. Using these gears, you can enhance the active skills of a particular character. Total number of active skills – 5, number of gears available per skill – 3, total gears = 15. The player can equip one gear per skill.

DC Unchained Cheats -> Upgrade your gears to level 5 and unlock special effects.

⇒ Go to the character’s info section -> gears -> tap on the + button and select a gear. Just tap on the equip button. That’s it.

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DC Unchained Cheats – Team Effect

In DC Unchained game, team level can be leveled up through Team Training. It gets unlocked after you level-up your profile. Go to team training -> select a team of hero or villain or alliance – > start training.

What is team effect?

The team effect increases the attributes of all heroes or the whole team; for instance, Legion of Doom -> Increases the physical defense of team/all members.

So don’t forget to use this feature if you really want to defeat the powerful boss in the fights.

DC Unchained Cheats – Family Effect

Team effect and family effect are two different things. You can choose any hero or villain in your team, but, you can not replace a family member with another family member. For instance, in the team, you can choose Flash, Batman, and Wonderwoman. But you can not move Flash to Batman family or Wonderwoman to Batman Family. So in the DC Unchained game, you have to maintain or manage both type of effects; team effect and family effect.

What is the family effect?

This feature gets unlocked after you unlock or collect all characters of a specific family and satisfy the minimum required strength.

Tap on the upgrade option next to strength status and confirm the upgrade. Go to the family section -> effect -> select the family effect to activate.

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⇒ Level up family effects.

So there are so many upgrades; character, team, effect, training, and much more. Isn’t it too annoying? Also, see –

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