DC Unchained Cheats List Of Best Heroes And Villain Characters

DC Unchained CheatsDC Unchained is a new action game for mobile devices that features many heroes and villain characters. Check out DC Unchained cheats; get free gold, cards, unlock new characters, best heroes and villain characters in the DC Unchained game with best active and passive skills

DC Unchained is a brand new action game for Android and iOS devices. The game features amazing challenging missions in which you defeat the hordes of enemies with the help of heroes and villains. DC Unchained game offers a variety of content; PvP mode, campaign mode, lots of characters, amazing gameplay, and much more. In this post, we have covered DC Unchained cheats and some useful tactics for you. Let’s start the DC Unchained cheats to get free gold, list of best heroes, and skills.

DC Unchained all heroes and villain characters

In DC Unchained, characters are divided into six types of families;

  1. Batman Family
  2. Wonder Woman Family
  3. Superman Family
  4. Aquaman Family
  5. Flash Family
  6. Green Lantern Family

All Heroes and villain characters in the DC Unchained game, best active and passive skills;

  • Batman; Active, Passive, and Unique skills

Batman in DC Unchained game has five active skills, five passive skills, and two unique skills.

⇒ Active Skills

  • Gliding Kick – Jump into the air and strikes drop kick
  • Dark Knight Strike – Swiftly dashes to the enemy, dealing damage
  • Batarang – Throws a Batarang to deal damage
  • Scatter Caltrop – Throws the flash bomb to the ground
  • The Bat – Calls Batwing for support

DC Unchained cheats -> If you know about each skill your characters have, you can efficiently use them in the battle and it increases the chance of getting the victory. So you should know about your skills.

⇒ Passive Skills of Batman in DC Unchained game

  • Entrapment – Increases the attack power if there are enough targets with Batman’s Mark
  • Battle Technique – Gain 40 SP for every 5 enemies defeated
  • Opportunity Amidst Trouble – Increase the critical hit rate by 300, when current HP is at 50% or below
  • Insight – Increases Evasion and Critical Hit rate by 100
  • Counter Power Type Tactics – Take 20% reduced damage from power type enemy

DC Unchained cheats ->Equipping the best skills of heroes for the battle increases the chances of getting the victory. These passive skills of heroes in DC Unchained game will help you during combat.

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⇒ Unique Skills Of Batman

  • Leader – This unique skill of Batman increases Affinity Bonus by 20%, if the team is composed with characters that do not share types
  • Team Member – Increases Agility, Vitality, and Mentality of all allies by 20

DC Unchained Cheats -> Unique skills -> Leader skill gets activated when the character is set as a leader. Member skill gets activated when the character is not set as a leader.

  • The Joker – Best skills

The Joker is another member of Batman Family in DC Unchained game. His active and passive skills are very powerful if used in a perfect manner.

⇒Active Skills

  • Swings pipe at the enemy
  • Throws and detonates Joker Gas Bomb
  • Fires a toy or real gun forward the enemy
  • Fire 3 rockets
  • Randomly activates one skill registered in the current skill slots

DC Unchained Cheats -> The player can change the order of skills; just drag and drop under the skill menu of a character.

⇒ Passive Skills

  • When EX Gauge is at 50% or more, the twisted fighting spirit/passive skill of Joker increases physical and mental defense by 10%
  • Recover 5% of max HP when 4 normal attacks are delivered to the enemy
  • Gains 10 SP every 3 seconds
  • Gain 40 EXT at the start of the mission
  • Attacks always deal maximum damage for 5 seconds

DU Unchained cheats -> Upgrading the skills of characters improves overall performance and increases the chances of getting the victory in every match.

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  • Catwoman – Best active and passive skills

Catwoman is another main character of Batman Family in DC Unchained game. Her powerful stats contribute a lot in increasing the team power.

⇒ Active Skills

  • Lashes a whip
  • Dashes around and leaves caltrops
  • Moves around and attacks nearby enemies
  • Swipes the enemy in the front 3 times
  • Increases critical hit chances by 100% – Femme Fatale skill

DC Unchained cheats -> You can equip one gear per active skills. The player can set up character’s situational behaviors pattern by acquiring and equipping tactics.

⇒ Passive Skill

  • Decrease cooldown of skills by 2 seconds
  • Increases Critical Hit Damage by 15%
  • The tag does not require any resource for 5 seconds
  • Recovers HP by 5%

DC Unchained Cheats -> You can equip three active skills and two passive skills. Analyze each character’s skills and equip those which benefits you in the combat.

  • Wonder Woman – Best skills

Wonder Woman is one of the main members of Wonder Woman family. Her stats are enough to afraid enemies. Equipping the best active and passive skills improves the overall performance.

⇒Active Skills

  • Increases the attack power by 23% – Athena’s Blessing Skill
  • Strikes the ground after gathering powerful energy to the sword to deal damage equal to 190% – 240% – Sword Slash Skill
  • Throws the Lasso of Truth
  • Bashes enemies with a shield – Shield Strike skill
  • Combat Skills of Amazon – Charges with great speed, dealing damage equal to 120% – 170%

DC Unchained Cheats -> Character’s skin improves the stats. You can buy skin in exchange for the gold family card or skin ticket. You will get new powerful skills; active & passive after you unlock the new skin of a particular hero.

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  • Flash – Best Skills

Flash is the main character of Flash Family. His speed is very fast in comparison to other heroes featured in the DC Unchained game.

⇒Active Skills

  • Runs forward to cause a chain of shockwaves
  • Runs over the earth with great speed
  • Spin his arms with hypersonic speed to create a tornado
  • Create an artificial tornado

DC Unchained Cheats -> Before you start the battle in the game, you can test the skill of a hero by playing in the free trial mode. Go to the team section -> tap on a hero -> skills -> at the left side tap on the free trial option.

⇒ Passive Skills

  • Increase Evasion by 10% for 10 seconds
  • Decreases skill cooldown by 1 seconds
  • Gains 30 SP for every 5 successful evasions
  • Reduce nearby enemy’s accuracy by 20%

DC Unchained Cheats -> To get more free rewards in DC Unchained game, join the guild and participate in Guild activities to earn more contribution points.

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  • Superman

Superman is one of the coolest characters in the DC Unchained game. He can fly, shoot, punch, and easily defeat the enemies.

⇒ Active skills

  • Flies into the air and shoots heat vision from the eyes
  • Delivers a strong punch to the front
  • Generates a shockwave with incredible speed
  • Solare Flare

⇒ Passive skills

  • Decrease SP Usage for skils by 30%
  • After every 4 hits, attack power increases by 5 %
  • Recovers 5% of max HP when 4 normal attacks are delivered to the enemy

Miscellaneous Tips and Cheats For DC Unchained game

  • Tap on the menu -> daily box -> claim your daily box
  • Go to the achievement section -> check out your quest and complete to get free gold, stamina, gold.
  • Head to the event section and claim your reward
  • Claim your pre-registration reward under the inbox section
  • You can exchange family cards under the exchange section
  • Those who pre-registered the game; you will get family cards and Batman and Joker character for free as a reward

UP NEXT -> DC Unchained guide, tips, tricks, and tactics to progress fast

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