Deadly Convoy Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Deadly Convoy is a brand new unique zombie survival game for Android by Hiker Games. Check out our Deadly Convoy guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Hiker Games, the creators of Caravan War game recently released a brand new zombie hunter games for Android on Google Play Store. And the game challenges you to crush the hordes of zombies in the post-apocalypse world. Deadly Convoy game features a decent gameplay system and it’s pretty unique. It also features plenty of game modes; chapters, arena, foray, and more. And today, in this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Deadly Convoy guide and Deadly Convoy¬†tips, cheats & strategy.

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Basics – How To Play Deadly Convoy Game? – Let’s get started!

Before we head to the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics. In Deadly Convoy game, you recruit the survivors and take them into the post-apocalypse world to complete the missions. The post-apocalypse world is full of dangerous zombies. The goal of your survivor team is to crush all the zombies and complete the objective as soon as possible. In the mission or battle, you have full control over the vehicles; you can crush the zombies with the vehicle or let the survivors kill the zombies. Here’s the main screen guide: –Deadly Convoy

Let’s learn the game’s mechanics. The very first step you have to do in Deadly Convoy game is to recruit the survivors. After it, you have to select the vehicles. For instance; you have three vehicles;

  • Car 1 – 4 Seats
  • Car 2 – 2 Seats
  • Rest/Car 3 – 2 Seats

With this capacity or the limited number of seats, you can choose up to eight survivors for the mission. After completing the mission, the game will reward you supplies, parts, and more items; small speaker, gold. You can use these items in crafting, upgrading, and building. We will learn about the resources in the guide below. By upgrading, leveling up, and building, your level will go up and you will be able to access more features & game modes(more chapters too). So this is the basic Deadly Convoy guide for the beginners. Now, let’s head to the main Deadly Convoy guide and after it, check out our Deadly Convoy cheats, tips & strategy guide. Also, see – Best survival games for Android

Deadly Convoy Guide: –

In this part, we will learn about the camp management, survivors, crafting, vehicles, weapon, power, and much more. Make sure to pay attention to all the parts to master the game!

  • Camp Guide

The camp, the main screen of the game, here you can access the building you have built. As you level up, you can build more farms or facilities. Let’s take a look at all the buildings;

Deadly Convoy Buildings/Facilities: –

1.) Farm and Field

Here you can grow vegetables and in return, you get supplies. You can produce a variety of vegetables on the field, for instance; carrot, corn, potato, cauliflower, and tomato. Depending on the crop, you get supplies. For example; if you grow corn, then you will get more supplies, but it will take a long time. On the other hand, if you grow the potato, then you will get a small number of supplies, but in a short span of time.

Upgrade the farm to build or add more fields to the camp. Also, see – Best farming games for Android 2018

2.) Headquarter

In Deadly Convoy game, Headquarter is the main building as you can not build or upgrade other camp’s facilities without upgrading it. In short, if you want to access more features, you need to upgrade it. However, there is a level restriction. For example; if your level(player level) is low and not meeting the upgrade requirement, then you can not upgrade it. Read the level up guide below.

3.) Supply Storage

This is like a warehouse. All the supplies you gather from farm or mission goes here. If you want to store more supplies, upgrade this facility.,

4.) Foray Camp

On the world map, there would be two options; supply foray and parts foray. Play these game modes to earn special rewards in bulk. Foray Camp’s level determines the amount of reward. Upgrade it to earn more from these game modes.

5.) Vehicle Workshop

In Deadly Convoy game, technicians manage this workshop. Here you can upgrade and build vehicles. Upgrade the workshop to access more features.

6.) Weapon Workshop

At weapon workshop, you can recycle, upgrade, and craft the weapons. To access more features, level up the workshop.

7.) Tent

This facility decides the number of survivors you can add to the camp. If you want to add more, then upgrade the tent level.

8.) Radio Tower

Radio Tower is used to call survivors. For example; you have 10 survivors. And suppose, you go to the battle and all the survivors get died. Now, you have 0 survivors at the camp. Now, look at the survivor recruitment side; these survivors come after every certain amount of time. Tap the survivors to add. If you need more, then go to the radio tower, tap the call icon and use megaphones to call the survivors.

So this is the building guide. Now, let’s learn about the vehicles and weapons in details.

  • Vehicles Guide

In Deadly Convoy game, you can crush the zombies with the car. When you hit the zombie with the car, your car will take damage and the damage will reduce the HP of the vehicle. You can increase the HP, speed and damage power of the car at vehicle workshop by upgrading. To upgrade the car, you need car parts. How to obtain car’s parts in Deadly Convoy game? Complete the missions or play parts foray mode.

Visit vehicle workshop -> tap it -> press the car icon -> select the vehicle/car(using navigation keys) and press the level up button.

How To Get More Vehicles In Deadly Convoy Game?

You can get vehicles by crafting. All you need is blueprints. How to obtain blueprints? Play the game, complete the missions, and open the chests(you get as a reward upon completing the mission). Go to vehicle workshop -> tap the hammer/craft icon -> there you can see the blueprints(if you have).

  • Weapons Guide

Deadly ConvoyThere are two types of weapon; melee and range. The survivors with melee weapons attack the zombies from a very close range. On the other side, survivors with long-range weapons such as rifle attack the zombies from a distance. Before you tap the start button to enter the post-apocalypse world, you can change the formation; vehicle or weapons.

How To Upgrade?

The process is simple and same as vehicle upgrading. To upgrade the weapons, you need weapon parts which can be obtained from the missions. Go to the camp -> weapon workshop -> press the gun icon -> select the gear/weapon -> upgrade.

How To Get More Weapons In Deadly Convoy game?

This process is also similar to vehicle crafting. To craft the weapon or to get the new weapon, you need to find the weapon’s blueprint. You could get this item from the chests(complete the missions, chapters). If you have, then head to the weapon workshop -> press the craft/hammer icon -> hit the craft button.

So this is the Deadly Convoy vehicle and weapon guide for the beginners. Now, let’s talk about the supplies, gold, and parts.

  • Supplies

Supplies, this item is used in many tasks such as building, upgrading, crafting, leveling up, headquarter upgrade, and more. There are a number of ways to get supplies in Deadly Convoy: –

  1. Grow & Harvest vegetables in field/farm
  2. From the missions
  3. From the supply foray mode
  • Gold

Gold is the premium currency in the game. You can use it to upgrade facilities instantly and in the shop, to buy a variety of items; packages, parts, weapon, and more. How to get? Complete the missions/chapters.

  • Parts; Weapon & Vehicle

These parts are used in crafting. You can obtain it from the chests or packages by completing the missions, from the parts foray mode or use gold in the shop.

  • How To Level Up?

Upgrade or build facilities, weapons, vehicle to earn EXP. After getting enough, you will level up. You can check the progress on the main screen, at the top-left corner. Leveling up allows you to upgrade the headquarter.

So this a short Deadly Convoy guide for the beginners. Now, let’s head to the Deadly Convoy cheats, tips & strategy to master the game!

Deadly Convoy cheats and tips: –

#1.) Crush With The Car Or Shoot Down, Choice Is Yours

You can either crush the zombies with the vehicles or let the survivors kill the zombies with weapons. If you hit the zombies with the car, then your car’s hit points will be reduced. And the car will blast if it reaches 0(HP). This will also destroy the survivors. So we would recommend you to not to crush the zombies with the car if you are facing a huge wave of zombies and the level of the vehicle is low. First, upgrade the car and then start crushing zombies.

Shoot Down: – Stop the car to call the survivors to come out of the car. Survivors attack the zombies automatically.

#2.) Plan Your Strategy On The Basis Of Weapons

If you have assigned long-range weapons such as rifles to the survivors, then don’t go close to the zombies. It would be waste as survivors with rifle or guns can attack from a range. On the other side, if you take the car close to the zombies, then they will surround you and you will end up with casualties.

Part 2: – If you have assigned close-range weapons such as a knife, pan to the survivors, then go close to the zombies.

We would recommend you to balance the set; for example; if you are going with three cars;

  • Car 1 – All Rifles
  • Car 2 – Melee
  • Rest/Car 3 – 50/50

And as you know, you can control an individual car at a time or all the cars together. Keep the car(CAR 1, as per the above example) far from zombies in which survivors with long-range weapons are present; to attack from a distance. And send other two cars(CAR 2, CAR 3) close to the group of zombies. In short, plan the strategy according to the weapons type.

#3.) Choose Better Equipment Always

Make sure to choose the best weapon always. Go to the workshop or inventory and tap the item to check its stats; damage, HP, speed, and more. Compare with other weapon items and choose the best ones for the battle. And don’t forget to upgrade the weapons to increase the stats; damage power, hit points, speed, and more.

#4.) Farm Supplies and Parts In Raid Modes

Go to the world map and there you will see two more options other than chapters; supply foray and parts foray. If you need supplies, then play supply foray mode. And if you need vehicle or weapons parts, play the parts foray mode.

#5.) Dispatch The Scavenger To Get Precious Items

Go to the world map in Deadly Convoy game and find the scavenge option. Tap it and dispatch the scavenger. You can send one scavenger at a time. After a certain amount of time, collect the reward/items. Also, see – Top offline games for Android

#6.) Make Use Of Gold; Buy The Premium Packages

We would recommend you to save the gold and use it to buy the premium packages. These packages contain worthy items such as good quality weapons, parts. Or in the daily deals tab in the shop menu, you get cheap deals which you can buy in exchange for gold.

#7.) Open The Free Chest For Useful Items

In the shop menu of Deadly Convoy game, head to the daily deals tab and swipe to the last. There should be an option; watch ads to get the free chest. You should give it a shot; watch the video ad to get free items.

#8.) Upgrading Is The Key To Success

Make sure to upgrade the weapons, vehicles, facilities such as a tent, farm, and more to get more benefits. Without upgrading, you can not increase the player level.

So these are some top Deadly Convoy tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best zombies games for Android

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