Death Moto 5 Tips and Cheats To Earn More Coins And Score Points

Death Moto 5 Tips CheatsDeath Moto 5 is the latest mobile bike game for Android devices. It comes with a small MB pack and features amazing bikes, environments, and cool gameplay. Here are some Death Moto 5 cheats and tips to earn more coins and score points

The previous games in the Death Moto game series crossed over 15 million downloads on Google Play Store. Death Moto 5 is the latest one in this series and it comes with a small MB pack(nearly 20 MB). Death Moto 5 game features 15 amazing bikes. You have to collect coins to unlock locked bikes. In this post, we have shared some Death Moto 5 cheats and tips to earn more coins and score points. Let’s start the Death Moto 5 tips without wasting time.

1.) The Close Throw – Death Moto 5 Tips Cheats

Death Moto 5 Tips CheatsIn Death Moto 5, to earn coins, you need to knock down other riders. While riding the bike, collect the tools; bat, flamethrower, sword. Your character automatically throws the weapon to knock down other riders when you move your bike straight towards the enemy’s bike.

⇒ To get more coins per kill, try to go closer. For instance, normally at the start, you get one coin per kill. If you go close and then knock down the enemy, you will earn more coins.

2.) Passing Tricks – Death Moto 5 Cheats Tips

Death Moto 5 Tips CheatsPassing other vehicles closely will reward you coins. Just slow down your speed, don’t collect too many nitro or accelerate. Then pass other vehicles(cars, bikes or truck) closely and get free coins.

3.) Don’t Waste Your Coins – Death Moto 5 Tips Cheats

Don’t waste your coins to continue playing after crashing. Because coins can be used in purchasing new bikes and premium bikes’ performance is better than your default bike. If you are using coins as save me, then stop. Earn, collect, and purchase the new bike.

4.) Double The Number Of Coins – Death Moto 5 Tips Cheats

Performing combos is one of the best ways to earn more coins. You just have to kill other riders back-to-back to perform combos. The more you kill back-to-back, the more coins and score points you will get. So go for combos.

5.) Watch Ad to Earn Coins

Go to the home screen of the game and at the top right corner, there is a video icon. Tap on it, watch a video ad and get free coins.

QUICK Tips for Death Moto 5 Game;

  • Go closer and then kill your enemies by throwing tools
  • Master the tilt control
  • Earn double coins and score points by performing combos
  • Tap on the screen to speed-up, collect nitrogen to use speed booster continuously
  • Pass other vehicles closely
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Watch ads to earn free coins

So these are some basic Death Moto 5 tips and cheats to earn more coins and score points. Download game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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