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Destiny KnightsDestiny Knights is a brand new RPG for Android and iOS by Netmarble. Check out our Destiny Knights guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

Destiny Knights game was launched in late last year. And its original name was Destiny 6. Now the game is available worldwide and lets you enjoy a thrilling adventurous story of heroes who embark on an epic journey and fight against the devils. The game features a simple control system; use the D-Pad to control the squad of heroes, hold & drag the skills to take advantage or deal massive damage to the demons. And today, in this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Destiny Knights guide and Destiny Knights tips, cheats & strategy to master the game.

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Destiny Knights Walkthrough – Basics – How To Play Guide

Before we dive into the cheats, tips part, let’s learn the basics first. There are a lot of things you might not understand if you have not played games like this. These complex game’s mechanics include the use of combine feature, orbs, awaken, material, items, and more. Since there is a wide range of items required for powering up the characters, for a beginner, it’s difficult to figure out how to get and use. We have made it simple for you by explaining all the main things in one post. Let’s start the basics first and then head to the guide and cheats part.

In Destiny Knights game, you control a squad of heroes in the battle and fight against the demons or monsters. At the beginning of the game, you have access to adventure mode stages. As you clear these stages, new game modes such as the arena, dungeons, secret dungeons, features get unlocked. In the battle, your heroes attack enemies automatically, move automatically, and they can even use skills automatically. But you have full control over their movement and the skills. Use the D-Pad at the bottom-left side to navigate the characters and use skills to complete the stage fast. At the end of each stage, you fight against a boss. After the stage, the game will reward you EXP, map pieces(required to discover secret dungeon), items to enhance/awake/evolve characters such as orbs, enhance material, awake material and more.

Walkthrough: How To Progress Fast?

Unlike other games, In Destiny Knights, all the modes get unlocked after clearing a few stages in adventure mode. But we would recommend you to complete all the stages first and claim all the free rewards; for example; you will get Healer character, Eve, after clearing the Medina area, a free legendary scroll after completing the Tragar area. Later, you will be able to play these stages in difficult mode.

Once you are done, try to make the characters stronger; build a team of 4* or higher characters. Play other game modes such as dungeon to get enhancing material, awaken material and more items to power-up the heroes. Then head to the Arena mode and compete against other players in real-time. Tower of Promises is another challenging mode where you fight against marvelous monsters.

How To Play Destiny Knights?

Here’s the main screen guide: –

You can change the party in the heroes menu. To select the game modes, go to the adventure menu and there you can access game modes such as Tower of Promises, secret dungeon, Crosic, Captain Jack’s Festival and Faction Boss. Head to the arena mode to defeat other players from all over the world and top the rank. To upgrade the heroes, go to heroes menu and tap the hero. There you can access all the enhancing features.

So, this is a short basic Destiny Knights guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the ultimate Destiny Knights guide and after it, read our top Destiny Knights tips, cheats & tricks.

Destiny Knights Guide

In this part, we will go deep into every feature of the game and learn all the aspects related to the characters, their stats, evolvement, and much more. Make sure to check out all the parts of this post to master the Destiny Knights game.

  • Characters Guide

Destiny Knights game features hundreds of amazing, cute, gorgeous, powerful, elite characters. All the knights have different stats, strike skill, normal skill, leader skill, buffs, and attack style. You can check the tier list here. Let’s learn about the types first: –

Characters are of three types; paper, rock, and scissors. Here’s the overview: –

  • Paper is strong against Rock, but weak against scissors
  • Rock is strong against scissors but weak against the paper
  • Scissors; strong against the paper, but weak against rock

At the top-right corner of heroes’ icon, you can check the type. Strong class deals +30% damage. So if you choose a strong class leader, your party will deal +30% more damage to the enemies. But if the leader is weak, your attack power will be reduced by 30%.

  • Summoning

You can use rubies or scrolls or friendship points to summon the characters. Go to summon menu -> on the right side, you get the option to use scrolls or friendship point. How to earn friendship points in Destiny Knights game? It’s easy; add friends or before you start the battle, choose a hero from your friend’s party. You also get free summon after every 24 hours. Scrolls; complete the quests, stages, achievements to earn.

  • Orbs Guide

In Destiny Knights, Orb is an item that is used to power-up an attribute of a character. There are five types of orbs; Vitality(to increase HP stats), Bravery(to increase attack stats), Iron Wall(to increase defense stats), concentration(to increase critical hit rate chances), and punishment(to increase damage-critical hit). Go to the heroes menu -> tap the character -> tap the orbs button -> tap on an orb -> equip. You can enhance the orb and increase its impact. If you equip the same type of orbs on all slots(four), you will get the bonus.

  • Skills

In Destiny Knights game, you can increase the skill power of heroes and make them powerful. Go to the character’s profile page -> skills -> select the identical hero to enhance skill. You can not use other heroes to upgrade the skills. If you have not(identical/duplicate), then summon the characters.

  • Evolve

Once a character reaches its maximum level, evolving feature gets unlocked. It increases the grade of heroes(i.e. if you have a 4* hero, then evolving will raise its star level; 4* to 5*). To use this feature, you have to sacrifice 4 same grade heroes. For example; if you are trying to evolve a 5* character, then you need four characters of 5*.

In this case, you may face a problem; if the hero is locked, then you can not use it as a material. To unlock a hero or use it as a material; go to his/her profile page and tap the lock icon. Evolving also increases the level cap of characters. Note: Knights/characters/heroes selected as the material gets removed after upgrading.Destiny Knights

  • Awaken

Awaken is a process through which you can change the appearance of a character and it also increases the attribute of a character. Awakened heroes can equip crests. To use this feature, you need a number of items or material; awakening material. How to obtain? You can acquire this material from the dungeon mode; adventure -> Crosic -> giant’s dungeon.

  • Crest

Like Orb, the crest is another item that is used to improve the character; there are five types of the crest; Grit(reduces the skill cooldown time), Resistance(to increase resistance), precision(increases the chances of activation), persistence(debuff), preservation(buff-related). Go to the character profile page -> crest -> equip.

  • Title

You can acquire this item by completing title achievements or from the tower of promises mode. Equip to the characters to increase their stats.

So these are some ways to increase the stats or skills of characters in Destiny Knights game. There is another one also; enhancing; it’s for leveling up. Using enhancing material, you can increase the level of characters fast in Destiny Knights game.

    • Guild

If you want to earn more goodies in Destiny Knights, then don’t forget to join an active guild. Once joined, participate in the conquest mode and grab the conquest chest. Along with the chest, you also earn guild points. You can spend these points in the guild shop to earn scrolls/summon-scrolls.

  • Costume

The costume is another item in Destiny Knights game. This item can also increase the stats of characters. However, it’s a premium item and to get, you have to spend rubies.

  • Combine

On the main screen of the game, there is an option; combine. It includes two features; destiny forge and destiny shift. If you have unused heroes, then you can combine them in these facilities to get a random hero. In the destiny shift facility, you have to select two 5* characters. And in return, the game will reward you a random hero of the same grade.

  • Airship

This is the source of main in-game items such as coins, rubies, and keys. These items are produced in these facilities; gold generator, rubies generator, and the key generator. To get more amount of reward from these facilities, enhance them.

  • Arena

Arena or PvP mode, fight against other players and earn honor points. Rank-Up, get the promotion to enter the new league and earn more rewards. In the honor shop(main screen -> shop -> summon), you can spend these points on precious items such as scrolls.

  • Game Modes Guide: –

  1. Adventure Stages; to earn map pieces or EXP, items; orbs
  2. Faction Boss – earn rubies, dragon crystal
  3. Awakening Dungeon – To earn awakening material
  4. Ragoon Dungeon – To earn enhancement material
  5. Giant’s Dungeon – To earn the crest
  6. Descended Dungeon – To earn hero fragments
  7. Tower Of Promises – Rubies, scrolls, material, coins, and much more

So this is a short Destiny Knights guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out our Destiny Knights tips, tricks, and cheats: –

Destiny Knights tips, tricks, and cheats

#1.) Choose The Best Leader

Destiny KnightsLeader’s skill and type matter a lot in the battle. Make sure to put the best character in the leader slot. You can check the leader skill of a character in its profile page. And before you start the battle, pay attention to the boss’s type; choose a strong class hero(to get the advantage). Read the characters type guide above for more info.

#2.) Participate In The Festival

In the adventure menu -> go to Jack’s festival mode and play the puzzle game. You can earn a number of items from there. There is also one more mode; Carol’s trials; in this mode, you battle against enemies and earn the reward. After getting the victory, you can step back or continue fighting. If you get defeated, you will lose all the items you earned. So don’t take risk after earning valuable items.

#3.) Power-Up The Heroes

In above Destiny Knights guide, we have explained everything in detail; orbs, crest, evolving, leveling up, and more. Use these ways to power up heroes and defeat enemies in the tower or boss mode. Play dungeon mode to get material items.

#4.) Visit Airship Often

Don’t forget to collect the resources from airship; rubies, coins, and keys.

#5.) Progress Like An Intelligent Knight

If you are still figuring out the best way to progress fast in Destiny Knights game, then we would suggest you complete the quests and events. On the main screen, on the left side, tap the Tome Of Prophecies option to check the missions. On the right side, tap the event option -> beginner’s camp.

#6.) Check Out The Time Shop

You can grab some great deals from the time shop; spend in-game currency to buy precious items.

So these are our top Destiny Knights tips and a complete Destiny Knights guide for the player who just started playing it. Also, see –

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