Destiny Warfare Tips, Cheats, And Strategy Guide

Destiny WarfareDestiny Warfare Sci-Fi FPS is one of the best first-person shooter games for mobile devices by Azur Interactive Games, the creators of World War Heroes. Check out our Destiny Warfare guide and Destiny Warfare cheats, tips & best weapons[guns & gadgets] to equip and much more

Destiny Warfare is an online first-person shooter game for mobile devices in which you play as a shooter and your objective is to shoot down opponent players. It features a variety of game modes, characters, weapons, and much more. In this post, we have covered everything about the game; Destiny Warfare guide, Destiny Warfare tips, cheats, strategy, best weapons, gadgets, and much more. Let’s start the Destiny Warfare guide first;

1.) Destiny Warfare – Get Started – The Basic

Destiny WarfareAs usual, it starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Destiny Warfare, about movement, shooting, aiming, how to throw a grenade, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually handle all the things as you want.

The Basic – Destiny Warfare Guide -> In this game, you play as a shooter and your one & only objective is to shoot down your opponents as fast as you can. As it is an online multiplayer game and you battle against other players from all over the world, it would not be easy for you, the player has to take care of many things; upgrading weapons, characters, gadgets, and much more.

Control Guide -> In Destiny Warfare game, by default, auto-shoot and the aim-assist setting is turned on. So you don’t need to bother about aiming and shooting. However, you can change this configuration under the settings. Go to the main lobby -> tap on the menu at top-left corner and head to the settings -> here you can set controls according to your choice.

Your character shoots automatically, what you have to do in the battle? As aim-assist is turned on, but still, you have full control over the aiming. Another task is navigating the character.

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At the top-left corner, there is a mini-map to track enemies. At the right-side, you have gadgets & jump/jet options. Hold down your thumb on the right-side of the screen and swipe up/left/right/down to change the camera view.

Just below the mini-map, there are two bars which show the health and armor status. You have limited health points and armor points.

Destiny Warfare Guide – The Basic – Completed. Let’s start the next part to learn about everything; weapons, gadgets, characters, modes, and more.

2.) Destiny Warfare Guide – Complete

Destiny Warfare game features these modes;

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Deathmatch
  • Hardcore
  • Duel
  • Battle of Snipers
  • Custom Games

At the beginning of the game, most of the game modes are locked and you can only access team deathmatch mode. To unlock these modes, you have to level-up your profile.

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⇑⇒How to level-up in Destiny Warfare game?

You need XPs to level-up the player profile. How to earn XPs? Earn XPs by playing the unlocked game modes. After the battles, you can claim your XP.

How to level-up Fast?

As you know, you need XPs to level-up your profile. And you get XP after the battle, to increase the amount of XP reward, follow these tips;

  • Go for headshots
  • Kill more players[Team matches]
  • Stay alive
  • Reduce the number of deaths
  • Longshots
  • Double Kills
  • Triple Kills
  • Knife Kills
  • Explosion Kills

In short, to increase the amount of XP reward, improve your performance in the battles. Don’t forget to read our Destiny Warfare tips and cheats, mentioned below.

⇒ Destiny Warfare -> Characters Guide

In Destiny Warfare game, each character has its own traits;

  1. Armor
  2. Movement
  3. Jetpack Recharge
  4. Armor Durability
  5. Other Skills

Here’s the list of characters[on the basis of elements];

  • Recruit – Speical Skill -> Re-generates health points and armor points, 20% accuracy of shots
  • Tank – Special Skill ->  +75% protection from headshot damage, +50% damage with machine guns, re-generates 5 armor points per second
  • Medic – Special Skill -> +2 medikits, +2 clip in combat, +50% protection from headshot damage, regenerates 10 health points per second, +50% damage with submachine guns
  • Killer – Special Skill -> +50% damage with sniper rifles, radar invisibility, protection from 1 hits, +120% damage with cold weapons
  • Assault – Special Skill -> +50 armor, +50% headshot damage with assault rifles, +2 clip in combat, re-generates 4 armor points per second

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At the beginning of the game, you have recruit shooter. Excluding it, all the characters gain +10% XP and +10% credits. How to unlock characters in Destiny Warfare game?

You need gold to unlock these characters. How to earn gold in Destiny Warfare game?

  • Complete the quests
  • Open the chests

⇒ Destiny Warfare – Equipment; Best Weapons & Gadgets

Destiny Warfare game features lots of weapons and gadgets to slay down the other players in no time. Let’s take a look at the best weapons.

Best Weapons/Guns in Destiny Warfare game;

  1. M4K – Best Feature – +25% reloading speed
  2. Scorpion – Best feature – +25% headshot damage
  3. Dual MPS-37 – Best feature – the rate of fire, +5% run speed
  4. Assault rifle/AKR – Best feature – +10% armor
  5. MG-29 – Best feature – 3 AP per second
  6. KGS – 3 HP per second
  7. M3 – +25 health[add. feature]
  8. RSS Gun – +15% jump height
  9. GL-1 – Protection 1 hits
  10. Pistol – Free, legendary

If you equip above-mentioned guns for the battle -> +10% XP and +10% credit reward

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Use of Drones

If you equip drones, you will get more benefits in the battles; health, armor, weapon damage, accuracy, and more. Best drones;

  • Cobra
  • Apache
  • Bastion
  • Salve

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Gadgets -> Destiny Warfare

The gadget is one of the main items in the game;

  • Frag-Grenade -> explosion resistance, HP recovery[Skills]
  • Med Simulator -> Restores HP
  • Grenade

3.) Destiny Warfare Tips, Cheats, And Strategy

  • Go for headshots
  • Look for loot boxes
  • Use Skills
  • Use Gadgets
  • The Key To Stay Alive
  • Upgrade Your Character and Equipment
  • Open free chests, battle chests, and legendary chests[Free ones]

1.) Go For Headshot

Headshot is one of the best shots as it deals more damage as compared to other shots. Your character shoots automatically, aiming is in your hand, so, improve your shooting skills by playing the game and always target the head.

2.) Look for loots boxes

Destiny WarfareYou can find these loot boxes inside the rooms or outside. These boxes contain health points, armor points. If your character is injured, find these loot boxes to heal the character. If your HP and AP is full, you can not collect it.

3.) Use Skills – Destiny Warfare tips cheats

As mentioned above, each character has own special skills. For instance, Killer deals 50% more damage with the sniper rifle, then equip sniper rifle. Recruit’s skill re-generates HP and AP after a certain amount of time, so, if it is injured, go to a safe place and wait until he recovers HP and AP. In short, you should know about your character’s skills, go to the character’s info panel and check the skills.

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4.) Use Gadgets – Destiny Warfare tips Cheats

You can use medi-simulator to restore HP, grenade for more damage. You have a limited amount of these items, you can get more in exchange for credits.

5.) The Key To Stay Alive

There are a number of strategies you can implement to stay alive;

  • Stick to a specific place and target from there
  • Keep an eye on mini-map, keep away from enemies and target from a distance
  • If you are playing team-deathmatch mode, join your team members/keep close to them

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6.) Upgrade – Destiny Warfare tips cheats

Upgrade your character and weapons you have equipped to increase your overall power and improve the performance in the battles. You need upgrade points for upgrading the weapons & characters, can be obtained by completing the daily quest, on leveling-up, as a reward.

7.) Open Chests – Destiny Warfare tips cheats

One of the best ways to get legendary weapons & gadgets in the Destiny warfare game is by opening the chests; you can open the free chest by watching a video ad, to open battle chests, regular chest, and legendary chest, you have to wait for hours. Go to the chest section -> at the left side of the screen, tap on a chest to open it.

After you kill the player, go close to it and check its weapon; if it’s better than yours, then pick it, if not, then ignore.

So these are some helpful tips for the beginners. Download Destiny Warfare game – here[Google Play Store]. Also, see – Best Action games for Android 2018

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