Diggerman Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide To Progress Fast

DiggermanDiggerman is a brand new arcade game for Android by Digital Melody in which your objective is to rescue your loved one. Check out our Diggerman tips, cheats & strategy guide and learn how you can progress fast

Diggerman is the newest entry in Digital Melody’s games list. One of the best arcade developers has just released this game on Android and iOS. It is a mining game in which you choose one of your miners and dig deep into the earth, collect coins, batteries, and rescue your love. The game is full of fun, features lots of diggers, and amazing exhibits. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Diggerman guide, tips, cheats & strategy to progress fast.

Get Started – The Basic Cheat – Diggerman

DiggermanBefore we move to guide, tips, and cheats part, let’s learn the basic cheat of the game; the game features five worlds;

  1. Mudland
  2. Snow Yard
  3. Wooden
  4. Purpland
  5. Dessert

You have to reach the dessert world and dig deep into and rescue your love. And to accomplish this task, you have to cross four above-mentioned worlds. The gameplay is pretty simple; you just tap on the left side of the screen to dig left side and to navigate your character right side, tap on the right side of the screen. You can not move up.

Another tricky part of Diggerman game is “checkpoint cost”. For instance, after completing the mudland world, snow yard world starts. Suppose, you reach the snow yard world and battery life gets doom. Next time, you will have to pay coins to start the game from your last checkpoint(level). Look at the below picture: –Diggerman

As you can see in above picture, I have completed the first world. But to start from the last point, I will have to pay 5 coins or another option is to start from the first/second point.

You can remove this level checkpoint cost by unlocking new diggers/workers. For instance, unlocking barber digger reduces the level checkpoint cost by 2 coins.

Take a look at the above picture, I have to pay five coins to start from the last level checkpoint. If I unlock barber, then this cost will be reduced by 2 coins. Similarly, If I unlock Bob, then the level checkpoint cost will reduce by six coins.

Here’s the complete list of diggers in the Diggerman game: – 

  1. Miner – No Effect
  2. Barber – Reduces the checkpoint cost by two coins
  3. Nero – (-3 Coins)
  4. Muddy – (-3 Coins)
  5. Bob – (-6 Coins)
  6. Fisher (-7 Coins)
  7. Goldman (-8 Coins)
  8. Mole (-9 Coins)
  9. Lunatic (-10 Coins)
  10. Mr Pickaxe(-11 Coins)
  11. Hook(-12 Coins)
  12. Prisoner(-13 Coins)
  13. Robo(-14 Coins)
  14. Lucy(-15 Coins)
  15. Justin(-16 Coins)
  16. Rockstar(-20 Coins)
  17. Tomy(-25 Coins)
  18. Timber (-30 Coins)
  19. Wizzard(-40 Coins)

Diggerman Game Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

1.) Find & Collect Chests & Exhibit Parts

You can find the chests near the checkpoint. These chests contain coins & exhibit parts. Exhibit part unlocks a new way to generate passive gold coins income. For instance, Dino Bone; generates coins after every 1.5 minutes. Visitors come to see these displays and you earn coins. To generate more coins, upgrade it by collecting duplicate parts.

2.) Unlock Diggers

As stated above, you have to pay a bunch of coins to start from the last level checkpoint. If you don’t want to pay, unlock new diggers as fast as you can.

3.) Get Free Coins In Diggerman Game

You can get free coins by watching the video ad. Go to the shop section of the game and at the bottom of the page, you have the option to watch the video ad for 50 coins. You can use these coins to unlock new diggers.

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4.) Battery Durability Is Different

Another reason to unlock new diggers in Diggerman game is they have better battery durability; means, you can play for a long time. Go to the main screen, head to diggers tab and at the bottom of a character, you can check the battery durability.

However, you can upgrade this durability using coins by tapping on the +1 battery icon at the bottom-left corner. But I would not recommend you to upgrade. It would be better if you directly unlock new diggers instead of upgrading old ones as there are two benefits of unlocking new diggers: –

  1. Better battery life
  2. Reduces the level checkpoint cost

5.) Get Better Score

As you progress, new worlds get unlocked, and you face more traps; spikes, bats, rocks, and more. To score better: –

  • Use your both fingers; one on the left side, the second one on the right side
  • Tap fast
  • Navigate diagonally to get rid of rocks
  • Focus only on batteries; ignore gold coins
  • Reach the checkpoint
  • Watch the video ad and start from the last checkpoint

So, these are some simple Diggerman tips, cheats & tricks to progress fast. If you want to complete the game fast, save your coins and unlock new heroes. Also, see – Best Arcade games for Android

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