Drive And Park(SayGames) Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Drive And Park is a brand new arcade game for mobile that challenges you to park cars perfectly. Check out Drive And Park guide, tips, cheats & strategies

SayGames’ title Drive And Park is a simple yet challenging game for Android and iOS. It features lots of levels in which you will have to park the cars perfectly to earn more cash. In addition to loads of levels, Drive And Park also feature a wide range of cars; common, rare, epic, and more. Epic cars come with a special ability. If you are having trouble understanding its mechanics or looking for tips, then our Drive And Park guide and Drive And Park tips, cheats & strategy will help you.


Drive And Park1.) Basics -> Your objective is to clear the level as soon as possible. At the top of the main screen, you can check the level info. The game tasks you to earn a set amount of cash to unlock next level. The player makes money by parking cars. How much? Depending on the car’s earnings. You will receive the base earnings upon parking(no perfect). You will earn double if you get successful in parking perfectly. For example – A car lets you earn $100 per parking. You will earn double($200) if you get successful in parking perfectly. Go to the garage menu -> there you can check the earnings of a car.

Drive And Park2.) Cars -> You get cars by clearing the levels and from the cards. You can make more money with epic cars(As compared to rare/common cars). However, you can easily clear the initial levels with rare/common cars. But as you progress in Drive And Park game, it would not be easy because the game challenges you to earn a huge amount of money in a certain number of turns.

3.) Upgrade Cars -> If you get the duplicate car as a reward, then earnings from that car will increase. For example; you were earning $100 from a car. And, In the reward, you get the same car again. It will automatically upgrade the car’s earnings.

There is no energy system in the game, but there is a card system. Getting free cars is not easy; either level up or wait for hours for the free delivery. Additionally, there is an ad system too. Suppose you failed to earn the set amount of money from all the cars. Then it will show you the ad offer; watching the video ad will provide you a few more cars and lets you continue from the same point. So that’s the Drive And Park basics. Let’s take a look at our top Drive And Park tips, cheats & strategies!

Drive And Park Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Be Perfect, Always!

As we mentioned above, it is a simple yet challenging game; you will always be challenged to earn more than the pocket income. First of all, calculate the base earnings of all the cars and match with the goal. For example; the goal is to earn $450 from 10 cars. You have four cars in the squad;

  1. Car A Earns $30
  2. Car B Earns $30
  3. C Car Earns $30
  4. Car D Earns $30

The total number of attempts – 10. In each attempt, you are earning $30. So in the end, you have only  $300. That’s $150 less. But you can clear the goal if you park the cars in an ideal position/perfect. Each perfect attempt will double the earnings; $30 to $60. And, you can earn up to $600.

But it’s not easy. Timing really matters; you have to press and release the thumb at the right time. That’s the only way. You will master the controls as you play it over and over again.

2.) Get The Free Cards

You can claim the free pack of car cards every certain amount of time. Go to the shop menu -> in the other section, you can check it. From this free pack, you get the cards. Duplicate cards will increase the earning of the corresponding car and you will earn more from each attempt.

3.) Include The Best Earners

Go to the garage menu -> audit the earnings of each car and include the best earners in the team so that you would earn more from each attempt. Always keep in mind that to unlock next level, you have to earn a set amount of cash in a certain number of attempts.Drive And Park

4.) Watch The Video Ad For More Cars

If you are out of cars and the goal is yet to be achieved + you are very close, then make sure to accept this offer to get more cars(more attempts).

5.) Speed And Size Matters

If the speed of the car is high, the skid early. And if the size of the car is big, then wait until you see a broad parking slot. In the garage menu, tapping the car will show these stats.

So these are the top Drive And Park tips & tricks for the beginners.

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