Dude Theft Wars Cheats, Tips, Guide To Get More Cash

Last updated on November 14th, 2018 at 03:10 am

dude theft WarsDude Theft Wars is a new open world game for Android by Poxel Studios. In this game, you play as a dude(Jack) and explore the open world; drive vehicles, shoot people, steal money, and much more. Check out our Dude Theft Wars cheats, tips, and guide to get more cash for free

If you are looking for a GTA Vice City clone and free, then Dude Theft Wars would be a great choice. Dude Theft Wars by Poxel Studios is one of the best open world games for Android devices. In this game, you play as Jack and there are plenty of things you can do such as exploring, stealing, driving, shooting, bomb blasting, trolling, and much more. It’s really a fun game. In this post, we have covered everything about the game; Dude Theft Wars cheats, tips, and Dude Theft Wars guide to get more money. Let’ start the Dude Theft Wars guide first;

1.) Dude Theft Wars – Get Started – The Basic

After you tap on the start button, you will find yourself in a house. Go outside and start the Gangster life; At the bottom-left corner, use the joystick to move your character left/right/back/forward. At the bottom-right corner, there is an attack button to attack people or shoot with your gun, other options are; jumping, zoom-in. Just above the zoom-in icon, there is a clock, tap on the clock to change the speed of the game.

At the top-right corner, tap on the ⇐⇒ to equip other items; at the beginning of the game, you have grenades, a bat. Tap on the mobile phone[right-center], here’s the detail of apps in your mobile phone;

  • Duber – using this app, you can get a cool bike, car. You need to watch the video ad for it.
  • Store – this is the shop section, watch the video ad to get bucks for free or use real-money for the In-game currency
  • Maps – It’s an open world game and map app is one of the best apps in your smartphone, tap on it and you can track your location on the map. It’s for navigation purpose.
  • Save Game – To save the progress of your game.

Update: – Now, there is a cheat app in Dude Theft Wars Game.

Tap on the mobile phone icon(at the left side), choose “cheat.exe” app. Then you have to enter the cheat code(just tap on the app).

List Of Cheat Codes: –

  1. Moongravity
  2. Giantdudes
  3. Antdude
  4. Heytaxi
  5. Dudekong
  6. Dudebolt
  7. Nosforever
  8. Popoplz

Among all these, Heytaxi is the best as it lets you summon a car at any place. The latest update to the Due Theft Wars has also added a brand new mini-game. Playing this game, you can earn free cash. If you explore a bit, you will find the basketball court. However, there is a football xD. Go there and tap the “play mini-game” button. Playing this game is also pretty simple; you just swipe (bottom to top) to throw the ball into the ring. Dude Theft Wars

Additionally, now there is Thanos car, new Islands, Helicopters, and now, you can destruct the trees. If you want to deactivate the cheat code, then enter it again.

At the top-right corner, tap on the minimap; at the bottom-right corner of the map, tap on my location button to check yourself on the map.

Look at the left side of the map, there are some navigation icons; the gun icon for weapons, home, townhall, shop, and police station. Just follow these icons on the map to reach your destination.

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Dude Theft Wars – Driving Guide

  • Go close to a vehicle; skateboard, car, bike, and tap on the door icon to drive
  • To use nitro, hold down this icon[only available in some vehciles]dude theft wars
  • Tap on the mobile phone icon -> duber -> watch an ad to get the car; it takes a few seconds

So this is the Dude Theft Wars guide for the beginners. Let’s start the Dude Theft Wars cheats, tips.

2.) Dude Theft Wars Cheats, Tips

dude theft auto1.) Ways to earn cash for free

  • Kill people with your baseball bat or grenades and grab the cash
  • Explore the city; visit shops and stores -> head to their counters -> steal the cash
  • Tap on the mobile icon on your screen -> store – watch a video ad and get free cash
  • The new update; you can now earn cash by performing deadly stunts; Tap on the mobile icon -> duber -> flying car -> watch the video ad to get the flying car. After watching, look at the sky, you will find the flying car. Jump and instantly tap on the “enter” option to use the flying car. Make stunts(backflips) and earn cash.
  • Play mini-game

2.) The easiest way to handle the police

The police will try to catch you after you kill the innocent citizens, the easiest way to handle all of them is to kill them; just enter the car and hit the police. Don’t forget to steal the cash.

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3.) Get Weapons – Dude Theft Wars Cheats, Tips

As I mentioned above, you have only a bat and few grenades at the beginning of the game. To get a gun or more grenades, go to the weapon shop; tap on the map and follow the GUN icon on your screen. Enter the weapon shop and purchase it;

  • To get the purchase option you have to equip the same weapon; equip the grenade, point to the grenades and tap on the purchase option
  • Equip the gun, point to bullets, tap on the purchase option.

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New Update To Dude Theft Wars;

  • New bikes and cars
  • Perform stunts and earn cash
  • Character selection with abilities
  • Added furniture
  • Mini-Game
  • New cheat codes, cars
  • New Islands

It is currently in development/beta, but still, worth a try. Download the game – here[Google Play Store]. Also, see – Best offline games for Android

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