Fishing Fever Cheats, Tips, Guide To Catch Boss Fish

Fishing FeverFishing Fever is a brand new fishing game for mobile devices by Gameone, the creators of Cooking Chef game. Check out our Fishing Fever cheats, tips, and the strategy guide to catch boss fish, special fish, and big fish

In past few months, some really great fishing games have been released for mobile devices on Google Play Store and App Store. Fishing Fever is one of these brilliant fishing games in which you visit many places, catch fish, sell fish, and earn money. In this post, we have covered everything about the Fishing Fever game; Fishing Fever cheats, tips, and the strategy guide to catch boss fish, special fish, and big fish! Let’s start the Fishing Fever guide first;

Get Started – Fishing Fever – The Basic

As usual, it starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to cast reel, hook, tension gauge, skills, and much more. The tutorial also explains about upgrades, rods, baits, and some tips. If you did not take it seriously, we have covered the basic of the game here.

The Basic – All you need to do is complete the fish collection; unlock and visit 6 fishing areas and start fishing. However, to catch boss fish, big fish, and special fish, you need to upgrade the fishing equipment. Fishing Fever features a wide range of fish species, skills, locations, baits, rods, boosters, and reels. However, not all the equipment are free; some are premium which can be obtained in exchange for real money. Summary: – Your objective is to improve your fishing skills by upgrading the equipment, complete the fish collection, build the best aquarium, and unlock all locations. Let’s start the Fishing Fiver guide.

1.) Fishing Fever Guide

In this part, we will learn about how to use skills, perform combos, about rods/reels/baits, how to get them, about keys, boosters, and much more.

  • Casting and Skills

Fishing FeverTo start, you just tap on the Go button on the main screen. Then choose a location and enter. Next, tap on the reel button to start casting -> after it, you have to stop the pointer on an appropriate point which is blue; just tap on the Go option to stop it. After the fish eat the lure, it’s time to hook! While catching the fish, you have to take care of tension bar; tension bar should not exceed the danger point otherwise you will lose your grip over the fish. You can check the fish’s HP bar too. You just hold down the reel button to deal damage to the fish and once the fish loses all the HP, you can add it to your tank!

Fishing Fever ->Skills -> You can use skills to deal more damage to the fish! The skill can be activated using combos or sometimes you have to swipe left/right/up. Among all the skills, power gauge skill is the best! When the power bar reaches the maximum point, swipe up. Perform combos to activate the power skill fast.

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  • Boosters

Boosters or power-ups in Fishing Fever game helps you to increase the chances of getting a legendary fish; big, boss, or special! There are lots of boosters featured in Fishing Fever game; damage booster, rarity booster, gold booster, big fish chance booster, and many more.

Before you start the fishing, you can equip these boosters. How to equip the boosters in Fishing Fever and how to obtain these boosters?

⇒To equip the booster, go to the main screen -> go to my tackle tab(near shop section) and head to the booster(potion type icon) tab -> tap on the view option -> equip. The quantity of these boosters is limited.

⇒ How to get boosters in Fishing Fever game? There are many ways to get free boosters in this game;

  • Complete the fish book collection
  • Level Up
  • Complete the daily quest
  • Complete the main quests
  • Open the treasure boxes

Keys & Treasure boxes

Since premium rods/baits/reels are very expensive and need real money, the best way to acquire them is by opening the treasure chests. Go to the main screen -> chests -> you can use keys or coins to open silver or wood chest! Keys can be obtained from the sea(by fishing), as a reward!


To perform combos in Fishing Fever game, just hold down your finger on the reel button for 2-3 seconds(don’t exceed the danger line).

So this is the Fishing Fever guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Fishing Fever cheats, tips, and tricks to catch boss fish, big fish, and special fish.

2.) Fishing Fever Cheats, Tips, And Strategy Guide

A.) Use boosters and best bait to get boss fish, special fish, and big fish

Fishing FeverOne of the best ways to acquire a boss fish or special fish easily is using the best bait and boosters. Better quality bait attracts these fish and boosters increase its chances.

By default, you have entry level lure/bait and you could not get an SSS rank fish using this bait. Complete some quests and you will get the premium bait for free as a reward.

To change the lure or bait in Fishing Lure game, go to the main screen -> my tackle tab -> lures -> view – equip.

Similarly, you will get the premium boosters for free by completing the starting quests.

Fishing Fever tips, cheats -> Stop the pointer at the blue point to increase the chances of getting a big fish or rare fish.

In short -> premium booster+premium bait=boss fish, special fish, and big fish. However, you could get special or big fish without using these premium items.

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B.) Tips to catch the boss fish

Using the above tips, you can easily get the boss fish or special fish. But there is a difference between getting and catching! The boss fish is the most powerful fish in Fishing Fever game and it’s not easy to catch it. Use these tips to catch it easily;

  • Upgrade your rod or buy a premium rod to deal more damage
  • Power-up the reels
  • Use the premium fishing lines
  • Use damage booster

To upgrade the rod, go to rod tab -> view -> power-up.

Power-Up tips ->

Fishing FeverBefore you power-up the rod, check the success rate. It might possible that power-up end with a failure and you may lose all the coins!

C.) Complete the daily quests and main quests

One of the best ways to level up fast and get a huge amount of rewards in Fishing Fever game is by completing the daily or main quests. It would be great if you focus on the quests. To check the tasks – go to the main screen -> quests tab -> daily or main!

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D.) Invest your coins!

As you know, without premium rods or reels or baits, you can not catch the boss fish. So, save your coins and buy a premium rod or reel from the shop or use the coins to open the treasure boxes.

E.) Sell the fish when they reach their maximum level

You put your fishes into the tank and once they reach the maximum level, sell them for maximum rewards. But don’t sell them until they reach their maximum level.

F.) Repair to restore the durability

In Fishing Fever game, the durability of reel and rod decreases as you play the game. To restore the durability, repair it using the coins! With 0 durability, you can not go for fishing.

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So, these are some Fishing Fever cheats, tips, and a guide for the beginners. Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best offline games for Android

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