Football Fred Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Football FredFootball Fred is an addictive football game for soccer fans, developed by Dedalord. Check out our Football Fred guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Dedalord, the creators of Fred game series has just released another mobile game, Football Fred. The game features simple control mechanics, adorable graphics, many stadiums, challenging tasks, and it regularly updates with engaging events. Football Fred game also features mini-games, by playing these mini-games, you can easily earn coins, gems, XP. Additionally, there is a huge collection of player cards from all the football teams across the world. If you are having the trouble in winning matches, we are here to help you with our Football Fred guide and Football Fred tips, cheats & strategies to win every match in any difficulty mode.

Get Started – The Basics – Football Fred

Football FredBefore you dive into the Football Fred tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. Let’s start with the controls: –

  1. Drag your finger on the screen to move the player where you want
  2. Drag the joystick from center to the extreme point(at high) to sprint
  3. Pass the ball to a teammate by swiping towards him
  4. Slide or long swipe to shoot
  5. Tap(with ball) to perform dribble move
  6. Tap on the player(on the field) to select it and control him manually
  7. Tackle: Go towards the opponent at high speed(Sprint) to perform a tackle

On Field Rules: Player’s Speed/Stamina and Dribble Meter

Football Fred is a fast-paced game in which the stamina of the player matters a lot. The player is advised to use the stamina wisely. The stamina of the player gets consumed when you sprint, dribble. Drag the joystick or virtual pad lightly to move at average speed. When you drag it at an extreme point, sprint mode will get activated. And you will see the stamina(green bar) above the player’s head.

We would recommend you to sprint wisely or use the stamina wisely; when you are close to the goal post or opponents are surrounding you.

Passing – You should keep an eye on all the players on the screen. There would be a circle at the bottom of your teammate. Keep an eye on this symbol and pass quickly/accurately.

Dribble – If you see the opponent is going to tackle(when the ball is with you), you should perform dribble move, at the right time and then change the direction. But it will cost you stamina(too much though). You just tap the screen to dribble.

The player’s speed gets reduced once its stamina reaches 0.

Injured Players

Injured players cannot be included in the team. The game will notify you with a pop-up message if there is an injured player in your team. You should substitute it. Go to the team tab -> there you will see a bandage icon above the player’s portrait. Replace him with another player until he recovers.

How To Get Players?

Winning the matches in the cup rewards you a player pack. You have four free slots. So you can store up to four packs. However, opening the package takes time. From this package, you can obtain new player cards. Additionally, In the shop tab, you can buy players in exchange for coins or buy packs in exchange for green gems.


In the team tab, above the player’s portrait or card, you can check the stars. The number of stars determines the rarity of a player. For example: –

  1. Common – 1*
  2. Rare – 2*
  3. Epic – 3*
  4. Legendary – 4*

Player Upgrading And Evolving

In Football Fred game, all the players have different stats; speed, stamina, defense, dribble, and more. Without upgrading the players, one can not grab the cup as it would be difficult to beat high-level players. There are two ways to level up a player – gain XP or use other players. When you play the match in Football Fred or play Mini-games, players in your team gain XP. XP is required to level up.

Or go to the team tab -> tap the player -> head to the upgrade tab -> select the players to sacrifice in order to gain XP.

Evolving – After a certain upgrade, the player will be able to evolve. Evolving boosts the player’s stats by the massive stats and unlocks new perks(check the perks in the info tab).

Energy Drink

Energy Drink is required to play the game. However, you can play mini-games without energy. But if you have, the game will consume it and in return, the player will earn more XP as a reward. Energy Drink restores automatically. So this is the basic Football Fred guide for the beginners. Now, let’s read our top Football Fred tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.

Football Fred Tips & Cheats: –

1.) Switch To Advanced Control If It Suits You

Football FredFootball Fred game features two types of controls; touch controls and button controls. You can switch between controls during the match. In the match, on the top-right corner, tap the pause icon and next to the ? icon, tap the control button to switch. In the advanced control, you can perform the actions manually: dribble, shoot, pass, switch manually. If drag/swipe/slide controls do not suit you, then you should try out this.

2.) Switch The Players To Play With Full Strength

In the match, you can switch between players; players on the pitch and players on the bench. For example; one of your players has been injured. Or you need a player with full stamina. In the match, tap the pause icon -> on the next screen, tap the switch players button. Drag the bench players to the player’s slot on the pitch. Additionally, you can change the tactics; offensive, balanced, and offensive on the same screen.

3.) Play The Natural Game To Get More Goals

Instead of thinking a lot, you should play your natural game and use our basic tips mentioned above. If the ball is in your hand, then opponents will try to tackle the player(with the ball). In this situation, use the dribble or pass the ball┬áto teammates. If the ball is in opponent’s side, then switch to the nearby player(opponent with the ball) and try to tackle. When close to the goal post, shoot accurately; play the mini-game named Kick To Targets to improve shooting. When shooting; you have to slide wisely(short when you are close, long+at extreme when far away from the goal post).

4.) Play Mini-Games Over and Over Again

When out of energy, you should play mini-games. In Football Fred game, it is one of the best ways to earn gold, green gems, and player’s XP for free. All you have to do is select the player for the mini-game(Select the best player to level up him fast). And play. Based on the performance, you will get the reward. As of now, Football Fred game features two mini-games;

Kick To Targets and Pass Practice. Kick To Targets – In this mini-game, there is a moving marker at the bottom of the screen. Pay attention to the green arrow. It is divided into two sides; if the target is on the left side, then stop it on the left side. If the target is on the right side, then stop it on the right side. And make sure to guess the gap.

  1. Tap to kick
  2. Hold down the finger to adjust height, strength(when you hold, at the bottom, a new indicator bar will appear – shows the strength status).

You should switch to the default controls when playing this mini-game.

Pass Practice – Shoot the ball. Swipe towards the ball to shoot(left or right).

5.) Get Free Skullies, Packs By Earning More Points

If you want free skullies(coins), card packs, then you should participate in the events. Join any free event to participate -> play -> based on the performance, you earn points. After earning a certain number of points, you get the special reward; card packs, skullies/coins.

6.) Save Coins And Grab The Weekly Offer

In the weekly offer, the game lets you buy a high-rank player for coins. High-rank players come with good speed, stamina. It would be better to save coins and grab the weekly offer deal as soon as possible. On the other hand, with low-rank players, you would not be able to win cups in difficulty level.

7.) Complete The Challenges, Missions To Earn Player Points

These points are required to increase the user level. As you level up, new rooms, stadiums, features will get unlocked. And to earn these points, you should pay attention to the challenges, missions. Additionally, by completing the missions, you can obtain a gold booster pack.

8.) Train The Players In Training Center

You can send up to three players in the training center. When you are not playing the game or when leaving the game, send the three players in this center to earn idle XP. After the training time, the players will get XP. It costs you coins.

So these are our top Football Fred tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best Football Games For Android 2018

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