Gate Six: Cyber Persona Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Gate Six: Cyber Persona is a brand new gacha RPG for mobile by Flero Games. Check out our Gate Six: Cyber Persona guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In today’s Gate Six: Cyber Persona guide and Gate Six: Cyber Persona tips, cheats & strategies post, you will learn all the basics as well as all the tactics to strike down the monsters in all kinds of game modes. This guide covers the battle mechanics, units growth, and much more. Let’s get started!

Gate Six: Cyber Persona Units Guide – Classes, Element, Power, Summons, Etc.

⇒How to get diamonds and summon the units?

Gate Six: Cyber Persona
Tap the again button on bottom-left to summon another during this tutorial

The game features lots of units – all having different abilities, stats, elements, and the class. There are two ways to acquire these units – low-tier units can be obtained from the chapter mode stages. You can use these low-tier units to develop high-tier units. And, the ideal way to acquire a high-tier unit is by using the summon method, which costs diamonds. For the first time, In the tutorial phase (1), the game unlocks the summon function and lets you draw a 4* unit.

You can draw one of these units in this tutorial: –

  1. Maestro Ju-Yeon Kang – She is a support class unit with healing abilities. Also, she provides a lot of buffs to all the allies in the battle.
  2. Liberator Leona – Her active skills can deal massive damage to the opponents – the neutralize skill can also remove the barrier + lowers the enemy defense. Her passive skill can increase the stats of skill user and the nearby team members. Also, passive skill reduces the speed of all enemies. If you are looking for a good DPS character, give it a shot.
  3. Crimson Revolution Oberstdorf – An assault class unit with impressive damage skills. If you are looking for a good DPS character, give it a shot.
  4. Arrogant Backdoor – Belongs to the sabotage class – has crowd control skills.
  5. Wonderland’s Alice – Belongs to the assault class – has powerful attack skills + can stun and freeze the enemies.
  6. Chief Engineer Betty – A guardian class unit – has healing, barrier, def buff like skills. Also deals damage to the enemies.
  7. White Angel Delilah – An assault class unit. She has powerful skills to deal damage to the enemies.
  8. Frost Princess Eleanor – Sabotage class unit – she can increase the attack of all allies + inflicts freeze/shivering.
  9. Dark Enforcer Lark – Rush class unit. Skills – Deal damage to the enemies, lowers the enemy damage, inflicts knockdown, removes the barrier and there is a chance of becoming immortal.
  10. The Top Golden Mane – Rush class unit. Skills – Inflicts knockdown, deals damage to all the enemies, removes the enemy barrier, inflicts stun.
  11. Frost Arrow Diana & Luna – Assault class unit. Skills – Inflicts freeze effect, deals damage to all enemies, enemies take more damage because of her passive skill.
  12. Mr. D – Class – Sabotage. Skills – Deals damage to all the enemies, inflicts knockdown, stun, and airborne.
  13. Agent Trisha. Class – Rush. Skills – Single target, inflicts airborne, removes the barrier, inflicts shocked.

The Codex Can Help You!

If you want to know more about the unit, you should head to the codex menu in the game. There you get the complete list of units featured in Gate Six: Cyber Persona game. To open the codex, tap the menu button at the bottom-left corner -> this will expand the menu and show you more options; bag, craft, feat, guild, and the codex. Choose the codex option and enter unit codex. Tap the unit and go to the details or skills page. Tap the skill to check its details. In this way, you can learn all about all the units.

Now, coming to the point – you can earn diamonds from the quests, as a level-up reward, by playing 90 minutes daily, as a daily login-reward, 1050 diamonds from the special supply event(day 2, day 5, and day 6). Or from the feat quests.

Spend these diamonds to summon the units.

⇒Units Class Guide

All the units in Gate Six: Cyber Persona game belongs to one of these classes: –

  • Rush
  • Guardian
  • Assault
  • Sabotage
  • Support

The class of a unit defines or highlights the unit’s role in the battle. It’s important to know about these classes if you want to use the units wisely. Rush – balanced offense and defense – this class characters can fight the enemies + they can also protect the allies by leading from the front line. Guardian – as the name suggests – the tank class characters who lead from the front and protect the allies in back-line with their shield/barrier skills. But they are not good in attack. Assault – Deals damage to the enemies. Sabotage – comes with crowd control and damage skills. Support – healers and buffers.

⇒Units Element Guide

All the units in Gate Six: Cyber Persona belongs to one of these five elements: –

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Dark

In the combat, specified element deals more or less damage to another specified element. It means that there is an elemental relationship buff which can help you in the combats if you choose the strong element units. Here are the details: –

  • The fire(red) element is strong against the wind(green) element but weak against the water(blue)
  • The water element is strong against the fire element but weak against the wind
  • The wind element is strong against the water element but weak against the fire
  • The dark(purple) element deals 1/3 damage against fire, water, wind
  • Light(yellow)>Dark

In the units menu or codex, at the top-left corner of the unit profile, you can check the element; dark, fire, water, wind, light. Also, it shows the class; rush, assault, support, guardian, and sabotage.

As you progress through the chapter mode stages or in other game modes, battles will get tougher. If you think you are having the trouble defeating the boss or any stage, you should increase the team power or change the team combination/formation. Let’s learn all the Gate Six: Cyber Persona tips, cheats, tricks & strategies to get stronger and progress fast.

Gate Six: Cyber Persona Tips & Tricks-

1.) Increase the units’ power

Now and then, you will have to develop the units in the team through leveling up, affinity growth, rank-up, etc.

Level Up

Raising the unit’s level is one of the primary and common ways to increase his/her stats such as attack, defense, HP, and speed. You can acquire unit EXP from the chapter mode – defeat the enemies in the chapter mode stages and all the characters in the team will gain EXP. Repeat those cleared stages for the EXP and max out all the units asap. Another way to level up is by using data pills. Go to the units menu -> select a unit -> level up -> select other units that you want to sacrifice to level up selected unit. You can obtain the fodders(low-tier units that you can sacrifice) from the chapter mode stages. It will cost a certain amount of data pill. Data pills can be acquired from chapter mode stages.

Affinity Upgrade

In the affinity upgrade, you use the element-specific upgrade material to increase the selected unit’s stats. For instance, if you want to increase the affinity level of a fire element unit, you will need the essence of fire.

You can obtain the upgrade materials(element-specific) from the watcher’s hall mode.

Rank-Up – 

To develop a unit further beyond its current max level, you can use this feature. In this process, the player needs 2 unit(s) of the same rank and it can only be done at level 30. Keep in mind that this function resets the selected unit’s level; main level and affinity level.

Skills – 

You can upgrade the skills once you develop a character to 6*. You will need skill points to increase the skill level; SP can be obtained by awakening and upgrading the suit.

Overclock Guide –

You need identical units to overclock – to increase its level, for skill points, etc. Only 6* units are eligible

Awaken – 

A 5*, level 30, element level 5 unit can be awakened. You need growth stones to awaken a unit, which can be acquired from 7 Executors mode(Transfer -> 7 Executors).

Upgrade Suit-

Use the data pills and suit enhancer to upgrade the suit. Suit enhancer can be obtained by dismantling the units.

Gate Six: Cyber Persona Dismantle Guide-

The player can obtain element stones + suit enhancer by dismantling or sacrificing the useless units. Navigate to the units menu -> tap the dismantle button at the bottom-left of the unit menu screen -> select the unit and confirm.

2.) Equip And Upgrade Cores

Gate Six: Cyber PersonaYou get the core by playing the chapter mode stages or from the summon method where you use the diamonds to summon core(s) or by crafting. Go to the units menu -> select the unit -> tap the core button -> equip or auto-select the cores. These cores provide additional stats to the unit. For example – attack, defense, HP, etc. Tap the core to check its effect.

If you equip (3) cores of the same type, a set effect will get activated. It grants a special boost. Similarly, equipping (6) cores of the same type grants an enhanced set effect. Type of core: –

  • Armor
  • Ferocity
  • Life
  • Courage
  • Teamwork
  • Dexterity
  • Fortitude
  • Haste
  • Element
  • Savagery
  • Marauder
  • Protection

You can dismantle these cores for upgrade modules. Upgrade modules are used in upgrading the cores.

3.) Make Changes In The Formation And Use Elemental Advantage

Gate Six: Cyber PersonaGo to the enemy info tab before entering the battle. There you can check the enemy elements. If you deploy strong element units against the weak element, you will get the bonus damage. Read the elemental advantage guide above for more details.

Before you enter the battle, the game lets you edit the formation; there are two rows; make sure to position the heroes wisely. Place guardian or rush class units in the front line because these units have good defense and HP stats. Place assault, sabotage, and support units in the backline. The point is to protect the allies in the backline because they are good at dealing damage while the front line units are good to defend them. Also, make sure to add healers, good defenders, and attackers in the team; focus on 3*, 4* or higher. Use the auto-select function if you are lazy.

4.) Check Out The In-Game Guide

Tap the menu button at the upper-right corner -> choose the help option -> there you can learn about all the functions in the game. It’s better to read the details if you are having trouble understanding the game mechanics.

5.) Complet The Feat Quests

Tap the menu button at the bottom-left corner to expand the menu -> choose feat -> there you can check the daily, weekly, and monthly quests. Complete them to get the rewards.

6.) Repeat The Past Stages

If you need units to use as upgrade material, In-game currency; gold, data pills, EXP, core, we would recommend repeating the past stages in previous chapters. Tap the auto-mode button at the bottom-left to repeat the past stages and get rewards. If you have an instant completion ticket, you can use it to clear a stage instantly for rewards. Tap play -> choose the chapter -> choose the stage that you have already completed -> tap the complete now button and use instant completion ticket or tap the auto-repeat mode at the bottom-left corner.

7.) Farm In The Other Game Modes

Go to the transfer mode menu and play all these game modes to farm items such as EXP units, suit essence, gold, data pills, awakening material, affinity upgrade material, core material, etc.

So that would be all in this Gate Six: Cyber Persona guide and Gate Six: Cyber Persona tips post. Do you have any other useful info or more tips? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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