Girls X Battle 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Girls X Battle 2 is an Idle RPG for mobile by Carolgames. Let’s have a look at our Girls X Battle 2 guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Girls X Battle 2 Guide⇓

Our today’s Girls X Battle 2 guide will teach you the basic aspects of the game and some tips & strategies that you should follow to progress. Girls X Battle 2 game features a number of game modes; campaign, league, trials, guild raid. In all these game modes, you will send the best girls to strike the opponent’s team. Before we proceed further, you should know that there is an in-game guide which is quite good. We would recommend reading it as it gives you all the information about all the aspects. To check the in-game guide, tap the settings option at the upper-right corner -> info -> under the help category, you can check all the information. Let’s dive into our Girls X Battle 2 guide and after that, check out the top Girls X Battle 2 tips, cheats & strategies!

Getting Started With Girls X Battle 2 Basics⇓

Girls X Battle 2⇒The very first target is to unlock all the functions in the game. When you start playing it for the first time, you only have access to the campaign mode. To unlock other stuff such as trails modes, guild, school’s enroll function, leagues, there is a level requirement that you must meet.

⇒To increase Senpai(Player) level, you need EXP. At the upper-left corner, if you tap the girl avatar icon, the game will show you the EXP required to reach the next level. You earn EXP from the campaign battles or automatically. The girls in Girls X Battle 2 fight enemies and reward you a bunch of items automatically; gold, girls EXP, player EXP.

Campaign Battles -> This is the mode that you need to play for over and over again to earn player EXP, gears, gold, and other items. At the bottom of the screen, tap the campaign -> In this tab, you have two sub-screens; In the first one, you can see the girls fighting enemies automatically. As these girls defeat the enemies, you earn gold, girls XP, player EXP, and loot. You can collect the items by tapping the collect button at the upper-right corner.

In the second part of the screen, you can select the stages. Complete these stages to increase the number of rewards from the auto-battles or to progress further in the game. You can go back to any stage and fight or keep on the latest stage to get the most rewards. The rewards from these stages get better as you progress further. So it’s better to go far in this game mode as soon as possible. This will increase the Idle income.

Girls X Battle 2 Guide To Characters⇓

Girls X Battle 2In Girls X Battle 2, Girls belong to one of these five classes; warrior, mage, ranger, assassin, and priest. Warrior units work as a tank(these units have good HP stats, but their attack stats are low). Mage, Assassin, and Ranger units work as attackers(these units have good attack stats, but their HP and armor stats are low). At last, we have priest units having healing or other supportive skills.

You can check the unit type in its profile.

In addition to these five different classes, all the girls in Girls X Battle 2 belong to one of these factions; Devil(dark), Angel(light), Ghost(sky blue), Human(blue), Fairy(green), and Monster(red). You can check the faction at the upper-left corner of unit’s icon.

How To Get Girls In Girls X Battle 2?

The ideal way to get the girls units in the game is to draw them using the capsules. However, if you progress a bit in the game, you will get their shards. If you go to the bag menu -> shards -> here you can check the unit shards. Once you have enough shards, you can summon that unit. You get these shards by playing the game; campaign battles, trials, slots, market, enroll, daily sign-in, play-time reward, and by playing the girls quiz.

To get the girl units through the draw, go to the capsules menu -> here you can spend the capsules or gems. You get the gems by completing tasks, trophies, and there are many more ways.

Powering Up Girls In GXB2

Powering Up girls is much important. If you want to go far in the campaign battles and climb up the leagues or dominate all the game modes, you need a strong team of girls. So it’s better to power-up the girls.

⇔Go to the girls tab -> select a girl that you want to power-up -> tap the ⇑ button next to its level. This will increase the level. As the level increases, their stats; attack, defense, skill DMG etc. will also increase. Once a girl unit reaches the maximum level, you will need to do a star-upgrade, which costs you lunch boxes. You can get these lunch boxes from the trials mode(trails -> test) or from the campaign battles loot, you get these lunch boxes as a random drop or from girls quiz.

⇔In the girl’s profile menu screen, go to the gear tab -> here you can equip the gears and make her more powerful. You get the gears from the campaign modes, from the trials mode, by completing the trophies.

⇔The third tab that you see there is of skin. Sometimes you get girl’s skin in the loot. These skins can also increase the stats of girls.

Girls X Battle 2⇔Date -> The dating feature allows you to increase the intimacy with the girl and in return, you get the bonus in stats. To use this feature, go to front page -> tap date -> choose a girl -> on the right side, you can check the gift that you have. Tap on any gift and give it to her. If you don’t have any gift, you can make it. You get the gift boxes in the campaign battles loot -> open these gift boxes and you could get the gift shards. You need these shards to make a gift.

⇔Another feature that you can use to power-up the girls is graduate. On the front page screen, tap school -> graduate -> if you have materials, tap the graduate button. In the material, you sacrifice some girls.

So this is the Girls X Battle 2 guide for beginners. Let’s take a look at our Girls X Battle 2 tips, cheats & strategies!

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Girls X Battle 2 Tips & Tricks⇓

1.) Build The Best Formation⇓

Before you start the fight, the game lets you edit the team; selecting the girls or changing their position. There are two rows; front and back. In the front row, you should add the warriors because they have good HP stats and they help the allies by soaking damage. In the back row, you should add the mage, rangers, and a priest having a healing ability. The mage and rangers are good attackers. You can check the unit’s ability or skill in their profile menu, at the bottom of the screen. Read the girls guide above for more info.

2.) Play The Quiz Battles⇓

On the left side of the screen, tap the quiz option; there are three quiz battles; coin, EXP, and girls. In the coin quiz, you can earn loads of gold. The EXP quiz grants lunch boxes and girl level EXP. You need lunch boxes to star-upgrade the girls who have reached the max level. In the girls quiz, you can girls shards.

3.) Complete The Tasks and Trophies⇓

You can earn a decent amount of gems and gold by completing the tasks. And, by completing the trophies, you can get premium shards, gears, honor coins, and much more. Tap the tasks option on the left side of the front page screen. And, at the top, ta the trophies option to check the challenges.

4.) Send The Girls On Quests⇓

The internship feature allows you to earn a specific reward passively. All you need to do is accept the quest and select the units. After a certain amount of time, you will get the reward. Tap the shop -> intern -> tap a quest -> select the girls -> start.

5.) Level Up The Lab Skills⇓

You should join a guild to access the lab feature. Using the lab feature, you can level up the lab skills to increase the girls stats. If you change the guild, these buffs will carry on. It’s a good way to increase the warrior, mage, ranger, assassin, and priest stats.

6.) Take The Faction Rivalry Advantage⇓

In close battles, this will surely work. As mentioned in above Girls X Battle 2 guide, all the girls belong to one of the six factions. The same rule goes with enemies. In the battles, at the top corner of the enemy’s HP bar, you can check their faction. If you deploy the strong faction girls, they will deal extra damage.

  • Monster -> Fairy
  • Fairy -> Ghost
  • Ghost -> Human
  • Human -> Monster
  • Devil<>Angel

7.) Power-Up The Girls, Forge The Gears⇓

We’ve already discussed the powering-up aspect in the guide above. Max out the girls, then upgrade, equip gears, date, graduate etc.

Girls X Battle 2Forging gears -> Tap the bag -> tap forge -> if you have a certain number of duplicates, you can forge that gear to get a better one.

8.) Focus On High-Grade Girls⇓

We would recommend you to focus on 4* or higher grade girls. With girls below 4*, you may not survive in the long run. Summon the girls or get girl shards -> build a team of high-grade girls. Don’t spend the valuable resources in upgrading low-quality girls.

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So these are the top Girls X Battle 2 tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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  1. In the antiques is the (+priest 12%) means plus 12% if its on a girl thats a priest or extra 12% damage on an enemy priest?

  2. with all the impossible requirements to graduate to a level 6, i can’t imagine people sacrificing multiple 6 and up for higher levels, not that it’s not worth it, simply that it isn’t easy to even gather 2 or 3 level 6s, of course, without expending real money

  3. Best tip that can be given, forge your equipment frequently, never transfer 3* 4* or 5* girls as they are all needed to upgrade to 6*, if your not picky you’ll be throwing 100k + power within a week, 2 max.