Granny Game Update: Complete And Escape Using A Car

Granny Game Version 1.5 has been just released for Android and iOS by DVloper. And now you can escape the Granny House using the car. Check out how to beat Granny and Escape the house in the latest version

The game, on which we posted a complete walkthrough late last year, launched by a small developer, has crossed over 50 Million downloads on Google Play Store. The idea was unique, the objective attracted millions of people around the world and millions of people are still trying to escape the Granny’s house. The story is still a mystery for us! In the last update, the developer added two characters in the game; teddy and the Slendrina. And in the latest update(Granny Game version 1.5), there are two new secret rooms. In one of the rooms, there is a dead body. And in the second room, there is a drawer, contains an item. Today, we are going to explain how you can escape the Granny’s house in Granny Game using a car.

The Two Ways

In the last update of Granny game, the developer added a garage(you can go there through the basement route, check the complete Granny Game walkthrough to the garage here). And inside the garage, there is a car. In the previous version of the game, we can not drive it. But in the Granny Game version 1.5, we can drive the car by assigning all the parts; engine(using the spark plug, wrench), car battery. In the front of the car, there is a garage door. You need to open it using the padlock key. To drive the car, you need to refuel it.

And yeah! You can still escape the Granny’s House by unlocking the main door. But it’s difficult 😉 You can read the Granny Game guide, tips, cheats here

How To Escape Using The Car?

Granny GameYou need to find these items: –

  • Car Engine
  • Spark Plug
  • Car Battery
  • Wrench
  • Car Key
  • Gasoline Can

Engine Part In Granny Game

Well, it’s obvious that engine is required to run the car. Where to find it? Like other items, there is not a fixed location. Every time you start the game, there would be different locations of items. For example; you find the special key in the melon. In the next game(after five days, when you restart the game), it would not be there. Once you find the Engine Part, open the bonnet -> point to the engine slot and place it by tapping on the screen.

Spark Plug

Spark Plug is used to transmit the energy. Open the bonnet again and arrange it there(just aim over it and tap). Once done, you will see red dots. Use the wrench to provide grip/clutch. 

Car Battery

Car Battery is another new item, added in the latest Granny Game update. Open the bonnet -> place the car battery there.

Now, you have to refuel the car.

Open the car boot(you need the car key) and there you will find the fuel container. Aim over it and refuel it. You need an item gasoline can.

Granny GameAfter it, go into the car(aim to the car’s door -> at the top-right corner, tap the “go inside” icon). Start the car. But wait! Did you open the garage door? You need a padlock key to open the garage door. Once done, hit the wall using the car two-three times.

Special Key In Granny Game

Granny GameSpecial Key, a new item, added by the developer in Granny Game, in the version 1.5. It is used to open the secret door. Go to the top floor and place the special key into the slot. After it, go to the secret door, there you will find a drawer. In the drawer, you may find a rare item.

Prior to it, you may want to place the meat piece on this place(in the secret room): – Granny Game

The Dead Body

Another item that has been added in the latest Granny Game Update is a book. Check the step 4 in this post and move to the right side. There would a painting on the wall. Go close to it to remove. Behind it, there would be a lever. Press it(just aim and tap). A new secret room will be open. Go into the room and place the book. You will find the dead body.

Quick Touch, New Items In Granny Game: –

  1. Wrench
  2. Engine
  3. Spark Plug
  4. Meat Piece
  5. Special Key
  6. Car Battery
  7. Gasoline Can

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