H3H3 Ball Rider Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

H3H3 Ball Rider is a brand new mobile game by Outerminds, featuring Ethan and Hila as the main character. Check out our H3H3 Ball Rider tips, cheats & strategy guide to the master game

Outerminds, well-known for PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator game, has just released a brand new mobile game and this time, it’s featuring Ethan and Hila as the main character where¬†Ethan plays the ball character and Hila plays the rider’s character. H3H3 Ball Rider game features amazing endless challenging levels, time-limited events, cool outfits, and much more. And today, In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a ball rider: H3H3 Ball Rider guide and H3H3 Ball Rider cheats, tips, tricks & strategy to beat the high score.

Basics – H3H3 Ball Rider -Get Started

Before we head to the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In H3H3 Ball Rider game, you help Ethan and Hila in getting out of the mysterious place by collecting the orbs. You have to keep the orb bar always fill to continue to be in the game. Ethan(Ball) stops moving when the bar reaches its break-even point. After it, you will control the rider(Hila) by tapping the boot button at the bottom-right side of the screen. However, you can move the rider three times only. And there is a simple basic mechanics behind this move, read the tips, cheats & strategy guide part below to know.

You earn coins, XP by playing the game. You can use coins to buy equipment in the shop, in upgrading the equipment, and many more tasks. And XP is required to level up in the game. As you level up, new worlds/places will unlock and once you reach the level 4, you will be able to participate in the time limited event mode. In the event mode, you compete with other players for the top rank in the leaderboard. You ranked on the leaderboard on the basis of time(time taken in completing the race). At the end of the event, you rewarded with coins, money, and equipment(on the basis of rank).

Equipment, Upgrades, and Outfits

When playing the game, collecting the orbs, you will often see a chest. This chest contains equipment cards, coins, outfits. Ethan and Hila can equip up to one equipment at a time. All the gears have different skills & buffs. For example – fidget spinner is an equipment that helps you in taking sharp turns with less drift. And you earn more coins at the end of the session. Some equipment comes with the ability to increase the power-ups duration. Power-Ups such as ghost, clock, magnet, and more.

Upgrading The Equipment

Sometimes you get copies(equipment you already have). On the main screen of the game, at the top menu, tap the bag icon and this will take you to the equipment screen where you can check all the gears you have in the inventory. Just below the equipment icon, you can check the number of duplicate cards required to upgrade. Once you have enough, just tap the upgrade button and confirm. It costs you coins.

Outfits are only for the cosmetic purpose, you don’t get any buff from these items. So that’s the basic H3H3 Ball Rider guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out the H3H3 Ball Rider cheats, tips & strategy guide to master the game.

H3H3 Ball Rider Cheats And Tips: –

1.) Hila Can Revive Ethan By Reaching The Checkpoint

H3H3 Ball RiderAs you know, In H3H3 Ball Rider game, you can not move the ball when the orb bar reaches the dead point. And after it, you control Hila by tapping the boot icon. Make sure to use those three turns wisely and reach the checkpoint. Ethan will come back if you managed to reach the checkpoint with Hila. All you need to do is use the joystick to change the direction and tap the boot button. Reach the checkpoint and revive Ethan. And then start collecting the orbs again. With this way, you can score more points in H3H3 Ball Rider game.

2.) Keep The Ball In The Air To Avoid Slow Speed

The ball’s speed gets reduced when it touches the floors. Try to keep it in the air as long as you can to roll it at maximum speed all the time.

3.) Collect The Medals To Get More Coins And XP

H3H3 Ball RiderAt the top menu, there is an orb bar and it has three points; bronze, silver, and gold. You get a medal when you reach a checkpoint. For example; the orb’s bar gauge is exceeding silverpoint, but still behind the gold point at the time of checkpoint crossing, then you will get the silver medal. Gold medal grants more gold coins and XP as compared to silver and bronze medal. So try to collect the silver or gold medal. You can fill the orb bar by collecting the orbs.

4.) Collapse The Fan’s Pyramid

You earn fan points whenever you collapse the fans in the session(game). These fan points are required to unlock the fan chest. Fan chest contains coins, equipment cards, and outfits. On the main screen, at the bottom-center, tap the fan chest icon to know how many points are required to open it.

5.) Check Out The Limited Time Offers

In the shop menu, you can purchase equipment cards in exchange for gold coins. Make sure to check out these offers daily and grab the powerful equipment cards. Or buy the copies to upgrade the existing equipment.

6.) Complete The Daily And Bonus Objectives

On the main screen, on the right side, tap the dart icon and check out the objectives. Completing these objectives grant a huge amount of XP, coins, and items. You can get more objectives by watching the video ad.

7.) Beat Your Rank In The Event Mode

On the main screen, on the top menu, tap the star icon to head to the event mode. Complete the race as fast as you can to rank up on the leaderboard. On the basis of rank, you will get the reward at the end of the event. On the same screen, tap the rewards button to check out the rewards you can get.

8.) Watch The Video Ads To Increase The Reward

Sometimes, at the end of the session, on the reward screen, you get the option of ad offer; watch the video ad and get more coins, XP. If you want more, then you should try it. And spend those coins to get better equipment from the shop.

So these are our top H3H3 Ball Rider cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games of this month

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