Horse Racing Manager 2018 Tips, Cheats, And Guide To Get 1st Rank

Horse Racing Manager 2018Horse Racing Manager 2018 is a brand new game for Android by Tilting Point in which you train your horses and race against rivals and earn bucks, horseshoes, breed horses. Check out our Horse Racing Manager 2018 tips, cheats, and guide to get 1st rank in every race and get champion AA Horses fast.

As of now, on Google Play Store, Horse Racing Manager 2018 is #1 game in the sports genre. It has been just released by Titltpoint(one of the best game developers) on Google Play Store. If you have ever played other manager games such as Football Manager, Basketball Manager, then you can easily understand the mechanics of this game. In this post, we have covered everything about this game you need to know; Horse Racing Manager 2018 guide and Horse Racing Manager 2018 cheats, tips to top the leaderboard in the race and breed a champion horse.

Get Started – The Basic – Horse Racing Manager 2018

Before cheats, tips, and guide, let’s learn the basic of the game. It starts with a tutorial in which you guided through several aspects of the game such as training, racing, breeding, and much more. After the tutorial, you will have to manage all of your horses. You get your first horse for free at the beginning of the game and win the first race. As you progress through the game, you will be moved to the expert league for gold trophies and it would not be easy to beat rivals in those race. And after a certain age, your horse can not race; so breeding is another task you have to do to get new horses for the race.

The Basic – In this game, your objective is to top the leaderboard in every race and earn maximum rewards. To win at high-league, you train your horse and improve its attributes. To get new horses, you need to breed horses. After a certain age, your horse will be retired and you can later sell it for a huge amount of bucks. Let’s start the Horse Racing Manager 2018 guide first and after it, check out the Horse Racing Manager 2018 cheats, tips, and strategy.

1.) Horse Racing Manager 2018 guide

In this part, we will learn about the horse, attributes, breeding guide, in-game items, and much more.

  • Horse Guide

In Horse Racing Manager 2018, horses are categorized into grades; AA, A+, A, A-, B, B-, C+, and C. These grade determines the potential of a horse. Higher the grade, higher will be the potential. However, getting an AA or champion grade horse is not an easy task, read out the cheats, tips below to know how you can get a champion or AA class horse in this game.

At the beginning of the game, you have only one horse and one which is not yet ready for the race. You will get the baby horse after breeding and the baby horse will take months of time to get ready for the race.

Since it as manager game, you have to take care of your horses; you need to train them and feed them to improve their attributes and performance in the race.

Let’s learn about training: –

As you progress through the game, new training sessions get unlocked, like hill training, water training, gate training, and more. Training improves the attributes of a horse. The attribute of a horse are: –

  • Speed – Average speed of a horse. To increase the speed of a horse, apply dirt training.
  • Stamina – In the long-distance race, stamina plays an important role. The higher stamina means a horse can race longer distance at full speed. Train the horse on hills, sand, and water surface to increase the stamina.
  • Start – Train your horse in gate training session to start the race at high-speed.
  • Burst – Burst points determine the extra speed. Increase it by training on Grass.
  • Heart – Increase the heart attribute points by training on hills and water to reduce the negative effects.
  • Temper – Temper improves bonuses earned by training. Increase the temper attribute points by choosing team training.

How to train a horse?

On the main screen, choose a horse you want to train(Swipe right, left). Tap on the train option(you can train a horse once in a month). After it, you have to choose the training exercise;

  • Surface
  • Competition
  • Exertion[light training, norma, or hight; light; light bonus and light negative effect, normal; normal bonus and normal negative effect, and heavy training; maximum bonus and high negative effect].

Read the attribute guide above to learn more about the training exercise. Training a horse only improves the form, but reduces the rest and weight[negative effect on training].

  • Rest – A horse needs rest to perform well
  • Weight – An ideal weight would be good. If it’s low, feed your horse and give the horse rest.

How to give rest to a horse?

Just move to the next month to give a horse rest. On the main screen, at the top-right, tap on the “next month” button next to calendar icon. It costs you action-points. Action points re-generates after every few minutes or you can recharge instantly using horseshoes. But I would not recommend you to use horseshoes for recharging the action points.

List Of Best Horses in Horse Racing Manager 2018: –

  • Azure Tempest, Grade – AA
  • Valkyrie Moon, Grade – AA
  • Assault, Grade -AA
  • Aristides, Grade – AA
  • Noble Chopin, Grade – AA
  • Mass Andromeda, Grade – AA
  • Bojack Jerome, Grade – AA
  • Montana Moonlight, Grade – AA
  • Roaring Riptide, Grade – AA
  • Whispering Wolfgang, Grade – AA
  • Logical Flow, Grade – AA
  • Winter’s Nerve, Grade – AA
  • Flux, Grade – AA
  • Thundering Power, Grade – A+
  • Wild Soul, Grade – A+

As I mentioned above, getting a champion or AA grade horse is not easy. But you must have a champion or AA grade horse to defeat rivals in the race[high-league] and rank top on the leaderboard. Read our Horse Racing Manager 2018 cheats, tips below to know how to acquire a champion or AA horse.

  • Breeding Guide – Horse Racing Manager 2018

Breeding is one of the important tasks in Horse Racing Manager 2018 game. You get the new horse by breeding two horses. For breeding, you need breeding rights. Breeding rights can be obtained from the store -> head to the breeding tab. You can get breeding rights in exchange for horseshoes. Horseshoes can be earned by winning the race.

Go to the breeding tab -> if there is a free deal available(swipe left, right), grab it. If not, then use horseshoes. Read our cheats, tips below to purchase breeding rights like a pro!

Once you bought the breeding right, go back to the main screen, swipe left/right to choose a horse you want to breed. Then tap on the heart icon(at the top-left) and choose breeding and breed. You will get the baby horse and the baby horse will be able to race after few months[in-game timing].

  • In-game items – Horse Racing Manager 2018

Bucks/Cash – Used in buying breeding rights or in moving a newbie horse to the stable.

Action points – Used in training, to enter the race, to move to next month.

Horseshoes – Used in buying action-points and breeding rights.

So, this is the Horse Racing Manager 2018 guide. Now, let’s start the Horse Racing Manager 2018 cheats, tips, and strategy to play like a pro!

Horse Racing Manager 2018 cheats, tips, and strategy

1.) Choose the race on the basis of horse skills

Horse Racing Manager 2018In Horse Racing Manager 2018, each horse has own skills; you have to choose the race on the basis of these skills; left, right, mud, dirt, and grass. The left turn skill determines how fast he runs in races that turn left. Similarly with the right. Mud skill determines the horse performance on mud surface. After you tap on the race button, check the info; surface, skill advantage, and furlongs. Then compare with your horse skills. If favorable, go to the track. If not, choose a different race. You will get the maximum reward if you get the 1st rank. Racing on the favorable surface increases the chances of ranking number 1. If it is showing ???, then it means skill is not yet confirmed. You need to test it on that surface to test the skill.

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2.) Maintain the race readiness

To perform well in the race, you have to take care of your horse. Improve the form, give him rest, and maintain the ideal weight. You can improve the form of a horse by training, give the rest by advancing to next month. Your horse loses weight after racing and training. Feed him or give him rest to recover the weight back.

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3.) Get new horses by breeding(breeding tips)

The breeding output depends on the horse grade and the breeding rights. For instance, if you have grade A horse and AA breeding right, you could get an AA horse after breeding. Other examples;

Grade B horse+ A Grade breeding right = B grade horse or A grade horse.

Grade A horse+ A Grade breeding right = A grade horse or A+ horse.

In short, to get the best grade horse, you need best breeding right. At the beginning of the game, you have D grade horse. Buy the breeding right, if you get the A grade breeding right, you could get a B grade horse on breeding. Purchase one more breeding right, if you get an AA horse + breed with B grade horse = A grade horse.

Horse Racing Manager 2018How to obtain best breeding right? You need horseshoes to draw a breeding right from the store. Go to the store – breeding rights -> swipe left/right to check the deals.

Tap on the “rates” option to check the chances of getting horses on the basis of grades. If the chances of getting an AA horse or A grade horse is high, then grab the deal. If all the deals are waste, pull down your wish and look for B grade horse or save horseshoes and use later.

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4.) Get free Horseshoes – Horse Racing Manager 2018

Horseshoes is one of the main items in Horse Racing Manager 2018, used in buying action points or for breeding rights. To get it for free, go to the store, at the top-left, tap on the “free horseshoes” option. Watch the video ad and get free Horseshoes. Complete all the challenges and daily tasks. Watch the video to double your reward after the race.

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So, these are some Horse Racing Manager 2018 cheats, tips, and tricks for the beginners. Download – Here(Google Play Store). Alos, see – Best Pokemon games for Android

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