Idle Golf Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Golf is a brand new casual Idle game for mobile by Hothead Games. Let’s have a look at our Idle Golf guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Hothead Games, the publisher behind dozens of fun games, well-known for Hero Hunters and Mighty Battle games, has just released a brand new Idle game for mobile, called as Idle Golf. In the game, you buy the tees for the golfers, manage the golfers and hire the professionals for them. Like other Idle games, Idle Golf features the same concept & features such as loads of upgrades, a good prestige system, precious items to obtain, and more. If you are a golf lover, it’s a great game to try out. Let’s head to our Idle Golf guide and Idle Golf tips, cheats & strategies to master it!

Idle Golf Guide

The Basics – Golfers, Coach, Upgrades, Trophies, Pros, Maps, Keys, Level

⇒You can manage up to eight golfers who help you in earning money. That’s weird! They are just hitting the balls and you are making money!🤔 No, that’s not right! You are letting them play in your location and you get paid for it! That makes some sense. So, how can you make more money? 🤔 It’s also easy. The better tee you provide to a golfer, he/she will pay more. So upgrade the tees; level up them. First, earn, save, and then invest in the tee upgrades to make more money. After that, buy more tees and upgrade them too to make money.


Collecting money every second is a tedious task. Why don’t you hire a coach and let the money flow right away to your wallet? And, that’s a too one-time investment. You can deploy one coach per tee and he/she will collect money from the golfers every now and then. That’s some sort of relief from the tap stuff.


There are some magical upgrades which can boost the profit from a particular or all tees. Tap the upgrade button and read the upgrade details. Every upgrade provides a massive cash boost. Of course, you have to spend Idle money first to get this upgrade. It’s totally worth it, especially for the top tees(8, 7, 6).

Trophies, Keys, Maps – Idle Golf

Idle GolfThis is the prestige feature in Idle Golf Game. You can obtain the trophies by resetting the progress. Each trophy gives some profit boost to all the tees. So every time you get trophies, you will make more money as compared to the previous game. The more trophies, the more will be the earning boost. How to get more trophies? Tap the trophy button and you will see the number of trophies that you can get by resetting the game progress(on that time). The more cash you earn, the more trophies you get from the prestige.

⇒Keys and Maps-> You need keys to unlock new maps. Upon the reset, you may obtain the keys. And, at that time, you can select the map where you want to play. At the top-left corner of the screen, tap the level figure -> here you can find all the maps and the map generator. Earn experience points from the map generator -> level up -> get rewards.

Idle Golf Pros

You need gold balls to hire these professional golfers. You can earn 10 gold balls per day from the hotshots. Or every time you level up, the game gives free gold balls.

So that would be all our Idle Golf guide for the beginners. Let’s head to the Idle Golf cheats, tips, tricks & strategies!

Idle Golf Tips & Tricks: –

1.) The Time Lapse Cheat

Well, we really don’t recommend to try this out if you don’t want to ruin the gaming experience. But, if you want to get rich fast, you can try it. All you need to do is go to mobile settings and change the time to some hours forward. Open the game and you will get the hours of earnings instantly. Again, don’t do this multiple times.

2.) Hit The Hotshot

Idle GolfEvery now and then, you will see a fireball above the golfers. Tap it to hit a hotshot. This will give you massive cash. If you have done prestige earlier, these hotshots will grant gold balls too.

3.) Target The Tractor

Idle GolfEvery now and then, a tractor appears in the golf field. Tap it to make it your target. Deal damage and you will get the reward. Keep doing the same whenever it appears. As you destroy more and more, the level will increase and you will make more money. Also, watch video ads to double the reward.

4.) Activate The Ad Booster

On the right side of the screen, tap the TV -> watch the video ad and activate the ad boosters. This booster doubles your cash for 4 hours. Watch multiple ads to keep it active for more hours.

5.) Follow The Game Basics

  • Hire coaches to make everything auto
  • Upgrade the tees
  • Get upgrades
  • Reset when you are getting enough trophies and the keys(to unlock new maps)
  • Use gold balls to buy pros
  • Watch the video ads to double the reward

So these are our top Idle Golf tips for the beginners. If you have more tricks, tips to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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