Idle Gym Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Idle Gym is a brand new fitness simulation game for Android and iOS by ohayoo. Check out our Idle Gym guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In today’s Idle Gym guide and Idle Gym cheats, tips & strategies post, you will learn all the basics as well as all the tactics to grow your Gym empire. This game is quite similar to Idle Aqua Park game, which is published by Green Panda Games. Your objective is to build and expand Gym to all the available locations; PineWheel, MapleLeaf, SnowBoy, and HappyValley. And the basic in-game currency is the gold, which you earn from the visitors who visit the Gym. You get the first Gym free and earn the coins. As you upgrade the Gym – facilities, price, equipment, etc., you can make more money. Let’s not waste any time and navigate to the main content.

Idle Gym Guide

Idle GymWell, there is no tutorial for the beginners. As you open the game, you see a Gym on your screen and the customers doing the workout. The game does not instruct you how things work, what to upgrade first, how you make money and lots of other things. We are going to cover all this in this part. The first thing that you need to know is the business role model and the income source. And, the objective.

As stated before, your objective is to unlock the Gym in all the available locations. On the top-left side, tap the location/map button to check the available locations. These new locations get unlocked as you level up in the game.

Now, to level up and unlock or buy new Gym building at all these locations, you need coins. You make or earn coins in Idle Gym from the customers who visit your Gym daily. All the customers pay for the ticket price as well as all the Gym facilities.

At the bottom of the screen, you have three upgrades; price, speed, and the equipment. You have to invest in these upgrades to make more money. Let’s learn everything about these Idle Gym upgrades.

Idle Gym – The Three Main Upgrades:-

Ticket – By increasing the ticket price, you will make more money from each customer who visits the Gym. There is no marketing concept in this game – the price does not matter. If you hike the ticket price, you would not lose any customer, unlike real life. As you increase the level of ticket, customers will pay you more gold coins.

Speed – The speed level affects the game speed – time taken by a customer in the Gym, walking speed, work out speed, etc. If you want to speed-up things – indirectly, you make more money in less time, you should increase the speed level.

Equip/Equipment – You will have to pay close attention to the Gym equipment if you want to see the effect of this upgrade. In Idle Gym, you provide lots of equipment to the customers; treadmill, dumbbells, etc. When you increase the equipment level, you will see changes in the equipment; the type, color, quality. If a customer uses high-level equipment, you get more money. For example – In the below picture, you can see the Barbells – one of these is colorful. That’s the upgraded one. If a customer uses it, he gives 6K coins. On the other hand, if he uses other than this, I get around 3K coins. (Example is based on the equipment level 26. The amount varies on the equipment usage or level).Idle Gym

Idle Gym – The Club Fitness Upgrades

Idle GymOn your screen, tap the Club Fitness banner – it’s outside the Gym Entrance. This will show you all other upgrades as well as buffs, boosters, etc. Let’s learn about all: –

  • Manager – When you close the game, this manager will manage your Gym for certain hours. You can hire him by paying a small amount (diamonds)
  • Customer – Use the diamonds to buy premium customers – these customers give you more gold coins and the EXP(read the Idle Gym Level Up guide below)
  • Gym – In this tab, you see more upgrades; Gym facilities, etc. The first one is Queue capacity – Level up it to increase the Gym capacity so that more people can work out at the same time

Level Up Guide

To unlock new locations in Idle Gym game, you need to raise the player level. The game shows the level progress at the upper-right corner – you will see the level up button there once you have earned enough EXP. EXP is acquired from the customers – the grey level up button will gradually turn orange as the day in the Gym progresses.

So that would be all in this Idle Gym guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Idle Gym tips, cheats & strategies!

Idle Gym Cheats, Tips & Strategies: –

1.) Tap To Get Natural Boost

Tap the gym area with your finger to increase the game speed – tapping will increase the workout and walking speed of the people in the gym and you will earn gold coins and EXP quickly.

2.) Spin The Wheel To Get Free Diamonds

Diamond is the premium in-game currency in Idle Gym game, which you can use to hire managers or to attract premium customers. On the bottom-right side, tap the wheel button -> spin/roll it by watching the video ad and you may get free diamonds.

3.) Get The EXP Booster To Level Up Fast

To level up fast, you should grab the EXP booster. It appears at the top-right corner of the screen; 2X star icon. During this boost time, you earn more EXP from the gym. It helps you in leveling up fast.

4.) Grab The Energy Drink

Now and then, on your screen, you will see an energy drink bottle – tap it and claim the offer by watching a video ad.

5.) Keep Upgrading

Make sure to level up all kinds of upgrades: –

  • Price
  • Speed
  • Equipment
  • Customers
  • Gym Facilities
  • Queue Capacity

6.) The Time Lapse Cheat

By manipulating the time on mobile, you can earn hours of earnings in no time. All you have to do is change the time settings in mobile and then open the game again(turn off the internet connection). We would not recommend you to do this frequently and over – like you are changing the date to another day. It would not help because the Gym does not work all day when you are offline.

Do you have more Idle Gym tips? Feel free to share in the comment section below. That would be all in this Idle Gym Guide and tips & cheats post.

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