Idle Hero Defense Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Idle Hero Defense is a brand new game for Android and iOS from Iron Horse Games LLC. Check out our complete Idle Hero Defense guide with cheats, tips & tricks and strategy

Iron Horse Games LLC, the creators of Idle Apocalypse game, has just released a new Idle game named Idle Hero Defense. And as the name suggests, in Idle Hero Defense game, you recruit a number of heroes on the battlefield and battle against the waves of enemies. It also features a number of mini-games, game modes; PvP, and many more features that keep the player busy all the time. And today, In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a beginner; Idle Hero Defense guide and Idle Hero Defense tips, cheats & strategy guide to master the game.

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The Basics – Idle Hero Defense Game

Idle Hero DefenseBefore we head to the tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Idle Hero Defense game, the heroes attack the enemies automatically. However, you have full control over them; you can change their combat style, move them, and cast the skills manually. At the beginning of the game, most of the features such as quests mode, PvP, mini-games are locked. You need to clear the waves of enemies to unlock or access more features. Killing the enemies and bosses rewards gold. Gold is used to increase the level of heroes. Let’s learn step by step: –

Controlling The Heroes: –

In Idle Hero Defense game, the player can move the heroes on the battlefield by selecting it and then tapping on a specific point. At the left side of the screen, select any hero and tap anywhere on the battlefield to move.

Changing The Combat Stance: –

You can change the combat style of a specific hero by changing the combat stance. At the left side of the screen, tap on any hero and at the bottom, next to combat stance, you can select one out of these styles: –

  1. Aggro/Aggressive – In this combat mode, a hero moves and attack the enemies automatically(nearest enemy).
  2. Defensive – In this combat mode, a hero attacks the enemies if they are within 5m from you.
  3. Stand – Stay at a point and attack the enemies. In this mode, a hero does not move.
  4. Support – In this combat mode, a hero neither moves nor attack but cast the spells to help teammates.

Casting The Spells: –

To cast the spell, you need mana. Mana regenerates automatically. You can enable the auto-mode or cast manually. When set to auto-mode, the hero unleashes the spell instantly when mana is enough. You can cast manually by tapping the cast button. Tap on any hero and in the small pop-up screen, you can set it to auto by checking the box next to a spell or tap the cast button if you don’t want. However, you can select only one spell on auto-mode.

The Three Attributes: –

  1. DPS – Damage Per Second
  2. HP – Health Points/Hit Points
  3. Mana

You can increase these attributes by increasing the hero’s level. So this is the basic Idle Hero Defense guide for the beginners. Now, let’s dive into the ultimate Idle Hero Defense guide and learn everything about the game.

Idle Hero Defense guide

In this part, we will learn about prestige, scraps, blueprints, mini-games, and much more. Make sure to read everything to master the game!

  • XP, Equipment, and Scraps

As you progress in the game, the hero gains XP and after a certain point, a new equipment item gets unlocked. Head to the hero section -> tap on any hero -> in the hero manager section, scroll down to equipment section. There you will see the list of equipment a hero can equip. The bar shows how much XP is required to unlock the next item. Tap on any item to check its info. Hit the level up button to increase the item impact.

Scrap – Scrap is an item which is used to level up the equipment. You can obtain scraps by watching a video ad or by selling/replacing the equipment.

  • Prestige

Idle Hero Defense Prestige: – You become eligible to use this feature after clearing the 50th stage. Head to the hero section ->  there would be the first option; prestige. Tap it and hit the prestige button. Here’s what you need to know: –

  1. You will lose the progress; all the hired heroes, gold, stage progress
  2. You will not lose; Equipment, skill points, blueprints, scrap, diamonds, tome book, technology

Benefit : –

  1. Earn Blueprints
  2. Earn Skill Points
  • Skill Tree And Skill Points

You can use the skill points in activating the permanent bonuses. On the main screen, on the right side, tap the bulb icon and head to the skill tree tab. Tap on any skill and unlock it. All the skills’ bonuses are different; a specific skill may benefit all the heroes or only an individual hero. Tap on a skill to get more details. You can upgrade the activated skill using skill points.

As of now, there is no reset option. So make sure to spend skill points wisely.

  • Technology And Blueprints

You can obtain blueprints using the prestige feature. Use those blueprints to unlock technologies. Tap the bulb icon -> technology -> unlock. Once done, tap the technology you just unlocked; hit the upgrade button to increase its impact. You can also sell it to get blueprints(but at the low rate).

  • Academia And Tome Pages

After each five stage, one of your heroes will obtain the tome pages after defeating the whole wave. You will see the message at the bottom of the screen; Gunter has collected the tome page. Go to the academia tab and at the left side of the screen on the same tab, you can check the list of books. Tap on anyone to get more details. These books activate permanent bonuses. To complete the book, find pages by clearing the waves.

  • Emerald and Badge

Badges can be unlocked using emerald. Emerald is another one of the main in-game items in Idle Hero Defense game. It is used to unlock the badge. These badges unlock permanent bonuses. First of all, unlock 30 technologies(Read the tech guide above). After it a new mode will get unlocked; quest. Complete the quests and earn emerald. Then head to the badges tab and unlock badges.

  • Aura and Runestone

Idle Hero Defense game features two mini-games; pirate raid and the underground challenge. In the pirate mode, you battle against the pirates and the objective is to defend the dock at all cost. You will earn commander EXP and runes. And in the underground challenge mini-game, you will fight against dark/evil/powerful creatures. From this mini-game, you earn commander EXP and aura. Tap the bag icon on the main screen and head to the minigame rewards tab to use these items.

  • Leveling Up and Evolution

Your heroes will evolve after gaining a certain amount of EXP points. And the evolution will increase the DPS stats of that hero. We will learn about the commander and commander’s bonus in the cheats, tips & strategy guide part below.

  • Quick Look At The Items – Idle Hero Defense Items Guide: –

  1. Gold – Kill Enemies to earn. Use it to level up or unlock new heroes
  2. Blueprints – Earn from prestige. Use it to unlock and upgrade technology
  3. Scraps – Replace or Sell equipment to earn. Use it to upgrade the equipment
  4. Skill Points – Earn from the prestige. Use these points to unlock buffs
  5. Emerald – Earn from the quests. Used in unlocking and upgrading the badges
  6. Gems – Earn from daily missions and achievements. Use it to activate buffs. Tap the gem icon(bottom-right side of the main screen).

You can obtain almost all these items by watching the video ad.

  • PvP Mode

In Idle Hero Defense game, you can play this mode on Sunday and Wednesday. In this mode, you compete against other players from all over the world for the high rank. The game will reward you tournament artifact(on the basis of rank). Tap the bag icon -> tournament artifact -> here you can manage this item.

  • Bonus Code

Bonus codes are used to claim the free rewards. Tap the setting icon and under the help tab, you can enter the code. How to get bonus codes in Idle Hero Defense game? Follow the game’s official page on social media channels and wait until they announce.

  • Heroes Team

In Idle Hero Defense game, you can select up to five heroes in the team. If you want to remove a hero from your team and add another, then go to the hero section -> tap the hero -> tag out to remove/tag-in to add.

  • Building The Best Hero Team In Idle Hero Defense

There are three types of hero in Idle Hero Defense game: –

  1. Melee(sword, close range)
  2. Range(bow, attack from a range)
  3. Mage(supporters, help the teammates by casting the spell)

We would recommend you to choose one mage hero(having healing skill – to restore the health of allies), two defenders/melee(their HP stats are great, they can take more damage), and two range(best attackers). Head to the hero’s profile page to check the details; active skills, passive skills, traits, attributes(under the attribute section, you can check the hero’s type; range, melee, or mage), and more.

  • Farm Wave

At the top-right corner of the game’s main screen, there is an option; farm wave. Check the box next to it to enable it. Once enabled, that stage will be repeated by heroes over and over again. It is one of the best ways to earn gold in Idle Hero Defense.

So this is a complete Idle Hero Defense guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out our Idle Hero Defense cheats, tips & tricks.

Idle Hero Defense Cheats, Tips, and Tricks: –

1.) Activate The Commander’s Buffs

In Idle Hero Defense game, you play as a commander whose role is to command the heroes and manage their upgrades, skills, and buffs. As you progress in the game or gain EXP, the commander’s level will go up and at level 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on, a new bonus buff gets activated. You can choose anyone by checking the box next to it. By default, it is set to no bonus. At the top-left corner, tap the name bar/level bar. On the next screen, on the right side, scroll down to see unlocked buffs. Check the box next to a bonus type to activate.

2.) Reach The Milestone Levels To Unlock Traits

These milestone levels are 25, 50, 100, and so on. When a hero reaches these milestone levels, traits(increase in mana stats) get unlocked. We would recommend you to not to upgrade the heroes too much in the beginning. After reaching the milestone level 50, focus on the next one and then another one. In short, unlock new heroes to progress fast. Because new heroes stats’ are better than the heroes that you unlock in the initial stages.

3.) Accept The Bonus Ad Offer

A chest icon often appears above the gem icon. Tap it and watch the video ad to claim free consumable rewards such as scraps, blueprints, gold, and much more. Additionally, it also boosts the stats of heroes for a certain amount of time.

4.) Prestige At The Right Time

As you know, you can prestige once you reach the stage 50. You should use this feature at the right to progress fast.  For example; for the first time, you get 100 blueprints and 3 skill points from the prestige. Next time, do it when the amount of the reward is double or triple. To increase the amount of reward from prestige, clear more waves, upgrade the heroes.

5.) Cast The Spells Manually

It would be better to cast the spells manually. If you set it to the auto-mode, the hero will cast the skill automatically and instantly when enough mana is available. Cast the spells manually at the right time(when needed); to avoid wastage of mana. Check the basic guide part above for more details.

So these are our top five Idle Hero Defense tips, cheats, tricks and a complete Idle Hero Defense guide to master the game. Also, see – Best Idle games for Android like this one

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