Idle Skies Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle SkiesIdle Skies is a brand new idle clicker game by Crimson Pine Games. Check out our Idle Skies guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Crimson Pine Games has just released a new Idle game, named as Idle Skies. It is similar to their previously released game Idle Skies Legacy. In both the game, you will discover planes, aircraft, and the spaceship and know their history. The latest game Idle Skies game come with a clean UI, new look, and challenges you to discover all the planes in Idle Skies game. Let’s dive into our Idle Skies guide and Idle Skies tips, cheats & strategies to conquer the universe.


The game follows the same rule, offered by other hundreds of Idle games. All you have to do is buy the plane and it will generate money for you(Automatically). Then invest the earned money in upgrading, buying. You can upgrade a plane over 100 times. As you enhance the plane by upgrading, you will make more profit from it.


You start the game from the Pioneers era. If you scroll down to the bottom, there would be a section; advance to next era. You will be able to move to the next era by spending a set amount of coins. The game features six worlds/stages/era:-

  1. Pioneers
  2. Golden Age
  3. Moon
  4. Solar Race
  5. Galaxy
  6. Universe

Gold, Gems/Diamonds/Boosters

You earn gold from your empire. And spend on buying, upgrading. Diamond or gem is the premium in-game currency in the game. You can use it in buying boosters. If you head to the last tab of the menu(shop) -> there you can spend diamonds for the boosters.

  1. Pocket Booster – Buy this booster to unlock the 2X bonus, permanently
  2. Extra Engineers – Get engineers without resetting the progress
  3. Time Skipper – Earn 7-day income instantly

You can earn gems by watching the video ad or as a reward(daily gift).


In the early game, you can easily unlock or buy new planes. But as you progress to a new era, you will need more money or Idle cash in buying expensive planes. Read our top Idle Skies tips, cheats below to progress fast.


Idle Skies also features the prestige feature. In almost all Idle games, you will find this feature. What is it? To use this feature, the player has to reset the game progress. Resetting gives premium or rare in-game currency to the player. And this rare in-game currency boosts the business.

In Idle Skies, you will get Engineers by resetting the game progress. Go to the third tab -> there you can check how many Engineers you will get upon resetting and the bonus rate. This rate and the number of Engineers increase as you earn more money. But it will reset your game progress; gold, all planes, and you will have to start the game from the Pioneers era. But it’s worth!

So that’s all for now as Idle Skies guide. Let’s check out our Idle Skies tips, cheats & strategies.

Idle Skies Tips, Cheats & Strategies

1.) Reset At The Right Time

Idle SkiesA time will come where you will feel the progress rate is very slow. You will not be able to afford a new plane, upgrades for the existing plane(s). This is the right time for prestige or reset. Head to the Engineer tab and compare the current bonus with the bonus you will get after resetting. Do it if it’s 10X or high as compared to the current bonus. For example; the current bonus is 1K. And after reset, you will get +10K. So you will start with permanent +10X boost. If it’s way too low, then wait for the right time.

2.) Claim Up To 4X Boost Temporary

You can increase the income from all the planes by activating the multiplier bonus. Head to the first tab. There are two options; spin/re-spin, add. Spin the wheel by watching the video ad to get up to 4X profit boost from all planes. Tap the add button to extend the time.

3.) Buy Plane Upgrades

Head to the 4th tab and there you can buy an upgrade for each plane to make more money.

4.) Earn 30 Minutes Income In 45 Seconds

In the shop section, there is a booster; clock accelerator. You can buy this booster by watching the video ad. It merely takes 45 seconds and will give you 30 minutes income. So if you can not wait, then play the game with an active internet connection.

5.) Fill Up The Milestone Mileage

Idle SkiesIn Idle Skies, you get a special boost; 2X Speed boost when you fill up the level milestone mileage. On the left side of the plane’s icon, you can see the level mileage bar. Its gauge will increase as you upgrade the plane. Keep upgrading it and when it reaches the maximum point, you will activate the milestone bonus.

Idle Skies is a simple yet challenging game and it also increases your knowledge by providing valuable information about the plane’s history. Tapping the (i) button will show you the complete information.

So that’s all for now as Idle Skies guide, tips, cheats & strategies. If you love Idle games, then take a look at our top Idle games list

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