Idlemon Tales Redeem Code Wiki (October 2021)

Looking for Idlemon Tales codes? Here’s the list of “Idlemon Tales redeem codes” that you can claim and get gifts and also check out tier list info. 

Idlemon Tales Redeem Codes Tier List

Idlemon Tales Redeem Code: Codes List⇓

(Regular Updates on “Idlemon Tales Redeem Code 2021: October 2021“). The total number of redeem codes discovered: +10. Active promo codes stats: x5. #1 source of Idlemon Tales Codes! Here’s the list of “codes”: –

Lucky7 – Use this Idlemon Tales redeem code for freebies. Added on 12/05/20. Copy this redeem code: – 


8888 – Redeem this Idlemon Tales code for free rewards. Discovered on 28/11/2020. Copy this code: –


ga26eb262a54a26282 – Added on December 02, 2020. Redeem this Idlemon Tales code for free rewards. Copy this code: – 


gac72f5f7de5cb552d – Get vouchers, premium GV, XP items, and other rewards with this code. Copy this redeem code: –


ga9692948bc3ec2338 – Get XP Candles, Gold, and Diamonds with this Idlemon Tales code. Copy it: –


XMAS – (Update: expired)This Idlemon Tales redeem code is valid until December 27, 2020. Copy this redeem code: – 


Idlemon Tales Redeem Code 2021⇓

Wiki list of all new Idlemon Tales redeem code: –

  • Lucky7 – Redeem code and get the rewards
  • ga26eb262a54a26282 – Redeem code and get the rewards
  • 8888 – Redeem code and get the rewards
  • gac72f5f7de5cb552d – Redeem code and get the rewards
  • ga9692948bc3ec2338 – Redeem this Idlemon Tales code and get the rewards
  • 14523255118 – Idlemon Tales redeem code and get the rewards(Expired)
  • ga25484c7dc52bc4d2 – Redeem code and get the rewards(Expired)
  • ga5ea452c69a34ba88 – Redeem code and get the rewards(Expired)
  • gaab23ac2d43da87a9 – Redeem code and get the rewards(Expired)
  • ga24ef599af8527929 – Redeem code and get the rewards(Expired)
  • gad488b9cf75552489 – Redeem code and get the rewards(Expired)
  • XMAS – Redeem code and get the rewards(Expired)

How To Redeem Codes?

To redeem the Idlemon Tales code, tap on the character profile avatar, which is on the top-left corner. After tapping the avatar, the profile menu will open that has three abs; details, portrait, and headwear. Under the details tab, below the profile board, tap on “redeem code”. Enter the code and get the rewards. Most of these redeem codes give free diamonds, summoners, gold, XP items, and much more. All the codes that have been discovered so far are shared above. 

How To Get More Idlemon Tales Codes?

Follow the Idlemon Tales game profiles on Discord or FB for new code updates. 

Idlemon Tales Tier List⇓

Since the game is new, the “ranking” tier list of pets/Poekom/Idlemon is not available yet. Complete list of Idlemon Tales Pets: –

  • Meg Meloet – Legendary Tier Pet
  • Dark Churem – Legendary Tier Pet
  • Mega Snorby – Legendary Tier Pet
  • Mega Dream God – Legendary Tier Pet
  • Mega Nightmare – Legendary Tier Pet
  • Mega Alien – Legendary Tier Pet
  • Mega Gyocre – Legendary Tier Pet
  • Mega Mewton – Legendary Tier Pet
  • Mega Phantom – Legendary Tier Pet
  • Mega Keldia – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Mega Bictini – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Mega Shimin – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Saint Pichu – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Inferilla – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Dreninja – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Mega Manaphy – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Mega Celebi – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Phoen-Oh Mega – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Mega Gruddon – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Mega Riftquaza – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Mega Logia – Supreme Tier Pet
  • Mega Arctino – Fairy Tier Pet
  • Mega Moltonia – Fairy Tier Pet
  • Mega Zapbolt – Fairy Tier Pet
  • Zolcune Mega – Fairy Tier Pet
  • Mega Endrio – Fairy Tier Pet
  • Mega Raikong – Fairy Tier Pet
  • Salaman – Epic Tier Pet
  • Tyrania – Epic Tier Pet
  • Darkite – Epic Tier Pet
  • Holiday Prince – Epic Tier Pet
  • Teranium – Epic Tier Pet
  • Feragater – Epic Tier Pet
  • Typhlos – Epic Tier Pet
  • Sceptlr – Epic Tier Pet
  • Swampert – Epic Tier Pet
  • Blazus – Epic Tier Pet
  • Gengal – Epic Tier Pet
  • Floravoir – Epic Tier Pet
  • Mega Gravados – Epic Tier Pet
  • Deltamon – Epic Tier Pet
  • Flamechomp – Epic Tier Pet
  • Metaprime – Epic Tier Pet
  • Venusaur – Rare Tier Pet
  • Burstoise – Rare Tier Pet
  • Charizerg – Rare Tier Pet
  • Raichu – Rare Tier Pet
  • Ice Ninetales – Rare Tier Pet
  • Mega Starble – Rare Tier Pet
  • Bogekiss – Valuable Tier Pet
  • Omega Macanine – Valuable Tier Pet
  • Super Giant Mantis – Valuable Tier Pet
  • Mega Steelus – Valuable Tier Pet
  • Hippo Lord – Valuable Tier Pet
  • Belossom – Valuable Tier Pet
  • Hudti – Valuable Tier Pet
  • Tadpole Lord – Valuable Tier Pet
  • Twin Weeze Persian – Common Tier Pet
  • Auboc – Common Tier Pet
  • Pidegod – Common Tier Pet
  • Wigglypuff – Common Tier Pet
  • Butterfray – Common Tier Pet

So this would be all in this post on “Idlemon Tales codes”, redeem codes, and tier list info. If you have got more new codes, comment below. Update: Idlemon Tales game is now available on iOS. But it has a different name; Fairymon Legend. So if you are on iOS, then make sure to redeem the Fairymon Legend codes that we have shared above(should work). 

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