Into The Badlands Champions Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Into The Badlands Champions is a brand new RPG for mobile by Reliance Big Entertainment(UK) Private Limited. Let’s have a look at Into The Badlands Champions guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Into The Badlands Champions game, the player builds its own squad of the powerful characters and claim the territories by defeating all the enemies and their boss. The best thing in this game is the combat system; easy to understand and easy to master – tap, swipe, and double tap are the main combat actions to strike down the enemies. If you are looking for some tips or a complete guide, then our today’s Into The Badlands Champions guide and Into The Badlands Champions will help you master the game!

Into The Badlands Guide

Into The Badlands Champions⇒The Basics -> Well, there are a variety of modes that are available in the game. But, you will start with the conquest mode and as you level up, new game modes and other functions such as scouting, events, trading, PvP, and more will get unlocked. In the conquest mode, you capture the territories one by one. To capture a territory, you will have to complete a whole set of stages where you fight enemies. Once you capture a territory, you will earn coins from it over time. In the scouting mode, you send the characters in different regions and obtain the chest. From the chest, you can get character pieces(required to unlock/upgrade). In the events mode, you can earn gold coins, chests, and COG Keys. Also, the top rank holders get the exclusive reward. To switch between these modes, tap the campaign button on the top-left menu -> that section has three tabs; conquest, scout, and events.

Let’s learn about combat!

⇒Combat/Healing/Revive – 

As we mentioned above, the combat system in Into The Badlands Champions game is quite easy to understand. You just tap to move the character, swipe for the fast attack, and double tap the enemy once you knock it down on knees. All you need to do is dodge the enemy attacks over time; keep yourself away from the enemies if they turn yellow, red, and blue. At the top-left side of the screen, you can check the character’s health. Any enemy hit will cause HP down and you will need to heal them. If the character dies(0 HP), then you will need to revive him/her if you want to let him/her join next battle.

To Revive a character, you need a revive potion, which costs 10 red gems. And, to heal an injured character, you can use health potions, which comes in 75-250 gold coins range. Tap the store button on the bottom-left -> go to the item tab -> there you can buy these potions for gems and gold coins. Since it’s hard to obtain the gold coins and gems, it’s always advised to play carefully. Dodge the enemy attacks, avoid their hits and don’t let the character die at any cost.

How to level up in Into The Badlands Champions game?

Get the victories in Conquest mode and you will earn EXP(experience points). At the top of the lobby/main game screen, you can check the current level and the amount of EXP that you need to reach the next level. Raise the player level to unlock all the functions in the game such as PvP, alliance, scouting, events, and more. We’ve already discussed these modes in the basic part. In the PvP, you fight against other players from all over the world for trophies. You can redeem those trophies for the chests and as you gain more trophies, new heroes will get unlocked.

How to earn gold coins and red gems?

See, as per our experience, this is not a fast-paced game, especially for a f2p player. Gold reward from the battles and territory is quite low. You need gold coins for the upgrades and health potions. And, the red gem is another premium currency in Into The Badlands Champions game. Let’s take a look at all the ways to earn gold and red gems in Into The Badlands Champions game: –

⇒Gold Coins: –

  • Earn from the conquest battles(Repeat the easy stage)
  • Claim the territory and you will earn gold coins over time
  • Earn chest by playing all game modes and get gold coins from it
  • Watch the video ad and double the territory earnings
  • Daily rewards(tap the diary icon at the top-right side of the screen)
  • Territory chest/Event chest/Cog chest/Clipper chest/melee/trophies/longarms/sword/legendary/epic

⇒Red Gems: –Into The Badlands Champions

  • Watch the video ad – Go to the store and there you get the ad offer. Watching the video ad rewards you 1 red gem
  • Random reward(Chest, etc.)

So this is the Into The Badlands Champions guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Into The Badlands Champions tips, cheats & strategies!

Into The Badlands Champions Tips & Tricks: –Into The Badlands Champions

1.) Master The Combat and Save Characters From Being Injured

The couple of basic things that you need to take care in the combat are; save the characters from getting hit by enemies. Dodge the enemy attacks, keep moving, set a single target at one time. If the character is low on HP, better quit the battle. Otherwise, you will need to revive him/her and it will cost red gems.

2.) Heal Instantly or Wait?

If the character is injured, then you can heal him/her using the health potion or add them in the squad and their HP will recover gradually. The health potion will instantly recover the character’s HP, while for the automatic healing, you will have to wait for hours. That’s why it’s important to save characters in the battle. If you are low on gold coins, then don’t buy health potions. Wait until they recover their HP automatically.

3.) Send The Characters On Scouting

Scouting feature unlocks at level 3 and allows you to send the characters on the expedition. After the due time, they will come back with a chest. From that chest, you can obtain character cards/pieces or gold coins or much more.

4.) Watch The Video Ads

Tap the claimed territory in conquest mode screen -> watch the video ad to double earnings. Sometimes, you can heal the character by watching the video ad; tap the heal button -> watch the video ad. Go to the store -> watch the video ad for 1 red gem.

5.) Play PvP and Events Mode

In Into The Badlands Champions game, event mode and PvP Mode are really worth trying. From both these modes, you can earn the chests and obtain character cards. Event mode unlocks at level 3, while PvP mode unlocks at level 4. To level up fast, get victories in the conquest mode.

6.) Spend The Gems And Gold Coins Wisely

If you are a f2p player, you need to spend the gems and gold coins wisely. Don’t use all the gold in health potions. You will need this tressure later for character cards and their upgrades. And, save gems for the premium chests in the store to obtain the best characters in Into The Badlands Champions.

So these are the top basic Into The Badlands Champions tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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