Iron Throne Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy For Beginners

Iron ThroneCheck out our Iron Throne guide, tips, cheats & strategy to become the best lord! Iron Throne is a brand new MMO strategy game for mobile devices by Netmarble, the creators of Fishing Strike game. The game features a wide range of game modes in which you battle against other players from all over the world, fight solo against enemies in town mode, and much more.

Netmarble has recently launched Iron Throne game on Google Play Store. In this game, you build your own castle, a powerful army of troops to defend the resources, produce a wide range of resources, explore the town and complete dangerous quests, raid enemy castles, and there are plenty of things to do; its’ really addictive! In this post, we have covered everything about the game; Iron Throne tips, cheats and Iron Throne guide to progress fast and increase the lord power.

Get Started – Iron Throne – The Basic

As usual, Iron Throne game starts with a tutorial in which the player guided through various aspects of the game like upgrading system, about resources, castle upgrades, training, quests, heroes, skills, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually manage all kinds of upgrades, all heroes, research, craft, and build.

The Basic Of Iron Throne Guide – The game features lots of content and it might be complex for the beginners. We have made it simple and understandable. Your objective – The main objective of the player is to develop the castle, expand the castle, build a strong army of troops, increase the power, and top the leaderboard. However, it would not be easy to outrank high-level players, the more you will play, the more you will learn about the game!

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1.) Walkthrough – Iron Throne Guide

After you complete the tutorial in Iron Throne, you will find yourself on the main screen. Now, what you have to do? Where to start the game? Since Iron Throne is a strategy game, you have to play it wisely; resources are limited, gold is 0 at the beginning, and most of the features are also locked at the beginning of the game. Here’s how you can start Iron Throne game after the tutorial: –

  • Tap on the next icon on the main screen and start completing the recommended quests; completing these quest reward you a bunch of free items. In short, at the beginning of the game complete the quests.


After you complete the quests, don’t forget to claim the reward. Go to the quests tab and claim your rewards such as XP, resources, items, and much more.

As stated above, your objective is to build the best castle and to build the best castle, you should know about all the buildings in Iron Throne game.

2.) Buildings In Iron Throne

Iron ThroneIn this part of Iron Throne guide, we will learn about all the buildings in your castle. Let’s start without wasting time: –

A.) Citadel

Citadel is the main building in Iron Throne game. You can not build or upgrade other facilities in the castle beyond Citadel’s level. In short, without upgrading the Citadel, you can not improve other facilities. Upgrading Citadel unlocks new hero slots, increase the power, and improve overall performance. To upgrade it, you need to complete requirements such as Wall, Forge, and other resources.

B.) Watchtower

After a certain level, you will be able to raid enemy castles. The opponents can also raid your castle; in this situation, watchtower plays an important role. The Watchtower building provides information about the enemies marching in your direction and using this information, you can take the relevant decision. Upgrade the Watchtower to get more information about the enemies.

C.) Warehouse – Iron Throne Guide

The warehouse is one of the main buildings in Iron Throne game. It protects the resources and troops. Any resources or units in this building would not be affected by attacking lords. Using troop evacuation, you can move them to a safer place. It costs you silver. Upgrade it to increase the limit, reserves and for the power bonus.

D.) Command Center

As of now, the maximum level of the command center in Iron Throne game is 30. This center determines the size of the march to be deployed. You can not deploy all troops in a march. But you can increase the size of march by upgrading the command center building.

E.) Forge Building

As of now, the maximum level of Forge is 30. At this building, you can craft a wide range of equipment using the material. The material for crafting can be obtained as a reward or you can combine a set of material to use a better material or purchase from the shop. To learn more about the equipment, read the Iron Throne Guide – Equipment part below. Upgrade the forge building to increase the crafting speed.

F.) Inn

At Inn building in Iron Throne, you can draw random cards to get items such as boosters, rune chest, resources, material, and much more. To draw a card, you need Ancient Coins. How to obtain ancient coins in Iron Throne game? There are a number of ways to obtain ancient coins: –

  • Destroy Chaotic Strongholds(Go to world map)
  • Complete quests or challenges and you could get ancient coins

G.) Training Centers

The four training centers are: –

  • Training Grounds – you train Infantries here
  • Archery Range – train archers here
  • Siege Workshop – craft siege(catapult, battering ram, cannon, mortar)
  • Stable  – train cavalry here

At these centers, you can train your troops. Training troops increase the power of lord and without training the troops, you can not go to battles. Upgrade these centers to unlock high-tier troops; tier I, II, III, IV, V, VI.

H.) Production Buildings

In Iron Throne game, you can construct a number of production buildings to produce a wide range of resources. Without resources, you can not upgrade any other buildings stated above. These are; farm, lumberyard(wood), quarry(stone), Iron Mine(Iron), Silver Mine(Silver).

Miscellaneous: – Barracks, Hospital.

Barracks determine the troops training capacity and speed. Upgrade it to increase the capacity and speed of training process. And hospital heals your injured troops.

I.) Alliance Buildings

Hall of War and Embassy are two buildings related to the alliance. The embassy is used to receive and send reinforcement between allies, and members can speed up tasks by helping each other. Upgrade it to increase the number of reinforcements you can send or receive. At hall of war, you can access rally attack feature. Join the alliance to use it. Upgrade it to increase the rally attack troop size.

J.) Temple in Iron Throne Game

At the temple, you can make some wishes for free every day. You can get a huge amount of resources for free by making the wish at the temple. Upgrade the temple to increase the fish count, to increase the number of rewards. And, you can also revive dead troops using revive points. It is one of the best facilities in Iron Throne game.

So, these are the main facilities you need to know as a beginner. Read it carefully and start building the dream castle!

3.) Heroes Guide

In this part of Iron Throne guide, we will learn about the heroes, how to unlock new heroes, and much more.

As of now, there are 13 heroes featured in Iron Throne game.

You can appoint a hero at a certain job; guard, architect, scholar, and treasurer. A guard increases the battle capabilities, treasurer increases the production, an architect increases the construction speed, and the scholar increases the research capability.

Iron Throne cheats, tips -> You have to appoint the heroes on the basis of traits. For example: –

  • Appoint “production” trait hero as a guard(Maria)
  • Appoint “construction” trait hero on architect spot(Haral)
  • You should appoint “gathering” trait heroes as a treasurer

Go to the heroes tab -> all -> select a hero to know more about him/her -> at the top-right, you can check the trait of a hero. Note it and choose the best for a certain job. If a hero is of Infantry, Cavalry, Archer trait, then you don’t need to appoint him/her on a job. You can choose him/her to attack enemy castles or to slay down the monsters.

How to unlock new heroes in Iron Throne Game?

To unlock new heroes, you need to complete a specific condition. Go to the hero info section and select the hero you want to unlock and the top of the screen, you can see that specific condition.

Iron Throne tips, cheats -> To increase the power of a hero, do level-up, equip them best equipment(read the equipment guide below), equip aura.

4.) Leveling Up

You need EXP to level-up. Leveling up unlocks new features, game modes, and facilities. You can obtain EXP by completing the quests, using lord XP item. Lord XP item can be obtained by completing the tasks, drawing cards at Inn building(read the buildings guide above).

5.) Items Guide – Iron Throne

At the beginning of the game, after completing the tutorial, you will get lots of items. Go to the items tab -> my items -> there you can see items you have. Peace shield item prevents enemies from attacking, lord stamina potion restores lord’s action points, speed-up items can be used to upgrade the buildings fast or instantly, treasure items used to obtain the material to craft equipment, and miscellaneous items include; Ancient coins, VIP activator, hero XP, Lord XP, and more. Use hero XP to level-up a hero fast, use lord XP to level-up the main profile. Use all the speed-ups to instantly upgrade the buildings and train the troops.

6.) Research Guide

Academy building info is not mentioned above as it is explained here. You can research on many aspects to get free bonuses. Head to the academy building -> research -> select a type(battle, production, city, march speed, dimension battle, craft, troop training) and then start researching. Before you proceed, check out all the classes and compare the bonus you will get after researching. Start researching on those which can yield more bonuses. For instance, researching on the city can increase the construction speed, researching on production can increase the production speed, and so on.

7.) Equipment Guide and Tips

To get the victories in the battles, you need to increase the power of heroes. And to increase the power of heroes in Iron Throne game, you need best gears.

Go to the forge building and start crafting equipment. You can craft helmet, weapons, accessories, and armor. To obtain better gears or equipment, use the high-quality material. You can get high-quality material by combining a set of material. Go to forge -> material – combine -> confirm.

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8.) Game Modes In Iron Throne

Iron Throne game offers a wide range of game modes such as: –

  • Story Mode – complete the chapters
  • Arena – tournament league
  • Battle Royal – 20 lords compete with each other
  • Team deathmatch – 20 Vs 20 battle
  • Town Mode – complete the dangerous quests

You start the game from story mode. Complete all the chapters to unlock arena and level-up to unlock rest game modes.

9.) Battle Guide – Beginners

Iron ThroneYou have to take care of plenty of things to prepare for the battle;

  • Train your troops at the training centers
  • Unlock high-level troops to defeat powerful enemies
  • Increase the number of troops by upgrading the buildings; command center
  • Level-up hero
  • Choose the number of units wisely

Before you start the battle, check out the power of the opponent. If it’s more than yours, then don’t go for the attack. Increase your power by leveling-up, upgrading the buildings, completing the quests, improving the castle.

Iron Throne tips, cheats [Unit cheat]: – 

  • Archer units > Infantry[Archer units are best against Infantry]
  • Infantry units > cavalry[Infantry units are best against cavalry units]
  • Cavalry units > Archer[Cavalry units are best against archer units]

You can change the position of units before you start the battle. Your troops attack automatically; you just have to use the skills at the right time or on the right area. At the top of the screen, you can check the energy points; the player who loses all the points first will lose the battle. To get the three-star, change the position of your units, choose the best numbers of units;

Iron ThroneFor instance, check the opponent units before you start the battle and then select the best units. If opponent’s units are of cavalry trait, then choose infantry units. Check the Iron Throne cheats, tips – unit cheats part, mentioned above.

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10.) World Map Guide

Iron ThroneOn the main screen -> tap on the world icon. From there you can attack enemy castles, attack monsters. All you need to do is tap on the castle or monster, then start the attack. Before you proceed, make sure you have enough power to defeat the monster in the first strike; because you will get more rewards if you defeat the monster in the first strike.

Iron Throne cheats, tips -> Before you attack an enemy castle, you should do;

  • Tap on the enemy castle -> scout -> to get the information about the enemy castle; about defense, resources, and more
  • Check the power

After scout, you will get the mail. Go to the mail tab and check the information about the enemy base. If your power is more than enemy and the amount of reward(resources) is good, then go for the attack. On the other hand, if power is less, then don’t go for the attack.

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11.) Iron Throne Cheats, Tips

In this part, we will learn some Iron Throne cheats, tips to progress fast, earn free gold, and material.

1.) Iron Throne Tips

Iron ThroneTo get free gold, tap on the dragon at altar building. This dragon will give you a huge amount of gold for free after every certain hour. It is one of the best ways to get free gold in Iron Throne game.

2.) Join Alliance

You will get a huge amount of reward if you join the alliance. So, join it. If you want to create your own alliance in Iron Throne game, check the guide below.

3.) Open boxes

Iron ThroneAfter a certain level, town mode gets unlocked. Explore the town and find loot boxes. These boxes contain a wide range of rewards such as material, resources, and much more.

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4.) Focus on Quests

To level up fast in Iron Throne game, complete all kinds of quests; daily, VIP, challenges, alliance, and chronicles. Focusing on quests at the beginning of the game would help you to progress fast.

5.) Claim free rewards; at the port

After a certain amount of time, at the port, check out the ships; Island trade ship, Foreign Trade Ship, these ships provides you a number of rewards daily.

6.) Produce traps

To increase the defense of castle in Iron Throne game, you can produce traps near the wall. Tap on the wall -> produce traps -> choose a trap -> confirm. Repair the destroyed traps.

7.) Visit the temple Daily – Iron Throne cheats, tips

You can make free wishes daily at the temple. Visit temple daily and claim free rewards.

Another Tip -> read the buildings guide above to know how to spend resources effectively and how to increase the power, about equipment.

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12.) How to save progress

Tap on the more -> account -> connect to Google accounts or Facebook account to save the progress at the cloud.

13.) Play with multiple accounts

You can play with multiple IDs. All you need to is connect the game to multiple Google Accounts. For this, you must have two Google Accounts signed in your device. Go to the more tab -> account -> if it is connected, it will show connected to Google. Tap on it to disconnect it and then tap on it again to sign in with a new account. This will prompt you to start a new game -> confirm. To switch, go back to the account section -> and follow the same steps and choose linked Google Account.

14.) How to restore the progress?

You can load the saved game progress if you have linked the game to FB or Google Account. Go to the more tab -> accounts -> connect the game again.

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15.) How to reset Iron Throne?

If you have linked the game to Google Account, then you can use this method. Or create a new Google Account and start a new game by following the 13th point of this post(Iron Throne cheats, tips, and strategy guide).

16.) How to change the name in Iron Throne?

On the main screen, at the top-left, tap on your current avatar icon. Then just below the info tab, tap on the pen icon next to your current name and enter the new name.

17.) How to change the avatar?

You can change the portrait once in Iron Throne game. Go to the Lord menu(tap on current avatar icon at the top-left), then tap on the image just below the info tab and select the desired portrait.

18.) How to leave an alliance?

Go to the alliance tab from the main screen -> at the right side there are some options -> tap on the manage -> head to the third tab “leave”. And confirm leave!

19.) How to create the alliance?

Go to the alliance tab -> head to create tab and create. You need 200 gold coins for it. How to get gold? Read the Iron Throne cheats, tips mentioned above!

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20.) How to activate VIP for free in Iron Throne game?

You can activate VIP for free, but for a limited time. By default, you will get the VIP activator item when you start the game. Tap on the VIP icon near your avatar on the main screen -> then tap on activate -> if VIP activator available, then use it. If not, then go to the quests tab -> complete the VIP daily quests -> earn VIP activator and use it to activate VIP for free.

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So this is the Iron Throne guide and some Iron Throne cheats, tips, strategies for the beginners. Download – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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