Island Master Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide To Progress Fast

Island MasterIsland Master is a brand new mobile game by Oasis Games Limited. Check out our Island Master tips, cheats & strategy guide to progress fast

Oasis Games Limited, the creators of Ocean Legend game has recently released a brand new casual game Island Master for mobile devices. This game is similar to Pirate Kings and Coin Master game, but it features better reward system, amazing animations, skill & monster elements, and much more. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Island Master guide and Island Master tips, cheats & strategy to progress fast.

Get Started – Island Master – The Basic

Before we head to the cheats, tips & guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Island Master game, your main objective is to build the Islands and Mine and protect them from stealers. Upgrade all the items on an Island to unlock new Islands. However, to unlock all the Islands, you need a huge amount of coins. Coins can be obtained by spinning the wheel. You have limited spins; you get 6 spins per hour. At the beginning of the game, the game offers you free spins. Read the cheats, tips & strategy guide below to learn how to get free spins in Island Master game.

You get stars everytime you upgrade the Island’s items. Collect enough stars to unlock a new skill or feature; for instance; new pets, mine, and much more.

Island Master game also features the boss battle in which you throw torpedoes to defeat the boss. Defeating the boss rewards you precious items; spins, coins, summon Paul, torpedoes, and much more. You can summon Paul 1 time for free every day. And you get 30 free torpedoes every day(to defeat the boss).

So, this is the basic of Island Master game. Now, let’s start the Island Master guide and after it, check out Island Master tips, cheats & strategy guide to master the game.

Island Master guide

In this part, we will learn about the spins, skills, boss, Islands, pets, guardians, and much more.

  • Spin The Wheel

Island MasterTo spin the wheel, you need spins. You get 6 spins per hour and there are many more ways to get free spins(read the cheats, tips part below). The wheel features these items: –

  1. Coins
  2. Steal
  3. Luck
  4. Shield
  5. Assist
  6. Attack

Steal -> When the pointer stops at this point, you get the chance of stealing. You can steal other players’ coins. You will get more coins if you spot the cash king Island. Use your pet to spot the cash king Island and get a huge amount of coins for free(Read the pet guide below). Similarly, other players can also steal your coins.

Luck -> You could get a piece of puzzle, spins, coins, or more items.

Shield -> This will add a shield to your Island and attackers will not be able to destroy the Island’s items.

Assist -> Draw a card for your friend+one free spin.

Attack -> Attack other players’ Islands and steal their coins. Similarly, other players can also attack your Island and steal your coins.

Coins -> Get free coins. You can increase the reward amount by unlocking a guardian.

  • Islands

Island MasterUpgrade/build all the items(tap the hammer icon and then select the item) to unlock a new Island.

  • Guardians

Upgrade and unlock new Islands to unlock new Guardians. Claim the guardian reward and increase the number of rewards(coins – spin the wheel). Tap the menu(swipe right) -> guardians -> here you can check the guardians’ list and claim the reward.

  • Skills

In Island Master game, whenever you upgrade the Island, you get stars. Collect stars and unlock new skills. For instance; unlock slingshot by collecting 80 stars.

  • Pets

Island MasterPets feature gets unlocked after you collect a certain number of stars. Each pet has a special skill. For instance;

Octopus -> Octopus help you in finding cash king. Just tap its icon when you are looking for the cash king.

Wealth Fish -> Get more coins when stealing.

Defense Turtle -> Defends your base.

To use pets’ skills, mana is required. Pets generate 3 mana every hour. If you put the pets in training pool, they will recover or generate mana faster.

You can upgrade the pets using pet pieces. Pet pieces can be obtained by completing the tasks, as a reward or in events. On the main screen, at the top-right, tap on the + icon -> then tap the paw icon to check pet list.

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  • Boss

The boss battle gets unlocked after you collect a certain number of stars by upgrading the Island. You can summon one Paul every day and try to the defeat the boss. All you need to do is deal damage by throwing torpedoes. You get 30 torpedoes free every day. Defeat the boss and earn free spins, coins, items, diamonds, and much more.

So, this is the simple Island Master guide for the beginners. Let’s start the Island Master cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Island Master cheats, tips & strategy: –

#1.) Connect To Facebook Account

If you are playing as a guest, then it would be better to connect the game to your Facebook account. You will get lots of advantage if you connect the game to FB account like free spins, coins, friends’ help, and many more.

#2.) Get Free Spins

There are a number of ways to get free spins in Island Master game: –

  • Complete the daily tasks
  • If you are out of spins, then the game will offer you free spins(tap the spin icon to get) if you share a post to your FB account or send an invitation to one of your friends. You can earn up to 20 spins and 500K coins by sharing. The reward will be sent to the mailbox -> menu -> news -> head to the mail tab(it might take few minutes)
  • Go to the menu -> invite your friends
  • Defeat the boss in the boss battle
  • Complete the events
  • Upgrade the whole Island
  • Ask your friend

#3.) How to defeat the boss easily?

Island MasterIf you stop the pointer at the yellow part, then your cannon will deal more damage.

Or before you start the attack, tap the assist tab and add your friends to get help.

#4.) Complete all the daily tasks

If you complete all the daily tasks, you will get a special gift. Tap the notes icon at the top-right, check your quests and complete all to get that special gift.

#5.) Complete the events

Tap the balloon icon at the top-right and check all the on-going events. Participate in these events to get precious items.

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#6.) Friend is must

If your friends are also playing the game, then add them to your friends’ list to get free assist rewards. If not, then create a new game account with a different Facebook ID, send and accept the request. Play the game with multiple IDs to exchange assist rewards. Why? Because when you spin the wheel, it could stop at assist point. Then you will have to draw a card and that item you can gift to one of your friends. Don’t miss it, send to your another ID. To Log out with current ID-> go to the menu -> settings – log out. You can also use an app clone app to play with multiple IDs.

#7.) Spend all the coins before you leave the game

Island Master game is very dynamic, because other players can easily steal your coins when you are offline. So, it would better to spend all the coins in upgrading before you leave the game.

#8.) Repair Instantly

When you leave the game(offline), other players can attack your base to steal coins. And if your Island is not protected by the shield, then your items(trees, guardian/statue, ship) will be destroyed. You should repair it instantly otherwise you will lose that item if it gets destroyed twice.

So these are some simple Island Master tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best arcade games for Android

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