Jurassic World Alive Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Master The Game

Jurassic World AliveCheck out Jurassic World Alive guide, tips, cheats & strategy walkthrough to get rare dinosaurs. Jurassic World Alive is a brand new AR Game for mobile devices by Ludia Inc. in which you hunt dinosaurs in your city and collect their DNAs and battle against other players from all over the world.

Jurassic World Alive, the most awaited AR game has been released recently on Google Play Store and it is really great, even better than Pokemon Go, because of breathtaking graphics and action-packed dinosaurs battles. However, AR mode is not available for all devices, as per Google Play Description, it is only available on Samsung S8 and up, and Google Pixel with OS 7.0 or above. If you are using a different device, then you can not enjoy Real World/AR experience on your mobile screen. However, even without AR mode, you will enjoy this game a lot when you go outside the home to collect Rare Dinosaurs DNAs and then build your own Dino team and battle against other players’ team and climb to the top of the leaderboard. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Jurassic World Alive guide and Jurassic World Alive cheats, tips & strategy guide to build the best team of dinosaurs.

Get Started – Jurassic World Alive – Basic – Most Important

Before we head to the guide, cheats, tips & strategy part, let’s learn the basic of the game. In this game, your objective is to build a team of dinosaurs and defeat the opponents in real-time battles to top the leaderboard. The game features hundreds of dinosaurs; common, legendary, epic, and rare. You have to go outside and catch the DNA or hunt Dinosaurs. Since it is an AR game, built with Google Maps, make sure the location is turned on and you need a strong internet connection to play this game+to catch dinosaurs or their DNA, you must be good in “archery”.

You can evolve dinosaurs and increase their stats. Fusing feature is also available that helps you in obtaining a powerful dinosaur. Let’s start the Jurassic World Alive guide and then dive into the Jurassic World Alive cheats, tips & strategy guide part to play it like a pro!

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Jurassic World Alive Guide

In this part, we will learn about the dinosaurs; common, legendary, epic, and rare, leveling up, battles, DNA, fusion, evolve, supplies, drone & battery, and much more. So, let’s get started: –

  • Dinosaurs, How to catch, drone & battery

Jurassic World AliveAs stated above, Dinosaurs are of four types; common, legendary, epic and rare. You can easily find common type dinosaurs on the map. But you will rarely find a rare or legendary dinosaur on the map, because it’s rare! All you need to do is tap on the dinosaur and then tap on the launch button to start drone.

Before you tap on the launch button, check the number of DNA you have to collect in order to create or unlock that dinosaur.

For instance; if it’s 50, then you have to collect 50 DNA. Just tap on the launch button. After it, you will see the dinosaur on your mobile screen.

Now, you have to shoot “darts”. You can check the number of darts you have at the top-left of the screen. Darts are limited, but you can easily obtain this in-game item for free anytime.

OK… Now, you have to shoot darts. “At the top-right side of the screen, you can see the battery”. The battery power starts reducing after you shoot “the first dart” on the dinosaur. Make sure to launch the drone when you are very close to the dinosaur; to get the full battery power advantage.

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Jurassic World AliveWhere you have to shoot? You have to shoot the dart on a specific part of the dinosaur, within the circle. That’s why your archery skill should be good in Jurassic World Alive to catch more DNAs.

And if you shoot on the white dot, you will get more DNAs.

Shoot as many darts as you can to collect DNA because battery life is limited.

After it, you will get the DNA of that Dinosaur. You use DNA to create or unlock a dinosaur or in evolving.

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  • Evolving & Fusion – Jurassic World Alive

In Jurassic World Alive, you can evolve dinosaurs and increase their stats. For example; you have a dinosaur and its stats are like this: –

  • Speed – 120
  • Deal Damage – 316
  • HP – 1117
  • Skill – 1.5*
  • Armor – 10%

Now, to increase these stats, you have to evolve it or upgrade it to next level. Evolving a dinosaur costs you dino coins and DNA.

For example; to evolve Velociraptor(the fastest dinosaur in Jurassic World Alive game) to level 3, I need 200 Velociraptor DNA. Just go outside and find the same dinosaur again to collect its DNA for evolving.

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Fusion – Jurassic World Alive Guide

Fusion is like breeding. You breed two dinosaurs to unlock the third one. For example; To unlock Majudasuchus dinosaur(rare dinosaur), you need two dinosaurs(level 5): –

  • Majungasaurus
  • Nundasuchus

After evolving these two dinosaurs to level 5, I can use them in breeding or fusion to unlock Majudasuchus.

Fusion is one of the best ways to obtain rare or legendary or epic dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive game. All you need is evolve two common dinosaurs to level 5[as per current example, the level cap varies] and you are good to go.

The cost of fusion or breeding is dino coins.

  • Supplies

Jurassic World AliveWell, there are a number of in-game items you need for regular tasks; darts, dino coins. Darts are used collect DNA of dinosaurs. Dino coins are used in evolving & fusion. And cash is used to open premium crates, speed-up incubators. You can obtain these in-game items for free by visiting “supply stations”.

Or open the free incubator after every 5 hours. Go to the market tab and there you can claim free incubator after every 5 hours.

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  • Battles -> Jurassic World Alive

To unlock battles or battle mode in Jurassic World Alive game, you have to collect 4 dinosaurs(I’m not talking about DNAs, you have to unlock or create 4 Dinosaurs).

In the battle mode, you fight against other payers from all over the world and earn trophies & other rewards such as arena incubators.

It’s like turn-based strategy gameplay; slightly different; check out the Jurassic World Alive cheats, tips & strategy guide below to learn more about battles and how to win battles easily.

You can edit the battle team -> go to the dinosaur collection tab -> tap the modify option and then tap a dinosaur to remove or add to your collection. In the battle, the Jurassic World Alive game will automatically pick the 4 dinosaurs. As per current version of the game, you can not choose manually.

Jurassic World Alive Guide – Battles: – 

In the battle, the very first step you have to do is selecting a dinosaur. The speed of dinosaur determines the first turn; for example; if your dinosaur is faster than opponents’ dinosaur, then you will get the first turn. Hold down on a dinosaur to check its speed; compare the speed with other dinosaurs and choose that who is faster than all.

To win the battle, you have to defeat the 3-dinosaurs and you will get an incubator as a reward; open it and you will get DNA of a dinosaur or supplies; darts, coins.

Win battles, rank-up, and get promoted to the higher leagues. Higher Leagues = better rewards, but very challenging battles. Make sure to read out Jurassic World Alive tips, cheats below to win battles like a pro!

  • Leveling Up – How To Level Up

You need XP to level up in Jurassic World Alive game. To obtain XP, go outside, catch dinosaurs, create dinosaurs, and that’s it. Evolving also rewards you XP.

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  • How to reset Jurassic World Alive Game

If you want to reset Jurassic World Alive or start the game from the beginning, then you have to unlink the game from your Google Play Games Account. Just read this guide. After it, clear it’s data(settings -> apps -> Jurassic World Alive -> clear data). Open the game again. That’s it. If not working, then please inform us at [email protected] or try a new Google Account

So, this is the basic Jurassic World Alive guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Jurassic World Alive cheats, tips & strategy guide and play it like a pro!

Jurassic World Alive cheats, tips & strategy guide: –

1.) Stay At Home And Play Jurassic World Alive

You may want to play the game without going outside if AR mode is not available on your device. But I would not recommend you to use this trick if you don’t want to ruin AR experience.

To play it without going outside, go to Google Play Store and install the app named “Fake GPS“. Open the app and set the virtual location. Note: – Use it in a limited way; for instance; You are in the US and after two minutes, you set the location to the UK. You will see this warning “I’m A Passenger”.

Open the game and you will find yourself at that location that you set in that app. I have tried this app and it works fine for me. But I prefer going outside and catch dinosaurs with friends, that’s really fun!

2.) Catch Rare & Legendary Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive

At the time of writing this post, I’m currently on Level 3(close to 4) and

here’s the list of Dinosaurs I have collected till now: – 

  • Nundasuchus – Common
  • Einiosaurus – Common
  • Allosaurus – Common
  • Triceratops Gen 2 – Common
  • Velociraptor – Common
  • Sarcosuchus – Common
  • Majungasaurus – Common
  • Diplocaulus – Common
  • Deinocheirus – Common
  • Euoplocephalus – Common
  • Stegosaurus – Common
  • Tanycolagreus – Common
  • Monolophosauraus Gen 2 – Common
  • Megalosaurus – Rare
  • Diplocaulus Gen 2 – Rare
  • Utahraptor – Rare
  • Spinosaurus – Rare
  • Proceratosaurus – Rare
  • Dimetrodon – Rare

Legendary & Epic Dinosaurs

Well, It seems to be we can only obtain legendary or epic dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive by fusing or breeding. Go to the collection tab, scroll down, tap on the dinosaur(purple ones). Check the two dinosaurs required for fusion. I did not find any epic or legendary dinosaur on the map till now. And yeah!, rare dinosaurs can be obtained from the map easily(just visit a popular place in your city and you may find it; parks) I will update this post with more information soon.

Update – You can also obtain rare, epic, and legendary dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive by opening the Arena/battle incubators.

Let’s move to the next part.

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3.) Drone & Battery – Shooting Tips

As you know, to collect the DNAs of dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive game, we have to shoot darts at a specific part.

The battery life is limited and it starts reducing after you shoot the first dart. And after a turn(battery life), you will lose that dinosaur. So, try to collect at least 50-70 DNA per turn. Here’s how you can do that: –

  • Direct Hit Only

If you shoot at the “white dot”, you will get more DNA. For instance, if you are on level 3, you will get 13 DNA per direct hit.

If your archery skills are good, then you can easily make 6 direct hits; 13*6=78. And that’s enough. Here’s how you can do it: –

  • First strike – Battery life of the drone starts reducing after the first shot. So, take your time in the first shot and go for the direct hit.
  • Don’t target “white dot”, because dinosaur is moving, you have to target in the direction where he is moving. On the other hand, if you target white dot, then chances are you will not be able to strike a direct hit. So, to get the direct hit, shoot in the direction where it is moving.

On the other hand, for a normal hit, you get only 4-6 DNAs. So, always try to get a direct hit. No direct hit means fewer DNAs and slow progress.

Don’t worry about darts. You can easily obtain darts at supply stations and watch the video ad to get double loot.

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4.) Jurassic World Alive Battle Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Please Read 4th Point(This), 5th Point Completely.

You can keep 8 dinosaurs on your team. Only 4 out of 8 will be selected for the battle[automatically]. To change the team, go to the collection tab -> tap on the modify option at the top-right and swap dinosaurs. Make sure to include your best dinosaurs in the team.

Best Dinosaurs In Jurassic World Alive?

As per my detail, “Velociraptor” is the best dinosaur in Jurassic World Alive game(for beginners). Find it and collect DNAs, evolve it and increase its skills.

Why is Velociraptor the best? Well, there are a number of reasons to focus on this dinosaur: –

  • Very Fast Speed[Speed Really Matters]
  • Amazing Skills; deals 2X deal damage(pounce skill)
  • A high critical hit rate
  • The basic attack is also good

How to build the best team of Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive game?

To build the best team of dinosaurs, you should know about all the dinosaurs you have. Go to the collection tab, tap on the dinosaur and check the stats; HP, speed, damage, armor, critical chance, and more.

Compare and select the best ones for your team. Keep collecting the duplicate DNAs for those dinosaurs to make them more strong.

How to win battles

You have to defeat 3 opponent dinosaurs in the battle to win the battle and here’s how you can do that: –

Jurassic Survival Alive Tips, Cheats -> You will get the chance to strike first if your dinosaur’s speed stats are better than the opponent dinosaur. So, if you deploy Velociraptor first, then chances are you will get the chance to first strike.

I always choose Velociraptor first. And then I use its main skill that deals double damage. If you have not, then always deploy that dinosaur first who is faster than all. Go to collection tab and tap on the dinosaur -> check the speed stats. For instance, you have four dinosaurs and their speed stats are like this: –

  1. 110
  2. 106
  3. 130
  4. 120

In this case, we should choose the third dinosaur first because its speed stats are better than all.

2.) Check the speed icon/bar

Jurassic World AliveAnother thing you have to take care is to always deploy the “best dinosaur” against the opponent. If it’s available, then you will see the orange color “speed icon/bar” on it. Swap your current dinosaur with it and you will get more strikes(after opponent’s turn).

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3.) Play your turn wisely

Upon your turn, you can either use a basic skill, the main skill or swap the dinosaur. You have to play the turn wisely, here’s how: –

  • Tap on the enemy dinosaur and check its damage power and main skill power; the enemy can use anyone

For example; Your current health is 400. Enemy’s basic damage power is 350 and using the main skill, the enemy can deal 1.5X damage.

In this case, swap your dinosaur with high HP stats dinosaur. But swap only if your damage power is lower than the opponent. If your damage power is more than enemy’s HP, then use skill(but make sure it’s your turn(strike), check the orange bar).

Case 2: – If enemy’s current HP status is 500. And it’s your turn(strike). Then hold down on your skill icon and check the deal damage you can do using the basic skill or main skill. If the deal damage is more than enemy HP, then use it. If not, then check apply the case 1 mentioned above.

Here’s another example: –

1.) First of all, check the strike; who will attack or swap first? How to check? Check the orange bar: –Jurassic World Alive

Here’s how battle works: – (first of all, both the players have to choose a skill; basic or main or you can also swap. After it, the dinosaur who is faster will strike first or swap first).

2.) If your dinosaur’s speed is fast(check the orange bar), then your dinosaur will act first. At this situation, you can either attack or swap. You should attack, if: –

  • Your HP status is good
  • Enemy’s damage power is not more than your current  HP stats(tap on the enemy dino to know)
  • Your dinosaur is faster than opponent

You should swap, if: –

  • Your HP staus are low
  • Enemy’s damage power[basic skill, main skill] is more than your current HP status
  • Your current dinosaur is slow

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4.) Focus on building the team

Don’t waste your time in collecting new dinosaurs. Find and collect the dinosaurs(you already have) and evolve or upgrade your dinosaurs. Evolving increases the stats of dinosaurs and you will be able to win battles. On the other hand, if you are not collecting dinosaurs you already have, then you can not build a strong time. So, focus on evolving and increasing the stats. I would recommend you to build the best team of fastest dinosaurs. Because only fast dinosaurs have the advantage to strike first.

5.) Quick Jurassic World Alive Battle Tips: –

  • Upon the first turn, choose the fastest dinosaur of your team to take advantage of the first strike
  • Choose Special Skill
  • Tap the enemy dinosaur and check its stats
  • Swap dinosaurs at the right time; when HP is low
  • Build the team of fast dinosaurs
  • Collect DNAs of same dinosaurs and evolve
  • Velociraptor is the fastest dinosaur; must collect its DNA and evolve it
  • Go to the collection tab -> at the top right, tap on the modify option and select best dinosaurs

So, these are some basic Jurassic World Alive cheats, tips & Jurassic World Alive guide for the beginners. I will update this post soon with more information; hybrids, legendary & epic dinosaurs soon. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android

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